The Masked Singer UK Season 4 2023 watch

The Masked Singer UK Season 4 2023 watch

People wearing disguises aka masks try and sing The Masked Singer UK Season 4 2023 watch

Each week comedian Mo Gilligan, singer Rita Ora, TV personality Jonathan Ross and presenter Davina McCall guess the singer’s identity from clues provided.

This is the fourth iteration of the show in the United Kingdom and the panel is somewhat of a good blend of personalities.

For clues and other videos try YouTube. Or try this link from Tellymix!

“Take It Off” on repeat is rather mindless chanting that if not annoying after 3 full seasons, then you are welcome to stay for all of this season. Here is our Table of Contents.

Episode 8 Finale Winner revealed and runners up

Rhino was crowned the winner and unmasked as Charlie Simpson.

He bet Phoenix mask as Ricky Wilson.

Fawn finished in third place unmasked as Natalie Appleton.

Episode 7

Jellyfish – Amber Riley

The Masked Singer: SR4: Ep7 on ITV1 and ITVX. Pictured: Jellyfish.

The Masked Singer: SR4: Ep7 on ITV1 and ITVX. Pictured: Jellyfish. ©Bandicoot TV

Jellyfish was revealed as actress and singer Amber Riley.

“I thought it would be fun and I love singing and performing,” Amber said of signing up for the show. “I really tried to pick songs that people would not recognise my voice.”

She added: “I thought they were way off with the guesses, it was kind of funny, to be honest. I knew Jonathan Ross would get me though.”

The Masked Singer UK Season 4 2023 watch

Fawn’s performance

Rhino’s performance

Top 5 Results and Unmaskings

Jellyfish full performance

Top 4 Results

Advancing was Fawn, Phoenix, and Rino.

Rita was the WTF moment….Jellyfish was eliminated. What a crock of CHIT

Episode 6

The Masked Singer UK Season 4 2023 watch

The audio on this is substandard 0 will replace soon.

Jellyfish Sings “Alone” By Heart Winner Winner

Rhino sings “Into You” by Adriana Grande this week.

Fawn Sings “Changing”

The Masked Singer UK Season 4 2023 watch

Knitting sings “Left Outside Alone”
Otter sings “Cheerleader” for the audience…

and later revealed as Daisy May Cooper.

Daisy said: “I loved every single second of it. I did this for my daughter Pip who is a massive fan of the show.”

“It’s the best job I’ve ever done but near the end I was absolutely exhausted,” she said of leaving, joking: “I was gutted to leave because I really fancied the Phoenix… So fit.”

Jack Potato sings “Go Your Own Way”
Phoenix sings “It’s Not Unusual” by Tom Jones this week.

Knitting was revealed as Claire Richards.

Claire said: “I am a massive, massive fan of this show. I feel like a fan who has won a competition!… It’s been amazing and I’ve just loved it.”

Episode 5

Pigeon Unmasked this week was Kathryn Ryan comedian and actress.

Katherine Ryan – IMDb

Katherine Ryan is a Canadian comedian and TV personality based in London, England. In her relatively short time as a professional stand-up, Katherine has performed at Yuk Yuks venues across Canada, clubs throughout England, and the world-famous Comedy Store in Los Angeles, and was featured on NBC’s Last Comic Standing.

Fight for This Love (Cheryl Cole) sung by Pigeon
Jellyfish is the best Amber Riley
Fawn Sings “Ironic” Episode 5
Rhino “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King” episode 5
Phoenix “I’m Still Standing” Elton John episode 5 with clues
Knitting Sings “Secret Love Song” by Little Mix, Episode 5
Jacket Potato sings “Smooth: by Carlos Santanna episode 5
Jellyfish sings “Leave A Light On” By Tom Walker

The powerful-voiced Jellyfish took to the stage again, this time to perform Leave A Light On by Tom Walker. Rather than just guessing, Jonathan said he ‘knows’ that is Glee star, Amber Riley.

“I know who this is,” he told host Joel Dommett. “I have heard this person sing live, and that’s why I think I’ve got it.” Referring to the clues given about their identity, he said: “There were a lot of things about ‘love and overjoy’ – you could say a sense of joy is a sense of Glee and I think it is someone from Glee.”

BAFTA TV Award winner and actress Daisy May Cooper is tipped to be unmasked as Otter at some point, as viewers are convinced it’s her.

The latest clues included a number of references to “being real” and something about her “not being real”.

A fan said: “people think it’s real, this country is a mockumentary. there was a scarecrow, that’s the title of the first episode of this country. she’s won baftas it’s my queen Daisy May Cooper.”

Episode 4 Feature A New Group

Jacket Potato

Jacket Potato is singing Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen.

The Masked Singer: SR4: Ep4 on ITV1 and ITVX. Pictured: Potato. ©Bandicoot TV


Fawn will perform Into The Groove by Madonna.

Viewers claim to work out who is behind Fawn Mask

The Masked Singer: SR4: Ep4 on ITV1 and ITVX. Pictured: Fawn. ©Bandicoot TV


Rubbish’s latest song is Ruby Ruby Ruby by the Kaiser Chiefs.

The Masked Singer: SR4: Ep4 on ITV1 and ITVX. Pictured: Rubbish. ©Bandicoot TV


Who is the masked singer behind this mask – clues?.

Pigeon is singing Yeah by Usher.

The Masked Singer: SR4: Ep4 on ITV1 and ITVX. Pictured: Pigeon. ©Bandicoot TV


Rhino will be singing Try by P!NK.

Who is the performer behind the Rhino mask?

The Masked Singer: SR4: Ep4 on ITV1 and ITVX. Pictured: Joel Dommett and Rhino. ©Bandicoot TV

Rubbish took off their mask to reveal snooker champion, Stephen Hendry.

He said: “I love the show and it’s way out of my comfort zone so I thought why not let’s give it a go.”

He sang Robbie Williams’s’ Let Me Entertain You and then Ruby Ruby Ruby by the Kaiser Chiefs.

He said “cleaning up is what I do best” while clues to their identity have included a number of pieces of coloured trash, frames, a Formula 1 car, and a red bin with “No. 1”.

The Masked Singer UK’s fourth season airs Saturdays on ITV1.

Episode 3

Jellyfish performed Take Me To Church by Hozier.

Phoenix sang Loco in Acapulco by The Four Tops

Otter performed Reflection from Disney’s Mulan.

Knitting advanced. Cat & Mouse were eliminated revealing Martin and Shirlie Kemp.

Episode 2

Piece of Cake revealed as legendary singer Lulu.

“I’m slightly in shock, I’m in, now I’m off!” Lulu reacted.

Episode One

The Masked Singer UK Season 4 Episode 1 Full Episode


0:00 Intro

5:18 Knitting VS Jellyfish

20:40 Round 1 Results

22:57 Otter VS Ghost

37:43 Round 2 Results

40:00 Cat & Mouse VS Phoenix

55:02 Round 3 Results

56:56 The Reveal

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