Britain's Got Talent BGT 2022 Highlights Performances

Britain’s Got Talent BGT 2022 Highlights Performances

Britain’s Got Talent BGT 2022 Highlights Performances videos

Fun, danger, talent galore plus a season of chaos and mayhem Britain’s Got Talent BGT 2022 Highlights Performances videos.

The Final

And the winner is TBA.

Britain’s Got Talent Final WINNER: Axel Blake RUNNER UP: Jamie Leahey THIRD PLACE: Tom Ball

Wildcard Amber and The Dancing Collies…

Finalists are Maxwell Thorpe, Jamie Leahey, Ben Nickless, Flintz & T4ylor, Tom Ball, Eva Abley, Loren Allred, Five Star Boys, Axel Blake, Aneeshwar Kunchala, and Judges WILDCARD, Amber and The Dancing Collies.

Jamie and Chuck make Simon laugh

Pick out Simon

Amber is back with her Dancing Collies as the season final wildcard.

Simon loves dogs…

Five Star Boys on stage in The Final


Flintz and T4ylor on stage as Alesha’s Golden Buzzer act

F&T for the win…

Aneeshwar message to us

Another message

Eva on stage in the final

Tom Ball school teacher and occassional singer in The Final!

Ben Nickless comedy

Loren Allred’s final performance was an original song watch.

Alex Blake was Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer winner and back for The Final.

Live Shows

Britain’s Got Talent 2022 live shows will start on Monday, 30 May 2022, and continue nightly throughout the week to Friday, 3 June 2022.

Live Show Five 3 June 2022

Scheduled to show performances from Aneeshwar Kunchala, Axel Blake, Brian and Krysstal, IMD Legion, Matrick’s Illusion, Nick Edwards, Scooter Boys, and Welsh of The West End.

Put together this piece of clips from BGT

We will be back soon with all the videos and some commentary from us. All the judges have to say about this one.

Matrick’s Illusion may have a deeper meaning than you think…

Who needs Two Simon Cowells?

Scooter Boys scoot on stage

Alesha looks all about it

Welsh of the West End performance in the live semi-final is worth more than one watch!

David is just being David.

Aneeshwar will save us

Another hero child

Brian and Krysstal buzzed off xxxx maybe Aneeshwar can save them?

Shocking ending for a favourite act…

Nick Edwards

Axel Blake comedy


Axel and the kid

Let all the haters come out and say the show is rigged in favour of this act or sector or colour or whatever.

Live Show Four 2 June 2022

Features performances from Dame Nation, Five Star Boys, Loren Allred, Mary P, Stefano Paolini, The Frontline Singers, The Phantom, and Titan the Robot.

This helps remind us of those acts that may have slipped our minds…

Mary P is a powerhouse singer and truly delightful.

Mary has a soft spot in our hearts

The Frontline Singers are back for a chance in the final.

Hope on stage

A Five Star performance

Dames having fun on stage

David wants to join them, maybe he will later…

The Phantom stole a Judge….

Empty black chair and confused Amanda…what is new?

Some comedy from Stefano has Alesha all smiles in the white dress

Alesha liked a comic

Titan The Robot is on stage this time trying to stop wetting himself and others.

Amanda looks shocked annoyed and upset

Loren Allred does it again unique and strong

The find of the season for many


Confirmed Loren and Five Star Boys

Loren Allred is the winner of tonight’s Semi-final, as chosen by you guys at home.

Five Star Boys are the 8th act through to the #BGT Final.

Earlier episodes appear on the next pages

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