Reviews Voice Australia Season 9 Blind Auditions

Preview Reviews Voice Australia Season 9 Blind Auditions 2020

Locked and loaded for another season of the best singers in Australia…Preview Reviews Voice Australia Season 9 Blind Auditions 2020.

This post has been edited with two concise videos showcasing many acts in their blind auditions.


Sunday 7:00 pm: The Battles 1
The Battles begin. The top 48 pair off to fight for a place in the showdowns.

Monday 7:30 pm: The Battles 2

“The Blinds and the Battles were filmed pre-COVID, the series producers have planned…followed by a new section called the ‘Playoffs’ and the ‘Showdowns’.

Due to the COVID, 19 pandemic George and Kelly will be mentoring and watching performances from studios in London and LA, Guest mentor/coaches The Veronicas for George’s team, and Marcia Hines for Kelly’s team.

Kelly and George will be contributing to mentoring sessions via Facetime, and then sitting on their red chairs via satellite for the shows.

The Veronicas and Marcia Hines are guest mentors for The Playoffs, and they will be bringing out more ‘big names in Australian music’ to help the overseas coaches for the finals.

Not sure about the last claim…maybe the finale.

The Veronicas (who are guest mentors for Boy George’s team) are performing in The Playoffs as there were some dancers at The Voice studios doing a ‘guest performance’ today.

An interesting claim about the guest mentors. We will have to wait and see what transpires over the remaining part of the season.

The last All-Star with long wavy hair is Kat Jade, she follows a couple of contestants and every coach except Guy.

Reviews Voice Australia Season 9 Blind Auditions
Reviews Voice Australia Season 9 Blind Auditions

Team Guy Sebastian

Adam Ludewig

Josh Pywell

Stephanie Cole

Jimi the Kween

Timothy James Bowen

Luke Biscan

Bukhu Ganburged

Kirby Burgess

Natalie Gauci

Xy Latu

Johnny Manuel

Elyse Seno-Lefao

Wolf Winters

Team Delta – 1 more

Stellar Perry

Janie Gordon

Jesse Teinaki

Emmagen Rain

Matt Gresham

Matt Evans

Maddy Thomas

Elishia Semaan

Claudia Harrison

Callum Gleeson

Graemo Issako

Steve Clisby

Team Boy George

Virginia Lillye

Despina Savva

Roxane Lebrasse

Sebastian Coe

Siala Robson

Caleb Jago Ward

Angela Fabian

Andy Dexterity

Jonathon Welch

Ricky Muscat

Nathan Issac

Clarissa Spata

Team Kelly

Chris Sebastian

Charlie McFarlane

Ella Monnery

Masha Mnjoyan

Soma Sutton

Alex Weybury

Emma Mylott


Lyric McFarland

Mark Furze

Mason Lloyd

Sapphire Tamalemai

Episode 10 Monday 15 June

Penelope Pettigrew auditioned with Alive. No Turns. Come back next season!

Lucy Griffiths 16 Years Old, failed to turn a chair on The Voice Australia but, the Gold Coast singer Lucy Griffiths says she left with an even bigger prize Lucy Griffiths – Do You Really Want To Hurt Me – The Voice Australia 2020

Kat Jade returns at 30 years young…Top 8 All-Star from season 3… sang “If I Were A Boy” –

Steve Clisby a 74–year–old was on Season 2 and advanced to the Top 8. He believes his life experience will be an advantage this season. He has written and toured during the past seven years two albums and is looking forward to engaging the younger Voice audience by singing current songs. Delta and Kelly turned, and he chose to reunite with Delta again. Guy’s and George’s teams were full.

Sapphire Tamalemai 16 years old finally closed Kelly Rowland’s team auditioning with ‘Runnin’ (Lose it All) – Team Kelly

Wolf Winters 31-year-old has a deep resonating voice that is hard to forget. His rendition of Simon & Garfunkel’s ‘The Sound Of Silence’ that compelled Guy Sebastian to turn his chair, despite already having a full team, thus breaking the rules. However, for Guy, it was worth the arguments.

Episode 9 Sunday 14 June 2020… standby

Episode 9

Elyse Sene-Lefao – didn’t turn a chair last year, but had the Coaches fighting hard this time. Guy turned first then George, however, Kelly blocked George! Watch! Then Guy balls up and blocks Kelly towards the end of the audition. The block is fun but it denies the contestant the opportunity of choice…so who wins? Three chairs one choice. Team Guy! Well done Elyse!

Graeme Isaako – He knew what he wanted at 12 years of age and went for it. Living his dream, the father of two has travelled the world as a musical theatre pro, playing some of the most well–known and much–loved characters. A lot of energy in this audition…he turned Delta and George. He chose Delta!

Nathan Isaac – 23 years old from Sydney…He brought some serious moves to the Voice Stage with a sensational performance of You Spin Me Around. George turned early…then Delta left her button push to the last few notes…classic move. He chose George for a reason. Watch.

Clarissa SpataShe is 38 from Sydney, presented a ‘flawless’ performance of Nessum Dorma. George blocked Delta for choice. Team George!

The panel remains unchanged this season, features Boy George, Delta Goodrem, Kelly Rowland, and Guy Sebastian.

ALL THE VIDEOS – The Voice Australia YT Channel

Updated…the coaching drama is back…with a new tool, not one of the coaches, rather they all have the ability to BLOCK another coach in the blind auditions.

Spoilers for contestants

Among the auditioners this season are:

– anAustralian Idol winner Natalie Gauci

– an actor from the Aussie soap operaHome and Away

– an Order of Australia medal winner

– the youngest artist ever to audition for The Voice, international franchises included might beEmmagen Rain, who would be the youngest at 12 years old.

– “TikTok star” is probably Sebastian Coe, whos already on the list. See episode 3 summary below.

Monday 8 June

The video source has changed the settings to watch the clips. Go to YouTube in the links provided!

Episode 8

Jonathon Welch – This is The Moment by Jekyll and Hyde, George and Delta turned –Picked Team George

Ricky Muscat – Maria Maria by Santana, George and Kelly turned –Picked Team George

Callum Gleeson – Locomotion by Kylie Minogue, Turned Delta –Team Delta

Mark Furze – Blow by Chris Stapleton, Bruno Mars, and Ed Sheeran, Turned Everyone –Picked Team Kelly

Sun. June 7th

Episode 7

Claudia Harrison – Different Worlds by Maureen McGovern, four chairs, Team Delta

Emma Mylott – Bang Bang by Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, Only Kelly Turned – Team Kelly

Bo´Ness – Dumb Things by Paul Kelly, Kelly and George turned – Team Kelly

Lyric McFarland – Good as Hell by Lizzo and So Good by Destiny´s Child, Turned Kelly and George –Team Kelly

Andy Dexterity – Imagine by John Lennon, four chairs – Team George

Johnny Manuel – Home by Diana King, four chairs Blocked Kelly – Team Guy

Bo’Ness – Callum and Jackson 16-year-old twins… Team Kelly

The Bo’Ness twins were relieved to turn a chair during their Blind Audition, let alone two. As Boy George and Kelly Rowland spun around to hear about their Australian music pedigree. They have grown up inside the Aussie music industry dropping serious brand names…Adam Brand is their godfather. Great harmonies and tone. One to watch and support!

Claudia Harrison – Team Delta

Claudia Harrison is a surfer, a skater, and a self–confessed tomboy. She grew up on a farm, riding dirt bikes and horses, climbing trees, and playing footy. Her opera singing grandfather taught her how to sing opera, giving Claudia a unique talent. Claudia is excited to leave her hometown in rural Perth for The Voice stage. Raw talented 18 years old! Watch her blossom this season!

Johnny Manuel – Home – Team Guy

Every single Coach turned for Johnny Manuel who gave a flawless rendition of the Diana Ross classic ‘Home’ Live. He was a contestant on America’s Got Talent more here.

Em Mylott

Nicole Ferreira

Lyric McFarland – Good As Hell X So Good – Team Kelly

RnB soul singer Lyric returns to The Voice stage as an All-Star, having received a four-chair turn in Season 2. Since her last time on the show, Lyric has toured extensively with the Ministry of Sound, performed with live orchestras in big shows, and continued singing with her band, Brown Sugar. Her audition was fun, full vocals, and had a distinct maturity as a seasoned performer. Watch her this season!

Summary of Episode Six – full clips

Episode 6

Angela Fabian – Amazing Grace, Turned Delta, George, and Kelly –Picked Team George

Elishia Semaan – Never Really Over by Katy Perry, Turned Delta –Team Delta

Natalie Gauci – The Greatest by Sia, Guy, and Delta turned – Picked Team Guy

Xy Latu – Higher Ground by Stevie Wonder, Everyone turned –Picked Team Guy

Summary of Episode Five – Monday Night’s full clips…

Episode 5

All-Star Caleb Jago Ward – Confide In Me by Kylie Minogue, Turned George, Guy, and Delta – Team George

Carina Grace – It´s Raining Men by The Weather Girls,– No Turns

Georgia Caine – The River by Delta Goodrem,No Turns

Maddy Thomas – Nothing Breaks Like a Heart by Miley Cyrus and Mark Ronson, Delta, George, Kelly turned –Team Delta

Soma Sutton – Hello by Lionel Ritchie, Guy, George, Kelly turned –Team Kelly

Joshua Jake – Happier by Ed Sheeran –No Turns

Alex Weybery – Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler, Everyone turned, Delta and Guy blocked – Team Kelly

Carina Grace “It’s Raining Men” this audition…

Soma Sutton sang “Hello” and be ready to hear a unique singing voice from the start…

During keyboard lessons as a five–year–old, Soma’s teacher told her she had a beautiful voice, and her passion for music was born. Soma went on to finish her high school years at the Australian Institute of Music and has been working as a singer ever since. 26–year–old Soma has a truly unique voice, which shocks people when they hear her sing. She dreams of releasing her own music and being able to connect to a broader audience and is hoping The Voice stage will bring her one step closer to that dream.

Maddy Thomas sang “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart full clip

Alex Weybury with Total Eclipse of the Heart

Caleb Jago-Ward and Delta’s is blocked. Caleb Jago-Ward with the great swagger he announced he was back an All-Star ready to roll. He then went on to own the Coach pitch process as we’ve never seen, with his cheeky quips and sassy attitude.

Episode Four – this Sunday night and coming…

All-Star Masha Mnjoyan – All By Myself by Celine Dion, Everyone Turned –Picked Team Kelly

Matt Evans – Need You tonight By INXS, Delta, Boy George, and Kelly turned, – Picked Team Delta

Kirby Burgess – Maybe This Time by Matt Corby, Guy and Kelly turned –Picked Team Guy

Emmagen Rain – Something Bad by Miranda Lambert, only Delta turned –Picked Boy George

Matt Gresham-Bruises by Lewis Capaldi, Delta, Guy block, and Kelly turned – Picked Team Delta

Siala Robson – Other Than You, her original song, Everyone Turned – Picked Team Boy George

Kirby Burgess available Maybe This Time audition…

Emmagen Rain Somethin’ Bad

Matt Evans sang Need You Tonight by INXS and performed like a lead band singer…he chose Delta as his coach.

Masha Mnjoyan performing All by Myself – she is from Armenia. At the age of 18, she won The Voice Armenia in 2013. She hasn’t just manifested or imagined it, she has actually done it. What a vocal! A definite one to watch…

Matt Gresham sang Bruises for his audition…three coaches turned, Kelly, Guy, and Delta (she blocked Guy) and he looked genuinely upset. In the end, he chose Delta. Back where he belongs back on stage. The behind the scene content is the best!

Siala Robson “Other Than You” Auditioned an original delivered a well-earned four-chair turn. She is 18 years of age from the Gold Coast Queensland…she ended up choosing George as her coach much to the dismay of the other three.

Episode Three Auditions completed.

Summary – Tuesday Night’s episode featured an All-star Jessie’s return to the stage after last season. He seems more focused and mature in his approach. Others listed below.

Ella Monnery – “Higher Love” and she picked Kelly (3 chairs – Guy didn’t turn)

Jesse Teinaki – “When The Party’s Over” he picked Delta (4 chairs). This is an emotional reunion for her for reasons revealed below.

Sebastian Coe – “Sucker” – default George turned.

Bukhu Ganburged – “Mother and Father” he picked Guy (4 chairs)

Luke Biscan – “Resolution” with both Kelly and Guy turning… he picked Guy (2 chairs)

Phoebe Jay – “Man! I Feel Like a Woman! “(no chairs turn)

Format Changes

There will be two new rounds called The Showdown and The Playoffs. The Block will also be introduced this season, with coaches getting two blocks instead of one.

However, according to NW magazine, Kelly Rowland and Boy George’s roles will be downscaled to make way for local talent to step in. Read on.

COVID 19 Changes in Production

George and Kelly are temporarily replaced by Jessica Mauboy and Conrad Sewell. While George and Rowland will check in from their overseas locations from time to time.

A Channel Nine spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia: ‘We can confirm we remain committed to our four superstar Coaches – Delta Goodrem, Boy George, Kelly Rowland and Guy Sebastian – and have no plans to replace them with any other artists.’

Before adding: ‘We have filmed the Blind Auditions and Battles thus far, and will have more to share on the later rounds of The Voice closer to those dates.’

Two new hosts, Darren McMullen and Renee Bargh.

Filming of season nine was suspended in March due to the coronavirus pandemic, in which time coaches Guy Sebastian and Kelly Rowland, and new host Renee Bargh, were still overseas.

‘Filming of The Voice has been temporarily postponed in the wake of the coronavirus and new Government protocols,’ they said.

Source for quoted material The Daily Mail.

Pictured from left: Boy George, Delta Goodrem, (new hosts Darren McMullen and Renee Bargh), Guy Sebastian, and Kelly Rowland.

Ella Monnery sang Higher Lover for her audition…she joined Team Kelly.

The 23-year-old singer had three chairs turn, Guy fell asleep for some reason. She had a lot of energy and spirit on stage. Originally from New Zealand she lives in Victoria now.

Jesse Teinaki – his audition will be airing exactly 1 year after his first appearance. He chose to join Delta…

Watch this encore presentation

Luke Biscan his audition sang “Resolution” he chose Guy.

Olivia Kelly (per her Instagram post) she sang “Video Games” for her audition… 19-year-old Olivia Kelly said her debut on The Voice was her first serious attempt at singing in the past three years.

Sebastian Coe sang “Sucker” with George his coach.

Bukhu Ganburged Instagram He is a Mongolian throat singer who performed Mother and Father. Listen/Watch this rare talent. He is living in Sydney now.

Episode 2 Summary

Janie Gordon – “Songbird” by Fleetwood Mac, Everyone Turned – Picked Team Delta

Stephanie Cole – “The Middle” by Zedd, Turned Guy and Delta – Picked Team Guy

All-Star Chris Sebastian – “Jealous” by Labrinth, Everyone turned – Picked Team Kelly

Charlie MacFarlane – “Sign of the Times” by Harry Styles, George, and Kelly turned – Picked Team Kelly

Megan Vuilleman – “Emotion” by Destiny´s Child, No Chair Turns but Kelly performed a duet with her. Nice work Kelly!

Jimi the Kween – “Wicked Game” by Chris Issak, Everyone Tuned – Picked Team Guy

Timothy Bowen – “I Can´t Make You Love Me” by Bonnie Raitt, Everyone Turned – Picked Team Guy

Jimi The Kween “Wicked Game” episode 2 performance video finally released…

Janie Gordon sang Songbird and chose Delta to be her coach. Smart choices all around. Young fresh and talented…expect her to do well this season with the right coaching from Delta!

Chris Sebastian full audition in this clip watch… He chose Kelly as his coach after much angst… All-Star returns from 9 years ago…Season 1. Powerhouse professional performance. Smart choice to be away from his brother as he has been a big influence in the past no doubt. One to watch!

Stephanie Cole sang “The Middle” 24-year old from Adelaide turned Delta and Guy…she chose Guy to be her coach. Agree with the panels’ remarks in she overcompensated with all the runs but the building blocks, vocals were strong. Will watch her develop under Guy’s coaching.

Charlie McFarlane sang “Sign of The Times” for his blind audition… Geoge and Kelly turned. He performed in a One Direction tribute band, he is originally from Scotland as his speaking voice revealed. Watch Kelly struggle to make out his words…I thought he was in a One Day band! Anyway, raw vocals, young and has the potential to grow in this competition with Kelly. I hope they show some of their interactions this season!

Timothy James Bowen four-chair turn…with his audition “I Can’t Make You Love Me” for a four-chair turn. Then his bonus original song dedicated to his wife. Best vocal and controlled presentation this season so far and one of the best auditions ever! I wrote that before I watched Delta say almost the same thing…Charming, moving, and did not want it to end. He is 30 years of age and from Minnamurra NSW…and he chose Guy as his coach! Best male vocal ever on the Aussie series...must be a finalist and go on to bigger things! Memorable double audition! Hit repeat! Congrats to you Tim on the audition and good health to you and your family!

Episode One Auditions

Delta used the show’s first block against coach George…memorable. Unlike other franchises, the block can be used after the singing is complete.

Summary Episode 1

Virginia Lillye – Barracuda by Heart; Turned Boy George, Delta– Team Boy George

Adam Ludewig – Leave the Light On by Tom Walker, Turned everyone – Team Guy Sebastian

Despina Savva – Idon´twannabeyouanymore by Billie Eilish, Turned everyone – Team Boy George

Stellar Perry – Always Remember Us This Way by Lady Gaga, Turned everyone – Team Delta

All-Star Jon Wiza – Don´t StoAll-Staring by Journey, –No chair turnsThe Voice Colombia

Josh Pywell – Run to Paradise by The Choirboys, turned Delta, and Guy – Team Guy Sebastian

Roxane Lebrasse – Best of My Love by The Emotions, Turned everyone – Team Boy George

Roxane Lebrasse with Best of My Love… Team George

Virginia Lillye with Barracuda by Heart… Team George

Adam Ludewig sang “Leave a Light On”… Team Guy

Despina Savva sang “idontwannabeyouanymore” – Team George

Stella Perry sang “Always Remember Us This Way”… Team Delta…

Josh Pywell sang “Run To Paradise”… Team Guy

Jesse Teinaki Journey The Voice Australia 2020

Here are the full-length performances and no guarantee uploaded.

ADAM LUDEWIG, 4 chair turner, Team Guy
The production team has decided to give him some excessive promo.

DESPINA SAVVA, 4 chair turner, Team George

ROXANE LEBRASSE, 4 chair turner, Team George

A fun, lively audition with work to do this season.

VIRGINIA LILLYE, Delta and George turn, Team George

Your token Aussie rocker chick this season.


First All-Star of the season, he’s from La Voz Colombia. Not a memorable audition.

JOSH PYWELL, Guy and Delta turned, Team Guy

STELLAR PERRY, 4 chair turn, Team Delta

An emotional audition from Stellar – the pick of this bunch as one to watch this season.

The following names can all be seen in various trailers shown by Voice AU social media. Follow but do not seek spoiler information.

Adam LudewigInstagram – themullet guy in the promo, sang Leave A Light On for blind – episode one Team Guy.

Amanda “Stellar” Perry-Instagram– goth-looking girl in the promo, sang Always Remember Us This Way for blind episode one – Team Delta.

Andy DexterityInstagram – the guy doing finger dances before he sang on the promo

Angela FabianInstagram – braided black woman in the promo, sang Amazing Grace for blind

Bo’NessInstagram– twin brothers, shown in IG Story promo, sang Dumb Things for the blinds

Bukhu Ganburged Instagram

Caleb Jago-Ward*Instagram– from TVAUS4

Charlie McFarlaneInstagram – seen on the promo

Chris Sebastian**Instagram – brother of coach Guy Sebastian, from TVAUS1 -expected episode two…

Claudia HarrisonInstagram – a girl with a surfboard in promo

Despina SavvaInstagram– shown in IG Story promo, sang idontwannabeyouanymore for blind… episode 1 Team George

Dylan JamesInstagram– seen in the promo

Ella MonneryInstagram– confirmed on reveal day

Elyse Senelefao Instagram

Emmagen RainInstagram– youngest contestant ever to audition for a Voice franchise, confirmed in a press release

Janie GordonInstagram– shown in IG Story promo, sang Songbird for blind

Jesse Teinaki**Instagram– from TVAUS8, sang when the party’s over for blind

Jimi the KweenInstagram– confirmed on reveal day

Johnny Manuel**Instagram– from AGT S12, sang Home (The Wiz) for blind

Josh PywellInstagram – the guy who gives Delta a back ride on one of the promos – episode one – Team Guy

Kirby BurgessInstagram – possibly the blond woman with red lipstick in the silver dress on one of the promos

Luke BiscanInstagram– possibly the long-curly-haired guy with a guitar in one of the promos

Mark FurzeInstagram– bald rocker guy in promo

Masha Mnjoyan*Instagram– winner of The Voice Armenia, sang All By Myself for blind

Matt EvansInstagram– curly-haired guy hanging on the mic in one of the promos, seen in IG Story promo, sang Need You Tonight for blinds

Natalie GauciInstagram– the winner of Australian Idol S5, confirmed in a press release

Nicole FerreiraInstagram– shared screenshot of herself from promo

Olivia GraceInstagram– confirmed on Reveal Day

Penny Pettigrew Facebook

Phoebe JayInstagram– confirmed on Reveal Day

Sebastian Coe**Instagram– from TVAU Kids S1, the guy who did a split with Delta in one of the promos

Stephanie ColeInstagram– confirmed on Reveal Day

Timothy James BowenInstagram– seen on promo, sang Make You Feel My Love for blind

Xy LatuInstagram– seen in a promo


Alex WeyburyInstagram – based on the follow list

Elishia SemaanInstagram– based on the follow list

Elyse Sene-LefaoInstagram – based on the follow list

Em MylottInstagram– based on the follow list

Gary PintoInstagram– based on the follow list

Graeme IsaakoInstagram– based on follow list

Herminia SoulshineInstagram– based on the follow list

Imogen SpongInstagram – based on the follow list

Lyric McFarland**Instagram– based on follow list, from TVAUS2

Luke Kennedy**Instagram– based on follow list, from TVAUS2

Maddy ThomasInstagram– based on follow list

Mason LloydeInstagram– based on follow list

Mia MatthiesenInstagram– based on follow list

Nathan IsaacInstagram– based on follow list

Prinnie Stevens**Instagram– based on follow list, from TVAUS1/8

Ricky MuscatInstagram– based on follow list

Roxy LeBrasseInstagram– based on follow list

Sapphire TInstagram– based on follow list

SialaInstagram– based on follow list

Soma SuttonInstagram– based on follow list

Steve Clisby**Instagram– based on follow list, from TVAUS2

Tyson PedroInstagram– based on follow list


Charlie McFarlane

Jimi the Kween

Mason Lloyde

Prinnie Stevens (All-Star) 3rd appearance on the show…latest was last year.

Dylan James (matches with someone in a promo, but didn’t mention it since I wasn’t 100%)

Em Mylott

Herminia Soulshine

Roxy LeBrasse

Kirby Burgess

Graeme Isaako

Sappire T

Maddy Thomas

Mark Furze

Xy Latu (Definitely saw him in a promo)

Ella Monnery

Josh Pywell

Luke Biscan

Luke Kennedy (Season 2 runner-up! an all-star)

Ricky Muscat

Soma Sutton

Stephanie Cole

Steve Clisby (All-Star from Season 2)
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Life long learner and student of behavioral science with Master's degree. Enjoys news media and entertainment subjects. Focus on the human aspect of life. Over 22 years in experiences with people, media and science.

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