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BGT Britain's Got Talent 2022 Full Episodes Watch

BGT Britain’s Got Talent 2022 Full Episodes Watch

BGT Britain’s Got Talent 2022 Full Episodes Watch

Each week during the season we will feature the latest BGT Britain’s Got Talent 2022 Full Episodes Watch.

The content is distributed by partners ITV Syco Fremantle and others via their YouTube Channel.

You will find a library of their joint production on that channel.

Semi-Final 5 episode 13 watch here in full.

Semi-Finals 4

Episode 12 Season 2022 release

Semi-Final 3

Episode 11 for those counting at home.

Semi-Finals 2

Catch up on the series so far online with this latest release from the house of Cowell ITV!

Semi-Final Full Episode 9

Here is the full episode for you to watch

Episode Auditions

Episode 7 In full released

Looking for episode 6

BGT 2022 Episode 5

BGT Episodes

Britain’s Got Talent 2022 ALL AUDITIONS & PERFORMANCES EPISODE 2 Plus Simon Cowell’s GOLDEN BUZZER!



Axel Blake wins Simon Cowell’s coveted Golden Buzzer thingy tonight. Congrats @axelblake_

Dante Marvin has a message using a comedy song about his bone disease.

Louise & Jasper sing opera accompanied by Jasper.

Joy Weir was accompanied by David Walliams at one point. The video went private soon after posting here.

Rockstar Weekend is a 5 piece band from London that performs a medley of songs.

Oswaldo comedy dance routine with his fingers.

The Brit Kidz is a Dance group

Tom Ball covers “Writing’s on the Wall” by Sam Smith.

Aneeshwar Kunchala poet.

IMD Legion is a 36-piece dance crew@IMDLegion

Amber & Nymeria are from the Netherlands.

Matricks’ Illusion of quick-change

Loren Allred from Brooklyn performs Never Enough from The Greatest Showman.

Les Sancho presents a spooky invisible ‘ghost’ audition.

Jamie Leahey performs a ventriloquism act.

Scooter Boys aged 6 to 10, a scooter quartet.

Nick Edwards performs an original song about his family.

Jim Fitzpatrick performs a routine to Little Bird by Annie Lennox.

The Phantom performs an invisible act.

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Watch Britain’s Got Talent 2022 ALL AUDITIONS & PERFORMANCES from Episode 1

Including Golden Buzzer audition, Magician auditions, Ventriloquist, Illusionists, singers, dancers, dog acts….

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