Haris Namani dumped from villa

Love Island UK 2023 Highlights watch reviews

Here is our coverage of the Winter edition from South Africa Love Island UK 2023 Highlights watch

Video links and recaps will be provided over the season on this post. Bookmark us.

Cast bios have been revealed in the list with ages ranging from 20 – 27 so far. Additional bomb bios are added as they enter the villa through the season.

Love Island UK 2023 Highlights watch reviews

Winter Love Island UK 2023 open
Winter Love Island UK 2023 open

The full Love Island UK 2023 Lineup revealed

Love Island UK 2023 Highlights watch reviews

Episodes 1-10

News About Cast Members

Will Young emerges showing him ‘partying with white powder

Farmer Will — was filmed seemingly pulling a small pouch from his man-bag while in a swimming pool at a festival with pals.

The Sun

Courtney Stubbs Says Her Love Island Co-Star Aaron Waters ‘Bullied’ & ‘Body-Shamed’ Her

“He would constantly tell me to f*** off, to shut up the whole show,” Courtney said, claiming that Aaron made it his “personal vendetta” to ensure every other male in the villa also saw her the way he did.


Read and watch the clips in the above link provided for you. Remember this is her side of the story. Others will likely add to the story.

Haris Dumped

“Haris was booted off Love Island last night,” a source told The Sun. “There was a dumping and he got the chop. It is, in part, a relief for the show’s bosses in light of the video of Haris in a street fight.”

Responding to the report, a Love Island spokesperson said: “We would never comment on dumpings or show formats to avoid ruining the show for the viewers.”


Anna-May was Dumped tonight – via Twitter

What to Expect in coming episodes

  • Jessie is expected to pick Will to couple up with.
  • Aaron may pick Lana to coupled up with.
  • Who has the power to choose this round? The girls chose the last round.
  • More recoupling and emotions

Will the boys turn to pick or will the producers drop the least favored boy and girl from the voting survey? They dropped them!

New female bomb – Ellie and the new male bomb – Spencer

Boys pick the girl!

Kai is not vibing with Anna-May. Anna-May just got dumped.

Ron is not vibing with Tanyel.

Tom is not vibing with Zara?

Episode 12

In a first-look teaser, the love triangle between Ron Hall, Lana Jenkins, and new bombshell Ellie Spence thickens after Thursday’s show.

A visibly upset Lana, 25, tells Ron she doesn’t want to get involved ‘in a trio thing’, with the 25-year-old believing he’s now ruined his chances with her after Ellie swiped him in the recoupling.

Ellie tells Ron: ‘I still want to share a bed with you’. To which he replies: ‘She’s not my girlfriend. You can’t sort of wife yourself off.’

Later Lana and Ron have a heart-to-heart about where they stand. She tells him: ‘I am not getting involved in a trio thing, I’m not, I’m not involved in this s**t’ before crying to the girls: ‘I get too kind and they walk all over it.’

Meanwhile, a downhearted Ron later tells the boys: ‘I’ve f****d it’.

Episode 11

Exit two people, emotional moves and reflections bring the tears

Two new bombshells Spencer Wilks and Ellie Spence arrived at the villa and a 90s theme party through a text message. Will read: “Islanders, it’s time to get fresh and look fierce as tonight you’re having a party #BackToThe90s #EatSleepPartyRepeat”.

Delivering her speech, Ellie said: ‘I’ve decided to couple up with this boy because from what I’ve seen so far, he seems really funny, he’s handsome.

In the ballsy recoupling, Ellie, 25, decided to couple up with Ron, leaving Lana out in the cold while Spencer Wilks, 24, picked ring girl Olivia Hawkins.


Many of the outfits had social media questioning the source of these ridiculous garments.

Liv has more tears, she’s emotionally having a hard time.

Zara figured out with a push from Jessie moved over to Aaron to explore their relationship.

Ellie Spence, who was part of the first public vote to decide whether she or Islander Tom Clare entered the villa.

Spencer, aged 24, from Bournemouth, cryptically describes himself as an “e-commerce business owner” and he sells adult toys online.

An emotional Lana was consoled by the girls while Ellie sat at the firepit with a smug smile on her face.

Meanwhile, in Spencer’s speech, he told the islanders: ‘I’d like to couple up with this girl because, in her times in the villa, she’s had her ups and downs. She seems genuine and straight up so I’d love to get to know her on a deeper level’, before picking Olivia. She claimed to be happy with his arrival.

The newcomers come after Love Island axed Anna-May Robey and Haris Namani.

Shaq and Tanya, Kai and Tanyel, WIll and Jessie, Tom and Zara, Aaron and Lana.

Morning tables around the villa, the couples sit, eat, drink and talk about each other in time for the new relationships to form. A lot of air time was allowed for this scene.

Change of pace. Ellie meets with Tom, stating that everyone is running to be married off and there is a new plan underway. Tanyel, who stole Ron last round, talks with Lana about Ellie’s words and what they mean. I guess neither knows at this stage. Then the girls meet, not meeting his match, was savage, not for her to hear in real life, etc. It was all about the experience here and meeting others claimed Ellie. She continued being blunt, not seeing any sparks and she is in bed with him, telling her to be cool about the experience. Lana rebuts the no sparks and sits on her hands at this point in time. Time will indeed tell. Ellie comes across passive aggressive during this scene. Remember the fans are watching for who they like and Lana and Ron were popular.

‘I don’t think he’s met his match yet and I’m looking forward to getting to know him better.’

Love Island UK 2023 Highlights watch reviews


Ellie has the first choice before the boys choose to recouple. She chose, To be continued!

Episode 10

The post-bomb date conversations are discussed by the islanders. The Lana and Liv results are in and it is not good news for Aaron. No vibes for you!

Jessie and Will talk on the outside setting about the date and she was impressed by Tom as well. She was leaning more towards Will but it has been only 24 hours and wants to not commit to anything at this moment.

Tanyel and Kai talk and share that she is only seeing Ron as a friend even though they have plenty of commons. He admits that she is the one who keeps catching his eye. Ron checks in with Lana about the date and she was not into him.

Kai calls on Anna-May for a chat and reveals his thought about their coupling. How does she react? Timestamp: 6:11. Watch.

A nothing burger. Both agreed on the no vibes and remain friends. Edit. Next, we see Will and Anna-May chatting as he continues to find a base in the villa. She starts to tear up and he responds by holding her and letting her speak about the hard work it has been to attract a connection. Lana joins the scene on the day beds with them and supports her at the moment.

Closing out the bedtime conversations among many was Will’s claim that he thinks he loves Jessie. Lana said, “Nice.” Lights out. Jessie heads downstairs to the other beds.

Tanya and Shaq time 11:00 Exploring jealousy

Tanya and Anna-May time 13:00 Hot and bothered!

The new game time is 14:00 approx. Space Raunch.

Girls chose boys to kiss and act out with. They had the duty to pick the sexiest astronaut. The vote went to Zara.

A new night of drama at 25:30. Liv gets clearance from Zara to settle some unfinished business with Tom. Kai and Tanyel have a close time kissing alone. Liv and Tom got chat time claiming he is not closed off and she had given him space following the other night’s drama with Zara. Haris was mentioned.

More Will and Jessie time sharing close arms wrapped light banter, expressing their connection progress and she speaks that his head may turn if a new girl from his hometown arrived. Will tells her he is happy and she moves in for the kiss. The rest of the islanders are quick to celebrate their moment with loud cheers and applause. Where is the drama?

Text time 32:40. Firepit time and the islanders all gather around. The public vote is released. The boy and girl with the least votes are at risk of being dumped tonight. Both Aaron and Jessie were exempt.

Boys at risk include Kai, Tom, and Haris.

The three girls at risk were Anna-May, Tanya, and Tanyel.

Only one boy and one girl will be leaving and will be decided by Jessie and Aaron! Crikey mate!


Who is dumped? – Spoiler

Leaked – Haris

Leaked or guess which girl. Anna-May is the likely choice. She was cut by Kai earlier and single, while Tanya and Tanyel have connections with Shaq and Kai. Aaron and Jessie should be aware of that information. Right now fans are enraged about the cliffhanger, public event, and show producers for this ending.

Possible Coupling

Lana and Ronnie or Aaron may spoil it. Ronnie and Lana were not in the bottom three.

Kai and Tanyel if she is not dumped. Both were in the bottom three individuals.

Olivia and Tom if he is not dumped. Tom was in the bottom three.

Jessie and Will is a safe bet. Neither is in the bottom three for respective reasons. Newest couple in the villa.

Zara and Tom? Or Aaron? Zara was not in the bottom 3 even though she was in the centre with Olivia.

Tanya and Shaq if Tanya remains. Shaq was not in the bottom 3 boys.

Our two favourite couples are Ron and Lana. Followed closely by Jessie and Will. It is still early enough for the others to couple up. We will wait and see.

Highlights episodes 8 and 9

Here is the latest full episode from South Africa. Update coming.

Post-Aussie bomb shell double episode where the newest drama hits the villa. Aaron has a script to impress the English lasses, yet he will be tested several times this season. Ron is enjoying all the candy in the store. The Olivia and Zara relationship boils over and then she said she said arguments commence. Never fun to watch. Will, Ron, and Shaq talk about the latest events including his style of introduction, their similarities, and opportunity for him.

Episode 8

Lana and Ron talk about the giggling in bed he had with Tanyel, as there was no context. He apologised to her. He called Tanyel a nightmare which Lana agreed with. He kisses Lana to remind her of his intention.

Meanwhile, Tanyel and Kai share a quiet drink together for some close smiles, she called Ron sweet, and he feels comfortable with Anna-May. Overall they banter about him sleeping with her and wanting him. He talked about allowing both of them to explore their current coupling. She was being all very nice to him and Kai took the opportunity to say that he feels she is much better in her behaviour with him now.

Timestamp 6:26 Game time Never have I ever…all start slamming each other with innuendo statements. Watch the variety of statements and claims made. It got fairly personal there.

The fallout began

Lana revealed her ex’s name and Ron had to do a second take on the name.

Jessie and Olivia talk about Tom, is she still interested in him? He comes over and asks do they need a drink or tea, and his interest in him was discussed. Feeling free of any burden Olivia asked Tom for a chat right in front of Zara which eventually sparked this firestorm. Timestamp 15:52.

Zara starts to boil over with others in the outside bed. Both Lana and Ron bring the point to Zara that Olivia was the first and she thinks you (Zara) have stepped on her toes. Heated words are exchanged by Zara, while Olivia walked away, then cried. You decide whose side your want to take in this one. 19:28 Enter the girls to support Olivia or at least talk to her. Tom gets grilled by Zara and he told her that he was keeping the door open for Liv. No triangles for Zara.

Off to bed scenes.

The next day, Aaron and Jessie plan to start grafting in the new pro status among the couples looking for the next couple. The boys’ postmortem was around Aaron’s plan, he shared he wanted to talk more with Liv, and Tom disliked the drama yesterday with Zara on display for all to see. In the girls meeting, Zara claimed that Tom knew how to make her feel safe and comfortable in bed. She was happy with their connection.

Kai in a small group reveals he does not feel the spark with Anna-May as he did with Tanyel. Ron was allowed to go into a lot of detail about his thoughts on the situation directing Kai to chase Tanyel. He claimed his head is scrambled and will tell both of them how he feels. He did like Tanyel’s high morals. Are you ready for another setup?

Releasing the pressure between Liv and Zara meet and basically agree to disagree. Be civil and move on. Add in a couple of digs of differences and the scene is another piece in their journey.

31:06 Time Aaron got a text. Soon followed by Jessie. Both can choose two dates to take out from the villa and graft with. He chooses Olivia and Lana. She chose Will and Tom.

Jessie and Will’s date appeared more relaxed and fun as they spoke on their picnic. Aaron had to work harder with Olivia and low-key with me. What was interesting about the dates was how Lana and Tom were encouraging Will and Jessie on.

Swap dates. Jessie and Tom were relaxed and interesting to watch as was Aaron to some extent with Lana. The pro bombs did a good job grafting out information from both dates.

You can watch the end.

Episode 9

Highlights episodes 6 and 7 below

Two new Aussie-based bombs are dropped on the villa, featuring Aaron and Jessie (Jess) chasing love amongst the vast group of lads and girls.

However, before the new episode producers want to squeeze this 40-minute “Unseen Bits” into the schedule. The Unseen bits explain in detail why Tanyel chose Ron to solve the mystery. Looked into her soul while sucking her finger… He also claimed she was the fittest islander.

Lana and Tanyel talk about the firepit where Ronnie was selected by the latter. Lana wants to be kept in the loop about the relationship as she wants to continue to be with Ronnie as well. Tanyel wants them to be friends but the love island experience allows for singles to explore other people in the villa.

All the islanders speak about what has transpired with all the recoupling, see the current list in this post.

Love Island UK 2023 Highlights watch reviews

Kai was happy with Anna-May choosing him and now he gets to couple up with her. Meanwhile, Lana and Will converse about the firepit and he was thankful for her picking him over the other lad. They hug it out and she reveals her conversation with Tanyel and there must be something there between them etc. Olivia is happy with choosing Haris, they have a fun and physical connection.

Tom and Zara’s post talks about the pressure they faced in getting to this point. Tom expressed his genuine happiness at being with her and coupled up right now. Eventually, within 2 minutes had kissed and she was excited about this moment. Ronnie, the mature man in the villa, converses with Lana about the result and helps Lana understand that she has his attention. He does not feel strong in the current situation with Tanyel. Stand by for her drama.

Drama is back between Olivia on her recycling wash of Zara’s words and actions. So they meet for a one-on-one. Olivia feels attacked both verbally and her taking her ex-partner Tom away. Zara allows her to vent her feelings. Zara has had to handle a lot of personal conflict between her and the islanders due to her being the female bomb. Tom expressed interest in her while keeping his options open with Olivia. In round two with Tom, he is grilled about his words and actions in finding a relationship with Zara. They both look uncomfortable in past events. She told him that she felt mugged off, got up, and left with a drink in her right hand.

Skip the boys and girls reprise timestamp at 17:30 in the video.

Text time Pool party 23:00 approximately No heavy petting was #

24:15 Party time commenced.

25:00 Aussie gate crashers aka two bombs Aaron and Jessie arrive at the villa.

Boys talk to the new girl, and girls talk with the new boy.

Lana plans out a role play for Will to pursue Jessie and exchange vibes in a cute moment. She is really helpful in taking the lead and for him to showcase his values.

Aaron and Olivia spend some time together in a chat. He felt her confidence in the meeting. Meanwhile, Tanyel and Ron have some air time together, going over the same ground about trying to explore relationships with other people. She insists that she wants to get to know him while they are coupled up, yet be open to others as well. Seems natural. What more can go wrong?

Jessie and WIll share a good time learning that they both have many common events and interests from their childhoods. She grew up in country Tasmania and he grew up and has remained in the country farm life. This is one of the best potential couples in the villa this season. Although their families are literally on opposite sides of the world, it is not that uncommon these days for one person to move for love.

Next episode, another challenge and more drama between islanders.

Highlights episode 5 Love Island UK 2023 Highlights watch

End of the road for one of the boys in this episode.

Plenty of recoupling, with two bombs picking opposite genders.

Shaq and Haris try and sort out their immature behaviour – no dad talk! Olivia and Zara have a difference about labeling her. Tom and Olivia try and sort out their differences, slow burner, a major setback for her. He ain’t here to play games and reminds him of her comment. He apologises to her.

Lana and Anna-May talked about their situation. Shaq and the boys talk more about the challenge, and David walks out on the conversation. Tom does some bro talk with David. Ronnie thinks Shaq is overthinking his situation with Tanya. David is confused, and talks with Tanya, he did not like to hear their words. Tanya confirms she is interested in David but did not close off Shaq. Lana and Ronnie were talking, and Zara walks in and sits down. Ronnie talks he is more interested in Lana, she reacts with a question about not talking to her about it. His response was direct and firm about seeing her with Tom during the night made the decision for him. No shown animosity, they hug it out and split.

Tanya and Shaq time, he focuses on the game and her kissing the other and apologises for making him feel bad. She is trusting her with her feelings. Zara and Olivia time. Plenty of carnage tonight. She did not think about who to pick in the challenge and meant nothing about it. She apologised, and Olivia said she meant it in one of those one-moment scenes.

Kai and Anna-May talk, he does not want drama between his current partner. He does not care about how she feels and may need to experience this outcome. Ronnie talks to Lana sharing the good news she is now the big picture centre of his focus. She smiles and appears happy with the news. Ron asked for his kiss and she complied in a sweet way. “This has been his best night….” he claimed. He has managed to make big-boy decisions while others had not.

21:35 Timeframe morning time. A day for finding love. Boys reprise and girl reprise time around the pool. The calm before the storm then comes to a text. The girls pick tonight, the boy left single will go home. Farmer Will is too matey with the women. Kai, Haris, and Kai feel the pressure along with David. Tanya and David talk about all the scenarios and what if another girl takes him. He admits he has put all his eggs in one basket. She has a hard time and is confused.

Firepit time

One male goes home. Zara asks the other girls not to take things too personally tonight. Kai cheers the islanders for the night. More grafting and Kai talks to Tanyek and questions the situation. Tom and Zara speak of an interesting night. Olivia and Haris, Shaq, and Tanya talk. Will and Lana talk for a moment. Tom talks to Olivia speak, it may not be down to her. David and Tanya hold her cards close.

Decision time. Love Island UK 2023 Highlights watch.

Anna-May was the first to choose and picked Kai!

Zara was next, a welcoming boy since the beginning she chose Tom!

Olivia was coupled up with Tom, an attraction and playfulness, she chose Haris!

Tanya was with Shaq and chose him again.

David, Ronnie and Will remain.

Tanyel chose Ron.

Lana had to choose between David and Will. One will go home. She wants to couple up with this boy who has shown her a lot of attention Will.

David goodbye.

Aaron Waters

Love Island: SR9 on ITV2 and ITVX. Pictured: Aaron Waters.

Love Island: SR9 on ITV2 and ITVX. Pictured: Aaron Waters. ©ITV Plc

Age: 25
From: Melbourne
Occupation: Model and Content Creator
Instagram username: @aaronmwaters
Appeared on Love Island Australia series 3

Aaron from Love Island Season 3 Australia is the new male bomb. No more blonde bleached hair! Maybe he has matured since then, don’t expect him to be popular with English fans.

“Besides being an Aussie, I’m different from most because I have a sense of awareness of who I am and what I’m looking for. When I’m talking to girls it’s not on a surface level, I can dive deeper to try and build a connection,” he said.

Jessie Wynter

Love Island: SR9 on ITV2 and ITVX. Pictured: Jessie Wynter.

Love Island: SR9 on ITV2 and ITVX. Pictured: Jessie Wynter. ©ITV Plc

Age: 26
From: Tasmania, lives in Sydney
Occupation: Personal Trainer and Influencer
Instagram username: @jessiereneewynter
Appeared on Love Island Australia series 2

Jessie says: “I’m single and have been for quite some time! I’m very lucky to live the life I lead, but it does get a bit lonely. All of my friends are settling down, and it’s time for me to do the same. The last time I had a relationship, it was in the Love Island Australia Villa – so let’s go!”

She adds: “I definitely will be bringing energy to Love Island. There won’t be a quiet moment. I’m going to bring those good vibes.”

Sophie from Love Island Season 2 Australi is the new female bomb. Another returnee that the producers hope to utilise somewhere in the villa.

Ripper… bona,..g’day mates.

Recoupling Outcome

Anna-May chose Kai over Haris. She felt more connected to him than Haris. Kai felt Tanyel was too much drama but still wants to get to know her more.

Zara chose Tom, he was a welcoming boy since the beginning, and both wanted to couple up.

Olivia was coupled up with Tom, an attraction and playfulness, she chose Haris! Haris did spend some air time with her during episodes 3 – 5. Haris calls Olivia for a chat. She is open to hearing his thoughts about coupling up in the future and does not turn him down. Admitting she is more physically attracted to him and more her type than Tom.

Tanyel chose Ron. Kai had been chosen by Anna-May in the opening round. She claimed him to be a top guy and wanted to get to know him. This was at the expense of Lana.

Lana had to choose between David and Will. She wants to couple up with this boy who has shown her a lot of attention Will. Next recoupling, the boys choose Ronnie will likely return to Lana.

Tanya and Shaq recoupled. Tanya had been kissing him in bed since they connected. David did put all his eggs in one basket. Love Island UK 2023 Highlights watch.

Episode 4

Five featured grafting between most of the islanders, it is still early, and no couples have been tested. Zara and Kai are shown talking, while David somewhat struggles with Tanyel, she was not making any commitments to his direct questions. Ronnie and Tanya talk about their similar situations and being comfortable in their relationships. They both experienced the first bombs together in the last episode. In walks Zara to snag Ronnie. He talked about how she checked all his boxes in a very positive experience. Zara has the power to choose, he is feeling the pressure.

David talks to Tanya in the villa reprising their date, clothing, appearance, and possible future connection. He has the power to choose as well.

Lana breaks up Ronnie and Zara. Asks him how the date went and he confirmed he wanted to get to know her. Zara has the power. He continued talking about what-ifs, including their differences and positives. She agreed about the differences and wanted an opportunity to experience a date as well.

Meanwhile, Zara and Will were shown in a conversation. He went for the flirty approach appealing to her modeling catwalk style demonstrating which made her happy. Instantly talking about his farm, animals, and acreage size.

Kai and Anna-May were aired in a conversation about their respective situations, comparing other connections. He spoke about Tanyel and Zara were different personalities in contrast to Anna-May.

Tanyel admits to Kai she got really jealous earlier, admitting he had done nothing wrong but that was the way she felt. She revealed her need to be his full attention in the outside world, but inside the villa was a different situation. Love Island UK 2023 Highlights watch.

Zara reaches out to Shaq for a conversation about each other. Anna-May corners Haris questioning his absence in conversation with her. He admitted he was not vibing with her so they decided to move on parting amicably. She was happy with the result.

Tom and Zara time, they compare each other’s conversation and physical attributes. He is tall and she appeals to him on that basis alone.

The boys debrief happened along with the girl’s debrief. It revealed the above information. While David and Zara compared notes about their positions in the villa. Reflecting on the date targets and their respective chats with the other islanders.

Tanyel reveals to Ronnie that she has him down as her choice to get to know in the villa. While Kai and Anna-May invested more time in each other. David and Tanya flirted on the couch. She wants to spice things up between them. Fair to say everyone had the opportunity to talk more.

The challenge brings plenty of kissing and emotional labeling to both genders. All the islanders experience other feelings and emotions. You can watch the full scene and how it ends.

Couples standing prior to episode 5

When Tom sought a partner to couple up with, Olivia, all the females were willing to talk to him and were open. After the firepit event, all told their current partners that they were happy with the outcome.

Tanyel and Kai – no post-firepit discussion shown. Kia was shown with the boys, see below. Both share time with other islanders, Tanyel with the new bomb, and David as did Kai with Zara.

Olivia and Tom – post-re-coupling, she was happy to be chosen by him as being wanted for her type/ his type rather than being in default with farmer Will. He has never dated a darker brunette always been chasing blondes in the past.

The next morning Haris calls Olivia for a chat. She is open to hearing his thoughts about coupling up in the future and does not turn him down. Admitting she is more physically attracted to him and more her type than Tom.

Anna-May and Hari’s post firepit, he is with the other lads speaking about working with A-M and looking at other options, which the boys saw straight away as not a good game plan (for them). Haris spent some time with Olivia on air.

Tanya and Shaq meet and talk about the intensity of the firepit recoupling and how it puts things into perspective for them. She wants him to keep her close in their mutual situation. He went in for the kiss and was pied, turned down at that moment. In the morning male debrief, he received a good chat and a kiss, which according to Tanya draw a physical reaction. Tanya and Ronnie talk post-bomb dates.

After her date with David outside the villa, she spoke about his strengths and weaknesses to the other girls. Shaq was living in her head rent-free wanting to run over and hug him on her return.

Lana and Ron – shown post-re-coupling episode three, where Ron leads with his intention to continue to pursue Lana, which appeared to flatter her. She was happy to be with him on camera.

Ron received a text for a new date with Zara. See singles.

Upon her arrival at the villa, Zara met with all the girls sharing she felt about his ora on the date. See below.

Single Love Island UK 2023 Highlights watch

Will and two new bombs. Love Island UK 2023 Highlights watch.

Will speaks about finding a good graft and taking one of the other girls away from their current partners. Kai and Ron tell him that he will not succeed in a matey way of a friendly warning.

In the morning first choice was for him to chat with Lana. He was calling her his first choice, she called him lovely but did not feel any spark at the moment. Which was fair to both as it was only day three.

Meanwhile, the villa action was limited to some pool banter and clothing choices for Will.

Text time: Two dates outside the villa

Zara texts Ron to meet her on a date. His reaction is somewhat excited while Lana is subdued. He characterizes Lana as very reserved and he likes it when a girl takes what she wants.

She is 25 and from London, not afraid to find the man she wants on Love Island. Extraverted and rates herself highly.

Second text this time for Tanya to leave the villa and meet him. She appeared excited.

David, 24, a money advisor, from Essex is waiting at a table in a field near Zara. In fact, they were in the same camera frame closing the scene and sitting apart.

In summary, Zara and David made good vibes with both Tanya and Ron. It appeared reciprocated evenly with a few awkward stumbles or excited anticipated responses. Why didn’t David and Zara get some air time? I guess we will wait and see.

Both singles arrived at the villa and spent time with their group genders sharing their news and feelings felt on the dates. This sets up the drama for the next several episodes as deeper relationships blossom, fail, or fall into all the traps.


Coupling up round 1 was over and the new bomb Tom arrived immediately sending the villa into an awkward spiral. Love Island UK 2023 Highlights watch.


Meet all the cast and their bios in this episode 1.



Love Island has confirmed the first batch of islanders to appear in this year’s winter installment. The good-looking singletons will jet off to the South African villa to star in reality TV’s hottest vacation.

Just months after Davide and Ekin-Su took the crown as winners of the 2022 series – ITV is back to spice up your evenings. Love Island UK 2023 Highlights watch.

REVIEW THE CAST video watch

This review is sourced from Romance Review TV on YouTube and provides an overview of the cast with ten new contestants for you to invest your time into or not. Love Island UK 2023 Highlights watch.

This will be the first winter series of the show since Paige Turley and Finn Tapp emerged victorious in 2020.

There is another new addition to the show Maya Jama, who will be taking on hosting duties from Laura Whitmore. To ensure the safety of the contestants this year, ITV bosses have announced they will be disabling social media accounts during the show.

Here’s every contestant that has been confirmed for Love Island 2023, who they are, and where they’re from.

Here is your 2023 Love Island Winter cast…

Zara Deniz Lackenby-Brown

Love Island: SR9 on ITV2 and ITVX. Pictured: Zara Deniz Lackenby-Brown.

Love Island: SR9 on ITV2 and ITVX. Pictured: Zara Deniz Lackenby-Brown. ©ITV Plc

Age: 25
From: London
Job: Model and Property Developer
Instagram username: @itszaradeniz

Zara says of signing up: “It’s been something that I’ve been thinking about for a long time. My love life is a bit shambolic so it would be nice to date in a different environment as whatever I’m doing at the minute isn’t working.

Asked what she’ll bring to the villa, Zara adds: “Sass, vibes, and good energy. I’m a massive hype girl, I’m very complimentary so I hope to keep the vibes up in the Villa. I’ll also bring spice, I’m a bit different and I don’t think there’s anyone in there that’s like me so I reckon I’ll keep things interesting.” Love Island UK 2023 Highlights watch.

David Salako – was dumped in episode 7

Love Island: SR9 on ITV2 and ITVX. Pictured: David Salako.

Love Island: SR9 on ITV2 and ITVX. Pictured: David Salako. ©ITV Plc

Age: 24
From: Essex
Job: Money Adviser
Instagram username: @DavidSxalako

David says: “It’s exciting as I’m potentially meeting someone I’ve never met that I could bond with.”

He adds: “Listen, there’s only one David Salako. There we go. If you’re in a relationship with me it’ll be nothing but good fun, vibes. I think I’m alright looking as well…

Tanya Manhenga, 22


Tanya is entering the villa with the hopes that being around “lots of different people will help me work out who it is I may want”. The 22-year-old Liverpudlian is a student studying biomedical science. On the side, she is also an influencer. Love Island UK 2023 Highlights watch.

Tanya has Vitiligo, which is a skin pigmentation condition. She says, however, that “you may not even notice it”. Tanya said she doesn’t care about covering up the pigmentation on her lip and in her hair, adding that “it’s a vibe”.

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Kai Fagan, 24


Kai is a Science and PE teacher from Manchester who says he is “single by choice”. The 24-year-old Jamaican citizen said he has “quite high expectations” and does not commit to anyone unless he is “absolutely buzzing” over them. Kai says his friends would describe him as “chilled, caring, very impulsive, and a good guy”, adding that he always puts family and friends first.

In addition to his job as a teacher, he also plays semi-professional rugby for Burnage RFC, having previously played rugby 7s for Jamaica. He has three different degrees and went to three different universities. Love Island UK 2023 Highlights watch.

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Lana Jenkins, 25


The 25-year-old from Luton said that she falls in love quickly. “I tend to know quite soon if I could fall in love with that person and then, as long as everything is going well, I’ll probably tell them I love them in about a week,” she said.

Throughout her career as a make-up artist, she has worked with many celebrities. A fun fact about Lana is that when she lived in Spain as a six-year-old, she appeared in an episode of Benidorm as an extra.

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Ron Hall, 25


The 25-year-old from Essex has said that he will bring “fun and charisma” to the villa, adding that he is “the most genuine person you’ll meet”. The financial advisor has also said he is a “nice person – which you don’t find these days”.

Ron is blind in one eye, after suffering a football injury when he was eight years old. “I went in for a header and got kicked in the face,” he recalled. “I’ve got two different coloured eyes, one blue and one green. It’s added to my character, there are so many people that are worse off than me. And if anything, losing something like that makes you realise that. It’s not hindered me in any shape or form. It’s a good conversation starter I must admit.”

Love Island UK 2023 Highlights watch.

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Anna-May Robey, 20


The 20-year-old payroll administrator from Swansea has said she is looking for someone who can make her laugh, adding that she has been single for “quite a while”. Recalling her worst date ever, Anna-May said one man once fell asleep during their meal. “I had to clink his wine glass to wake him up,” she said. Love Island UK 2023 Highlights watch.

According to Anna-May, her friends have described her as “energetic” and “always running around singing and screaming”.

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Will Young, 23


Will has said that growing up on a farm has made it difficult “juggling relationships and work”. Sounding serious about love, the 23-year-old farmer from Buckinghamshire said that he is at a time in his life “where I’m mature enough to find a wife”.

Will practices meditation every night for 20-25 minutes, adding that “it’s a nice way to self-reflect”. He said that he would like Sir David Attenborough to play him in a movie of his life.

Love Island UK 2023 Highlights watch.

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Tanyel Revan, 26


Tanyel is a 26-year-old hair stylist from North London. Asked what she’ll bring to the villa, Tanyel said: “Energy, confidence. I’m funny, loud, feisty, charismatic.” She also said that she is “hard to get” and “a very loyal person”.

Shedding some light on her type, Tanyel revealed that her celebrity crush is Channing Tatum who is “handsome but not too pretty”. She said: “I don’t like pretty boys, they give me the ‘ick’ because they always have a crap personality.”

Love Island UK 2023 Highlights watch.

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Shaq Muhammad, 24


Shaq from London is entering the villa and has not had the “best luck with previous relationships”. The 24-year-old airport security officer sounds serious about finding a partner, saying that “hopefully I do come out with my future wife. The person I hope to marry one day. Hopefully she’s in the villa”.

Shaq said that he wears his heart on his sleeve and that if he finds someone he clicks with, “I fall very hard, very fast”. A romantic, Shaq cries every time he watches the Nicholas Sparks film adaptation Dear John starring Amanda Seyfried and Channing Tatum.

Olivia Hawkins, 27 Love Island UK 2023 Highlights watch.


The 27-year-old from Brighton has never been in a relationship before. Olivia said she’ll bring “fun” and “vibes” to the villa, and “maybe a little bit of drama”.

Olivia’s work as a ring girl and actor has brought her close to celebrities. Speaking about her claim to fame, she said: “I did a film with Jason Statham and had a nice 10-minute convo about life. I’ve been a ring girl for KSI, I played a waitress in James Bond with Daniel Craig and I’ve also been a body double for Michelle Keegan and Emma Watson.”

Love Island UK 2023 Highlights watch.

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Haris Namani, 21


The 21-year-old TV salesman from Doncaster called Love Island “the best opportunity for me to find the girl and find the right one”. Haris said that he has never “taken a girl home”, explaining that he would not say he has fallen in love with anyone until they meet his mum and dad, or siblings. Love Island UK 2023 Highlights watch.

Haris went on to call himself “a unique guy” who is “confident, not awkward, especially with the girls”. He also said he is “friendly, and very respectful”.

Love Island UK 2023 Highlights watch.

Marlee York

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