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Love Island UK Summer 2023 Shocks Recap read

Love Island UK Summer 2023 Shocks Recap read

First Look Expect The Unexpected Season 10 Love Island UK Summer 2023 Shocks Recap read

The new season of Islanders has settled into the villa while host Maya Jama delivers shocks of the new series! Season 10. Love Island UK Summer 2023 Shocks Recap read.

The time frame or duration is 2 months this season.

Love Island UK Summer 2023 Shocks Recap read

Twitter provides an outline of the episode. The whole episode is provided after the episode has aired.

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    We add full episodes when available, meanwhile enjoy the tweets, media and other posts.

    This season’s first twist is that the audience picks the islander’s partners based on the hope some have thought about it. Now what could possibly go wrong with this first shock?


    Latest Episode Search Link

    Love Island 2023 Final Couples revealed

    Winners speak to the audience of followers of the show. Will they last together?

    Added this for the contrast of opinion example. Her claim has not been verified so be alert to this information may not be correct. You decide. If untrue then we will remove the below tweet/post!

    Family Reunion episode

    Glad Twitter is on top of all the drama this season. Takes a bit to sit through hours of this nonsense and behaviours! Manipulating people into a moment of self-gratification is not a popular past-time for friends or others.

    Recent Episode Highlights

    Movie Night and the After Effects

    Casa Amor

    No prisoners for Molly tonight!

    Molly Is BACK with four cohorts!

    Arguments on the table tonight

    Use the above link to search for the latest episode in the database.

    Episode 24

    Casa Amor Start Date

    Episode 23 watch

    Episodes 19 – 21

    MOLLY!!! Has been dumped. But will she turn up in Casa Amor? Go on producers, make it happen. Best 4 minutes of Island this season.

    Episode 17 – In Full

    Episode 16 – In Full

    Episode 15 – In Full

    Episode 14 – In Full

    Episode 13

    Episode 12 – In Full One boy and one girl are dumped

    Episode 11 – In Full

    Episode 10 – In Full

    Villa Life – location layout and home for the summer

    Episode 9 – full media watch

    Episode 8 – More Bombshells – girls ahoy

    Two new bombshells Charlotte and Leah enter the villa.

    Episode 7 After Sun

    Episode 6 – Unseen Bits

    The Islanders have a day off from the camera however, producers hope you will find something worthwhile to share with you. Every ten of you. See the rating tweet below.

    Prepare your life preserver as this season sinks.

    Episode 5 Shock Someone is dumped tonight

    It has to be a boy that is dumped tonight. Which boy?

    Watch this preview.

    Recoupling means George was left single and dumped from the island

    A list of the new couples is below. Are you surprised, pleased, or otherwise with the event?

    Episode 4 Sammy Bombshell

    Maybe his presence will not only stir the drama and improve the ratings! What you say girls?

    Episode Three – Girl Bombshell Alert

    If the figures are correct then it will disappoint producers and advertisers. Here a few points that may have affected this season so far

    • One casting, why would someone aged below 25 want to appear on a show all about finding romance?
    • Quality of the cast appeal to the audience
    • Tired of the format
    • Viewers have lost interest in the show due to the timeline

    How do the producers fix this issue? STANDBY

    Ruchee’s being a friend scene

    Whitney is on stage for her journey this season. She is the second new entrant this week and the first female bombshell for the boys to react to.

    Get ready for the drama and romance that will be shown tonight.

    Catherine and Zachariah turn up the romance

    Andre and Whitney on standby

    Tyrique Makes Clear His Intentions with Ella

    Watch this clip below to be part of the reveal.

    Episode Two – Zachariah steals a girl

    Watch the new release clip for the episode. Bombshell Zach wants Molly on his arm and Mitchel or another male is set to leave. Or will they leave? Producers have been known to dismiss an early islander to appear it is the end of the road, leave the villa, then bring them back.

    Recap Episode 2 Secrets are Revealed

    He Steals Catherine

    Bombshell Zachariah made his decision and watch

    Will Tyrique score or drop the ball?

    When a sem-professional footballer takes the field, he is either on the attack or defending at any given moment. Does Tyrique know how to handle the game?

    Watch and see.

    Molly is ready to perform

    Will her Prince Charming begin her fairytale? Or will there be a nightmare on Molly Street?

    Follow her story this season.

    Episode One

    Jess has her opening lines in the debut of season 10 talking issue with safety first. Will safety remain her priority today, this week, or for the whole summer? We will keep you posted.

    Maya Jama’s entrance clip

    Here is your host making her season 10 first appearance and all the men’s attention has been diverted for the rest of the season.

    Mitchel Andre

    Tyrique’s moment

    Coupling Up Time as chosen by the audience

    Catherine and Andre are the first couple likely not to last.

    Ella and Tyrique seem like a good choice!

    Jess and George are not sure these two will last.

    Molly and Mitchell have the m’s covered and easy to remember each other’s names.

    Ruchee and Mehdi are the final couples who will not last.

    If you really think any of these couples will last then you’re likely rather overconfident.

    Two Tattoos with two different meanings

    Watch this clip to learn more…

    Maya’s Gift is everlasting

    Truth and a Dare for the Girls watch

    Bombshell Zac brings his ball skills to the villa

    He is 25 years old and ready to threaten every stable relationship in the villa. More ball control is needed for this early-entry male. Maybe he will make the full team.

    Gary Norman

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