Craig Eddie Wins Voice UK 2021 Performance videos

Craig Eddie Wins Voice UK 2021 Performance videos

Craig Eddie Wins Voice UK 2021 Performance videos

The tenth season wrapped up with four acts only one winner. Watch Craig Eddie Wins Voice UK 2021 Performance videos

Craig performed his own original song Come Waste Time…this is nuts…strong lyrics, musical arrangement and melodies…DO yourself a favour and take a listen to this masterpiece! Extraordinary! Yes it was a risk. Millions of people have watched it Craig.

Furthermore…Anne-Marie won her first attempt as a coach! Well done!

Craig, walked in to Anne-Marie and her genuine excitement in the VT. She reflects on his journey. His confidence has grown over the journey, with his support of his mum and dad…love! This is a artistic rendition from a controlled master of vocals for any singer…this guy needs a contract to move on. He has the strongest presence on stage…in his genre…very exciting for his fans. Anne-Marie was so proud of his progress…anxiety was not evident at all. It was so so special as her first series! Olly reflected on as him as a star. Tom knows the Scots will call in to support and called the performance terrific!

Anne-Marie and Craig his semi-final performance was his strongest in his own words. ‘Show ourselves off and win!’ – Anne-Marie. It felt like a concert show to me. He held her stare….a proper artist..she appealed for the vote…the real deal!

Team Anne-Marie

Craig Eddie 22-year-old musician from Falkirk in Scotland. He is from a small town and hoping he is moments away from fulfilling his, and his father’s, dreams of becoming a successful singer.

Instagram: @craigeddiee

Audition song: Make It Rain by Foy Vance

Battle round song: This City by Sam Fischer, won against James Robb.

Semi-final song: lovely by Billie Eilish.

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