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Britain's Got Talent 2023 Highlights Recap News

Britain’s Got Talent 2023 Highlights Recap News

New acts feature on this season of Britain’s Got Talent 2023 Highlights Recap News

Each week we showcase the latest clips of new contestants for you to watch.

The returning judges include Alesha Dixon, Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, and new addition Bruno Tonioli. Britain’s Got Talent 2023.

Britain's Got Talent 2023 Highlights Recap News
Britain’s Got Talent 2023 Highlights Recap News

The Finale 2023 Results

Winner Viggo

Runner Up – Lilliana

The performances may include two different sourced videos.

Ladies and gentlemen, your Britain’s Got Talent Series 16 FINALISTS:

Musa Motha

Amy Lou

Viggo Venn

Olivia Lynes

Ghetto Kids

Travis George

Malakai Bayoh

Duo Odyssey

Cillian O’Connor

Lillianna Clifton

TONIKAKU IS BACK as the #BGT Wildcard!

What a Final this will be! Don’t miss it, Sunday 4th June at 7:30 pm on ITV1 and STV.

Semi-Final Live Shows

These shows are usually unbalanced in the acts chosen by way of Golden Buzzer acts per episode. This season has the added dilemma that there were eight acts granted the prestige of being through to the semi-finals. Plus the abundance of good acts and only so few places displeases many of the audience whose favourite is eliminated.

Good luck to all the acts this season of finals, with the talent shown and the variety of acts, no one envies choosing the winner.

Episode 5

Results Live Show 5 Semi-Final


@CilliansMagic for winning tonight’s public vote!

And joining him at the Live Final is… Lillianna Clifton!! Congratulations, we can’t wait to see what you bring to the Final

Performing at Semi-Final 5 we have, Cammy Barnes, Cillian O’Connor, Lillianna Clifton, Nurse Georgie Carroll, The Pixiebelles, Romeo and Icy, Tonikaku & Unity!

Cammy Barnes

Cillian O’Connor

Lillianna Clifton

Nurse Georgie Carroll

The Pixiebelles

Romeo and Icy


He is wearing pants…


Episode 4

Results Live Show 4 Semi-Final


@malakai_music! You have won the public vote and are through to Sunday’s #BGT

And second to go through tonight is… Duo Odyssey! Huge congratulations, we can’t wait to see your incredible act again at The Final!

Performing at Semi-Final 4 we have, Boycanto, Chickenshed, Duo Odyssey, Felix Clements, Kimoon Do, Malakai Bayoh, MB14 and Noodle!

Mr Blobby Gatecrashes show

Axel Blake – Guest

Malakai Bayoh – Semi

Felix Clements – Semi

Duo Odessey – Semi

Boycanto – Semi

MB14 – Semi

Kimoon Do – Semi

Chickenshed – Semi

Noodle The Cat OR – Semi

Episode 3

Results Live Show 3 Semi-Final

Congratulations Ghetto Kids!! You’ve just made it through to Sunday night’s GRAND FINALE!

And the public has decided Travis George will take the next spot in the #BGT Live Final! Congratulations

James Arthur – Guest appearance

Performing at Semi-Final 3 we have, Dylan B, Ghetto Kids, Harry Churchill, Markus Birdman, Miki Dark, Notorious, Toy Toy Toy & Travis George.

Dylan B,

Ghetto Kids,

Harry Churchill,

Markus Birdman,

Miki Dark,


Toy Toy Toy

Travis George

Episode 2

Results Live Show 2 Semi-Final

Tonight’s first Semi-Finalist through to #BGT GRAND FINAL is…@viggovenn!! Congratulations!

And the next act through to Sunday night’s #BGT Final is… Olivia Lynes!

Performing at Semi-Final 2 will be, Andrew Stanton, Johns’ Boys, Lewis Fuller, Nathan and Joanne, Olivia Lynes, Tia Connolly, Viggo Venn and Yo Highness!

We Will Rock Cast – Musical group guest act

Yo Highness – Semi

Olivia Lynes – Semi

Nathan and Joanne – Semi

Lewis Fuller – Semi

Tia Connolly – Semi


Welsh Choir John’s Boys – Semi

Viggo Venn – Semi

Episode One


Congratulations to our very first FINALIST of #BGT 2023, @musa_motha95!

And the second spot in the #BGT Final goes to… Amy Lou!

Guest Performance by Diversity

Semi-Final 1 will see Abi Carter-Simpson, Amy Lou, Enzo Weyne, Gamal John, Ichikawa, Musa Motha, Parkour Collective, and United 2 Dance take to the stage at the Hammersmith Apollo.

Musa Motha Semi

Congratulations to our very first FINALIST of #BGT 2023,


Amy Lou Semi

Abi Carter-Simpson Semi

Parkour Collective Semi

Enzo Weyne Semi

Ichikawa Koikuchi Semi

Gamal John Semi

United 2 Dance Semi

Britains Got Talent 2023 Highlights Recap News
Britains Got Talent 2023 Highlights Recap News

Warning alert tissues at the ready.

Week 7 episode 8

Kimoon Do

Kimoon Do creates the perfect blend of comedy and magic for one amazing and magical audition! See more from Britain’s Got Talent at

Card Comedian 31-year-old “It is impossible to explain what just happened. I thought it was incredible,” said Simon.

Duo Odyssey

Duo Odyssey made up of couple Sophia and Maks from Liverpool, performed a contemporary aerial dance routine.

Michelle and Mouse Dog Sings

Four howling yeses ruff!

Nurse Georgie

Nurse Georgie performed a stand-up comedy routine


Young dance group Notorious performed a fast-paced school classroom-themed routine


Watch and decide,

Musa Motha

The final audition showed 27-year-old dancer Musa Motha performing ‘Runnin’ (Lose It All)’ on stage. After sharing he had his leg amputated due to cancer.

The inspiring routine won him the coveted all-judge award moving straight into the semi-finals.

Britain’s Got Talent 2023 continues Monday presenting a week of live shows.

Watch episodes and catch up with the series online via ITVX.

Week 6 episode 7

Here is a preview clip for this week’s episode BGT

Week 5 episode 6

This recent episode in full appears below.

Avalon Penrose

makes opera fun with a delicious mess of glitter, paint, confetti, and more!

Yo Highness

is bringing the ENERGY to BGT with a fierce dance routine.

The Most Inspirational and Inclusive Auditions this year 2023

Week 4 episode 5

Odd about this week is all the posts come directly from the source, not a third party. Judging comments are in the video, so watch and hear direct.

Boycanto musical performance

A young talented group of boys attracts good critiques from the panel.

Markus Birdman Stand Up Comedian

Admit he made me laugh out loud.

Simon Heart

The duo brings a remix of impressions to the stage! From Jason Statham to Shaggy, these guys cover it all, and like Alesha, we “bloody loved it”!

United 2 Dance

They were like a family up on that stage! After a surprise invite from Bruno Tonioli, United 2 Dance gave the performance of a lifetime showcasing their precise and polished moves. They certainly made Bruno proud, and they had the entire audience on their feet! Ages 9 – 11 at the time of recording on screen. Four yeses from the panel. Well done to the performers and adult connections to this act. Brilliant!

Travis George

Travis was lost for words when he walked on stage, but as soon as that music began, he really came alive! He gave the most phenomenal performance of ‘Stars’ from Les Misérables, and had the entire audience rooting for him!

Compared to a Paul Potts moment is burning my mind right now. OMFG!

Congrats to Travis for essentially earning himself a place in the semi-finals without the golden thingy. His voice was gold.

Bennet Kavanagh

Funny-man, Bennet Kavanagh, makes a tuneful tease at Amanda and has Simon Cowell in absolute stitches!

The oddness shines through on the panel member at the end and it is not Bruno! To each their own. Next!

Mr Blobby Slimes Cowell

Attention: TV Royalty has entered the stage! And yes, that actually is Mr Blobby, you are not dreaming! Although, Simon didn’t look best pleased when, in true Blobby fashion, chaos was unleashed and he was covered in SLIME!


Mahmoud from France is unreal! We don’t know how he made all those sounds, but this unique talent led to one incredible Golden Buzzer moment from Ant & Dec! Congratulations MB14!

Week 3 episode 4

All the auditions are on one video presentation or you can look through for highlighted performances.

Watch the other acts from Tellymix site

Olivia does not look that surprised by Granny Amanda stalking her

Olivia Lynes

Schoolgirl Olivia sings Defying Gravity from the musical Wicked for her audition.

Golden Buzzer Act from Amanda for 11 year old Olivia

Olivia performed Defying Gravity from the musical Wicked. Then at the end she hit the buzzer to send Olivia straight to the live shows. Congratulations to her and the family for this surprise.

Simon said: “That was like a scene from a movie. You just blew the roof off. Perfect, perfect, perfect golden buzzer. You so deserve this, you’re brilliant.”

Amanda concluded: “I wasn’t expecting to do that. I always go on how I feel in my heart. And everybody was on their feet and you truly deserve that moment Olivia. I feel so proud of you Olivia.”

Last week’s catchup video

Chickenshed Alesha’s Golden Buzzer Act

Week 2 episode 3 revealed Alesha’s new winning act of the season.

They represent everything BGT is about, inclusivity, joy, love, and pure talent! Huge congratulations to Chickenshed for receiving Alesha Dixon’s Golden Buzzer.

Enjoy their POWERFUL performance of Emeli Sande’s ‘Wonder’. See more from Britain’s Got Talent at

Bruno takes David’s chair in the change to the panel

Inside Spoiler News

There are apparently 8 Golden Buzzer moments this season and other acts cause mayhem or is it the panel?

Week 2 Episode 3 Saturday previews and comments

Here are three early released clips featuring half-naked men parading on stage. Show you more?

Forbidden Nights


Male Strippers surprise Amanda and Bruno on stage

Enzo Weyne Magician

Mysterious magician Enzo Weyne is here to disturb our minds… We were totally mind-blown by Enzo’s performance, and as Dec said, even though he ‘told us how he did it’ we still have NO IDEA what happened!

Abi Carter-Simpson musician songwriter



Tia Connolly audition

BGT 2023 Episode 1 and 2

This first week was a double event Saturday and Sunday nights featuring acts from within and outside Britain. Just not to confuse anyone inside Britain.

Sunday night brought some memorable performances from Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer Malakai Bayoh, and The Pixiebelles both young acts. Maybe the season and there is a future for the show and production.

Two compilation videos are listed or you can look at individual auditions.

Bruno’s Golden Buzzer moment

Bruno lets one fly before the act finished which added to the performance many claimed.

Singer Amy Lou

34-year-old Amy Lou from the West Midlands.

Alesha said: “That was by far my favourite audition so far!”

Loved her vocal, stage presence, and humility you can follow Amy’s journey this season.

The Big Sing

Community choir The Big Sing performance of Brighter Days by Emeli Sandé with 350 singers both on stage and in the audience, aged from 3 to 83.

This is one why (reason) we cover this show for acts like this one.

Cillian O’Connor

13-year-old schoolboy Cillian performs a series of magic tricks for the audience.

The Pixiebelles

Singing and dance group The Pixiebelles from Manchester

Nathan & Joanne

Ballroom and Latin dance duo Nathan & Joanne aged 24 and 28

Joe & Echo the Duck

Dog trainer Joe and her duck Echo

Malakai Bayoh

13-year-old student Malakai sings Pie Jesu and wins Golden Buzzer from Simon Cowell.

Andrei Burton

37-year-old professional trials bike rider

Cash Wallwork

A hilarious original song

Viggo Venn

Comedian dancer

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The peak viewing figure of the premiere of the talent show on Saturday was 6.2 million viewers.

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