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Battle Performance Recaps Video The Voice 2021 watch

Battle Performance Recaps Video The Voice 2021 watch

For the next several episodes the field drops from 40 to less…Battle Performance Recaps Video The Voice 2021 watch.

Week 2 of the Battles post is here.

The below article covers week 1.

Each coach will cut their teams in half by setting their artists against one another in a series of music duels which only one act can win.

However, each coach has a ‘steal’, allowing them to save an artist one of their rivals for their own team.

Yes 40 names and backstories is a lot to remember…we will break down some of the information.

Battle round aired from 8:30PM Saturday, February 20 on ITV.

All three four chair turn winners appear tonight!

Benjamin Haycock and Jeremy Levif – Team and Lauren Drew – Team Anne-Marie. Do they all progress?

Spoiler – no one goes home…read on.

All the videos have been GEO blocked – try here

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Team Olly

No four chair winning act on his team still presenting a good array of potential winners…

Leah Cobb vs Nathan Smoker

Battle Performance Recaps Video The Voice 2021 watch
Battle Performance Recaps Video The Voice 2021 watch

Leah Cobb appeared on episode 4, 23rd January 2nd act on the night. Olly was the only coach awake at time! (sic) She is a 16-year-old student from Newcastle and performed Elle King’s Ex’s & Oh’s for her blind audition. @leahhcobb

Nathan Smoker received three chairs turn during his audition, will..was not in the bidding. He was third act to perform this season all the way back on 2nd January 2021.  He is a 20-year-old digital marketing intern from South East London @nathansmoker

The battle featured Olly’s two youngest, Leah was more suited in rehearsal, with a change in key it brought Nathan into shine. Wow what a great battle between these two acts. All the coaches loved their performance. Leah’s control and Nathan did well according to Olly. He chose Nathan as the winner! Anne-Marie no, but Tom chose to steal Leah! Great she deserved another chance! Congrats to both acts.

Alex Harry vs Joe Topping

 Alex Harry first appeared in episode 3 on 16th January, Olly was the only coach to turn. He is a musician, 27-year-old  from Coventry performed idontwannabeyouanymore by Billie Eilish for his blind audition. @alexharrymusic

Joe Topping  appeared first act in episode 2 9th January with Tom blocked by Olly. So watch for a Tom steal if the opportunity occurs. 42-year-old stay at home dad from The Wirral performed Forever Young by Bob Dylan at his blind audition. @joetoppingmusic

The battle song Think Twice never been done before on the show. WTF! Extraordinary choice and production from both acts really surprising Olly! Sir Tom gave them a standing ovation! Tom loved it and the other should be stolen. Olly enjoyed the emotion…he chose to advance Joe. Hard luck Alex. Anne-Marie had the power to steal and does not hit her button. Good luck Alex.

Jordan and Wesley Henry vs Tascha Jerawan

Jordan and Wesley Henry auditioned aired 16 January – episode 3, They performed Go Get It by Mary Mary for their blind audition.@jwmusiq. Anne-Marie did turn so look out for a possible steal from her this battle. 27-year-old Jordan and 30-year-old Wesley are brothers from Coventry.

Tascha Jerawan opened episode 7 last week on 13th February performed Bishop Briggs’ White Flag at her audition. @taschajerawan

Sir Tom also turned for her so he may have her on his steal list. She is a 21-year-old student from London (originally from Staffordshire)

The battle was between three vocals…Hello was Olly’s choice for high note stepping up…the loser has no steal available. Is one voice better than two? The brothers have laid down the challenge. Tascha has the voice of an Adele…hauntingly good…then comes the boys with their fully loaded voices…wow controlled energy. Loved it. I think Tascha has to go through. Sir Tom would buy that single. Indeed. Olly chose to advance…no more steals…and production sucks this year. Olly surprised with Jordan and Wesley. WTF. Damn hard luck Tascha – social media blows up!

Team Tom

Has no four chair turn acts yet has a strong team.

Sami Nathan vs Hannah Williams

Sami Nathan was the final act to appear on the series this season Tom using his final spot for her. She is a 31-year-old singer-songwriter from London who performed At Last by Etta James at her audition. @saminathanmusic

Hannah Williams auditioned appeared as the last act episode 1 back on January 2, 2021. Olly also turned for her as well. She is a 38-year-old singer and vocal coach performing Stay With Me by Lorraine Ellison. @hannahsoulwilliams

The battle result Hannah advanced and Sami went home.

2CHE vs Benjamin Warner

Benjamin Warner audition aired episode 5 on 30th January this year as the first act. Tom was the only coach to turn. He is a 23-year-old waiter from Manchester who performed Make Me Feel by Janelle Monae. @benjaminrmusic

Duo 2ché audition aired 13th February episode 7 – made up of 27-year-old twin brothers Darius and Jahz from Manchester – performed Emeli Sandé hit Heaven. Sir Tom was the only coach to turn @2chemusic

The battle featured the twins and Benjamin performing a George Michael anthem featured their respective vocals and controlled energy! Benjamin held my attention more during this battle. The twins provided great harmonies. Olly spoke about how Benjamin should have a record deal. Tom called on Benjamin as the winner. Darius and Jahz went home. Hard luck.

Team Anne-Marie

Showcases her only four chair turn act tonight.

Wayne and Morgan vs Lauren Drew

Wayne and Morgan audition appeared in episode 6, on February 6, the sixth act of the night. Numbers of sixes. Anne-Marie was the only coach to turn for the 43-year-old Wayne and 32-year-old Morgan from Scotland. They performed Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours by Stevie Wonder @wayneandmorgan

Lauren Drew her four chair turn (only 3 this season) audition appeared as the 4th act in episode 1 from 2nd January. She is a 27-year-old musical theatre performer from Wales. She performed Jessie J’s Mama Knows Best at her audition. @_laurendrew1

The battle song was RESPECT winning high praise from all the coaches. Wayne and Morgan advanced. Will was in a hurry to steal Lauren and did so!

Chanel Yates vs Sweeney

 Chanel Yates appeared in her audition in episode 3 this season as act two. Anne-Marie was the only coach to turn. The 21-year-old from Sheffield performed Adore You by Harry Styles at her blind audition. @chanelyates_

Sweeney also appeared in episode 3 as act 5 audition. Three coaches turned while will was asleep ‘overthinking things again.’ He is a 30-year-old dancer and fitness instructor from London who performed Bad Blood by Nao @sweeneyldn

The battle Anne-Marie’s first run at this was pairing both for their tone. Close was the song choice to match their vocals. Sweeney did dance for Anne-Marie before the show. This was a great production on all levels…Olly has a steal…(as does Anne-Marie). Olly gave it to Sweeney…Tom wanted another steal. Anne-Marie chose Sweeney as he is the performer. Chanel was let to go. No steal from Olly. Yes, they do need another steal!

Team Will

Has two four chair turn winners on show tonight. He lets one go! Yet he has two four chair winners remaining on his team.

Jeremy Levif vs Kezia

 Jeremy Levif won four chair turns (only one of three acts) will blocked Olly! So Olly may seek revenge if the opportunity appears. He is a 29-year-old teacher @jeremylevifmusic

Kezia appeared in episode 2 act 5 this season with will awake and turned for her. She is a 33-year-old singer-songwriter/mummy. Johnson performed Your Love Is King by Sade at her blind audition.

Watching post show…this clip showed the difference between both acts. For me Jeremy was more effective in his delivery, maybe nerves took Kezia away at some points. Very good battle, with the coaches all admiring this performance. The result was Jeremy was advanced while Kezia was sent home. No steal.

Benjamin Haycock vs Abilio Joao AKA Brokenpen

Benjamin Haycock closed out episode 2 this season and received a four chair turn for his audition. The 24-year-old from Devon performed his own song called Restlessness for his blind audition. @benjaminhaycock

Abilio Joao AKA Brokenpen appeared as the first act in episode 4 this season. He chose will. over Anne-Marie. The 28-year-old youth worker from London, who goes by the stage name BrokenPen, performed I Can’ by Nas.@brokenpen_

The battle was all about two great acts from different styles… One of will’s own songs on display…one has to question the reason for picking this song…Benjamin is not a rapper…and Broken aka Abilio shines during the rap! And Ben sings the vocals well. It is a complex battle.

Olly called it a real battle..the passion. Anne-Marie the energy was so sick! Will’s choice to advance…was Brokenpen. The goes will again…his team be all means. A four chair act, not through this season…WTF! Hard luck Benjamin.

After the show I re-watched this battle to see it from the coach side, if possible. For originality Benjamin was my choice and is always a subjective choice. Will has his strengths and enjoys finding talent in every genre!

Stephenee Leal vs Nadia Eide

Stephenee Leal audition aired as act 3 in episode 6 this season. She chose will. over Anne-Marie. She is a 25-year-old who was born in Venezuela and now lives in Southampton. She performed Runnin’ (Lose It All) by Naughty Boy @stephaneeleal

Nadia Eide auditioned in episode 7 as act 4 on the night. She chose will. over Anne-Marie as her coach. She is a 32-year-old from Oxford (originally Norway and Sweden)  and performed Now We Are Free  @nadiaeidesoprano

The battle of different genres viking warrior and Latino extraordinaire. This should be memorable. A Pat Benatar classic… will the producer on show…operatic Latino duet! Hit the roof with this eye popping mix of the fantastic fantasy. Thank you will for being you! Standing ovations from all coaches. Anne-Marie called it all crazy that was sick. Olly broke it into two halves, two different stories for the audience. Will chose Nadia to advance. Anne-Marie found her girl in Stephenee…excitement all around!

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