Benjamin Haycock Voice 2021 Performance videos watch

Benjamin Haycock Voice 2021 Performance videos watch


Here are highlights from the season 10 series in the United Kingdom franchise featuring Benjamin Haycock Voice 2021 Performance videos watch

Benjamin Haycock closed out episode 2 this season and received a four chair turn for his audition. The 24-year-old from Devon performed his own song called Restlessness for his blind audition. @benjaminhaycock

The battle was all about two great acts from different styles… One of will’s own songs on display…one has to question the reason for picking this song…Benjamin is not a rapper…and Broken aka Abilio shines during the rap! And Ben sings the vocals well.

It was a complex battle. Olly called it a real battle..the passion. Anne-Marie the energy was so sick! Will’s choice to advance…was Brokenpen. The goes will again…his team be all means. A four chair act, not through this season…WTF! Hard luck Benjamin.

After the show I re-watched this battle to see it from the coach side, if possible. For originality Benjamin was my choice and is always a subjective choice. Will has his strengths and enjoys finding talent in every genre!

We will add the battle video when released available soon.

All three four chair turn winners appear tonight!

Benjamin Haycock and Jeremy Levif – Team and Lauren Drew – Team Anne-Marie. Do they all progress?

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