Voice Australia Season 9 Battles News Recaps

Voice Australia Season 9 Battles Spoilers News Recaps

Moving on from the Blind Auditions with 49 people contending for a finals placement…Voice Australia Season 9 Battles Spoilers News Recaps.

The battles are complete and now onto the Playoffs…

Voice Australia Previews Recaps| Summaries The Auditions, Blinds, Battles, Playoffs, and finals.

49 Names…See the teams and more below…

In summary, all four battle rounds appear below. All results are posted with links to video and studio audio (if available).

Team standings appear below. Only one save remains – George has the final choice…and will happen in round 4.

Playoff Spoiler alert – the following alert information is not confirmed. However, it does come from reliable sources.

Mark Furze vs Bo’Ness

Siala Robson vs Nathan Isaac

Clarissa Spata vs Graeme Isaako

Stellar Perry “I Love You” by Billie Eilish vs (Jesse(? speculative) OR Matt & Janie!)


Chris Sebastian (confirmed at 1:32) vs. a female

Johnny Manuel vs. (male)

1:46 Masha Mnjoyan vs. Roxane LeBrasse

Battles 4 concluded Monday night Australia Eastern Standard Time. GMT+10

The full-length videos posted below…with commentary…



Stephanie Cole

Johnny Manuel

Wolf Winters

Josh Pywell

Timothy Bowen

Adam Ludewig

His saves…

Soma Sutton

Matt Gresham


Graemo Isaako

Claudia Harrison

Stellar Perry

Jesse Teinaki

Matt & Janie

Emmagen Rain

Her saves were

Clarissa Spata

Steve Clisby


Virginia Lillye

Siala Robson

Roxane Lebrasse

Caleb Jago-Ward

Angela Fabian

Nathan Issac

His saves included

Sapphire T

Masha Mnjoyan


Alex Weybury

Lyric McFarland


Chris Sebastian

Mark Furze

Ella Monnery

Her saves were
Elishia Semaan

Despina Savva

Kelly chooses Ella over Masha.

Elyse went home.

Stellar Perry was previously on The XFactor Australia, she was under Ronan’s mentoring. Her name is AmandaGrafanakis.

Mark Furze vs. Emma Mylott – You Oughta Know (Alanis Morisette), Mark advanced.

Ella Monnery vs. Masha Mnjoyan – Respect (Aretha Franklin). Ella advanced while All-star Masha went home.

Sebastian Coe vs. Nathan Isaac – Physical (Olivia Newton-John or Dua Lipa)…with Nathan advancing.

Timothy Bowen vs. Luke Biscan – It Must Have Been Love (Roxette), Timothy advanced.

Emmagen Rain vs. Callum Gleeson – Footloose (Kenny Loggins), with Emmagen advancing.

Adam Ludewig vs. Elyse Sene-Lefao – Wrecking Ball (Miley Cyrus) Adam advanced.

The Battles 3 aired this last Sunday night (at 7 pm local time)

Results Matt and Janie are now a duo…brilliant. Good harmonies between the two of them. Delta strikes again…(in a good way)

Delta chose Jesse and then saved Steve!

George chose Angela and Jonathon went home.

Boy George saved Sapphire after Kelly picked Chris as the winner.

Other winners were Josh over Jimi Team Guy, while Caleb advanced over Andy Team George!

Only 1 more save remains (George has one left).

Battle round 4 – Monday songs and studio links to come…

Try this link for studio audio recordings

Full clip with comments here

Andy Dexterity Caleb Jago-Ward Battle Bohemian Rhapsody

Matt and Janie…

Andy and Caleb

Try this link first to hear some of the studio music

Revisit the Blind Auditions part 2

groeten aan onze Nederlandse lezers ….salutations à nos lecteurs français ….


A Top 49 role call this season which gives rise to the questions about Guy Sebastian has 13 members on his team.

Rules are tested again this week with Delta undecided about one pairing and asks producers to pair them into one-act…



Full performances in video format…at the above link.

“The Coaches each have two Saves they can use throughout the entire Battle rounds — but they must use the Save directly after the artists perform (they can’t hold onto them and decide at the end of all the Battles, essentially). They can use their Saves on their own artists, or for those who were on other teams originally.”

Team Delta news…comment

Delta posted a picture with her team on Instagram and tagged everyone… except Callum

she followed Clarissa and Bo’Ness – maybe that’s her other save?


“The next round of The Voice is The Play-Offs, where each Coach pairs their artists into four groups of two.

This time around, the duos sing a different song each, showing off their skills. The Coach selects a winner and the unsuccessful artists have to wait until the end of Play-Offs to learn who will score the coveted Wildcards.

The Coaches have one Wildcard each and they can only be used to save an artist from their own team.

At the end of the Play-Offs, each team has five artists, with a total of 20 artists left in the competition.”

The Battles continue and only three saves remain…

The linked contestants’ auditions are provided…

Likely “Rag’n’Bone Man – Human” for Jesse vs. Steve.

“Taylor Swift – Lover” for Janie vs Matt

Chris and Sapphire with Titanium.

Caleb and Andy are singing Bohemian Rapsody,

Adam Ludewig vs Elyse Seno Team Guy

Josh Pywell vs Jimi the Kween Team Guy

Timothy Bowen vs Luke Biscan Team Guy

Janie Gordon vs Matt Evans Team Delta

Jesse Teinaki vs Steve Clisby Team Delta

Emmagen Rain vs Callum Gleeson Team Delta

Sebastian Coe vs Nathan Issak Team George

Caleb Jago Ward vs Andy Dexterity Team George

Angela Fabian vs Jonathon Welch Team George

Chris Sebastian (he is coach Guy Sebastian’s brother) vs Sapphire T Team Kelly

Ella Monnery vs Masha MnjoyanTeam Kelly singing Respect by Aretha

Emma Mylott vs Mark Furze Team Kelly

Monday 7:30 pm: The Battles 2

The Battle round continues with one of the most controversial match ups in the history of The Voice that causes a deep division within the Coaches.


Johnny (Team Guy) no saves for Bukhu …which means no coach wanted to try and advance the unique talent. End of story.

Stellar Perry (Team Delta) won and Matt Gresham saved by Guy Sebastian…

Claudia (Team Delta)

Wolf Winters (Team Guy)

Bo’Ness duo (Team

Siala (Team Kelly) leaving Despina to chose between Kelly and George for the save. She chose Kelly because he did chose Siala first as the winner.

Siala Robson vs. Despina Savva – Teenage Fantasy (Jorja Smith) Result George saved Siala while he tried to win back Despina, Kelly pressed her to save button as well.., and like a scorned woman Despina chose to join Kelly! Classic battle and nice comeback at the end!

Claudia Harrison vs. Maddy Thomas – Dreams (TBA ) Claudia advanced…

Natalie Gauci vs. Wolf Winters vs. Xy Latu – Old Town Road…Xy went home as did…Natalie.


Roxane Lebrasse vs. Ricky Muscat – Queen of the Night George chose Roxy

Charlie McFarlanevs. Bo’Ness – Circles (Post Malone) Charlie went home.


Sunday 7:00 pm: The Battles 1
The Battles begin. The top 49 pair off to fight for a place in the showdowns.

In summary, this opening battle episode was underwhelming. Setting aside the coach drama…which tends to distract the audience away from the performances.

When is a battle not a battle? Watch the performance and the following discussion after Guys “Johnny vs Bukhu battle.”

Johnny was strong as a pop singer however, the other coaches argued that Bukhu did not have the opportunity to shine due to his unique talent. Both Delta and Kelly called him as a backup singer.

Guy was not popular with the coaches and audience tonight…however, he…(does remedy the situation which will be revealed tomorrow night…and saves Bukhu!) according to sources. Official result in 24 hours or less… next episode Monday night ( to be a continued event). Not confirmed!

In other battles, Mason Lloyde lost to Alex Weybury in both performance and approach. Passion is from within. Do not wait for someone else to hand their version to you. Watch the clips!

Virginia surprised with her win, while Clarissa was stolen by Delta.

Then Stephanie and Kirby’s battle was technically sophisticated and yet overwhelming in their on-stage push to shine. Kirby went home.

Lyric was the winner while Soma was saved by Guy!

Virginia Lillye vs Clarissa Spata (Team George) Winner is in bold! Clarissa was saved by Delta (as predicted) as she follows Delta on social media!

Lyric McFarland vs Soma Sutton (Team Kelly) Many fans on social media did not like this yet some found one did better than the other. Kelly chose…

Alex Weybury vs Mason Lloyde (Team Kelly) More passion shown by Alex this performance…Mason was more laid back and so he went home. Watch the awkward clip!

Graeme Issako vs Elishia Semaan (Team Delta) Result Delta chose Graeme to advance! Kelly stole Elishia!

Stephanie Cole vs Kirby Burgess (Team Guy) Kirby overdid her performance according to several fans and left the competition. Result Stephanie advanced.

Johnny Manuel vs Bukhu Ganburged (Team Guy)…Generally, fans expressed that this battle was one-sided due to most of the singing was given to Johnny. Delta stated that Bukhu was not suited to the show in her opinion. Unique, culture, not mainstream music were several fan comments. Several fans attacked Guy for his decision.

Kelly and George will be contributing to mentoring sessions via Facetime, and then sitting on their red chairs via satellite for the shows.

Graeme vs Elishia doing some heavy choreography

A recent post a cafe in Sydney, they posted it 12 hours ago, including Wolf, Graeme, and Siala plus more.

Three days ago Sebastian Coe also posted a picture with Adam in Sydney.

Claudia Harrison Journey performances Voice Australia

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Gary Norman

Life long learner and student of behavioral science with Master's degree. Enjoys news media and entertainment subjects. Focus on the human aspect of life. Over 22 years in experiences with people, media and science.

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