Diana Rouvas Wins Voice Australia 2019 read

Diana Rouvas Wins Voice Australia 2019 read

Diana Rouvas Wins Voice Australia 2019 read

Four down to two then one winner was revealed…as the title says Diana Rouvas Wins Voice Australia 2019 read.

Rouvas is the first woman to win the competition since season four when Ellie Drennan.

The 35-year-old let out a scream and dropped an F-bomb when she was announced as Sunday night’s winner, bursting into tears before hugging her fellow competitor and runner-up Daniel Shaw.

“It is an absolute honour to be here, thank you Australia. It is incredible,” she said.

“Thank you to everyone on this show. All the coaches. The people have who fed us. The people have played alongside us. Everyone who has dressed us. Seriously, it is an amazing show and it is such an honour to be standing back here alongside this young man.”

Rouvas competed in The Voice in its first season in 2012 and made it all the way to the top eight with Keith Urban as her mentor.

She came fifth in the 2012 season but this year, at the request of the TV network, returned to the show as an all-star.

“Wait For No One” is her new release single following her win on the show. Watch and judge it for yourself.

https://vcmnews.com/au1/season-8-news-contestants-voice-australia-2019/ Review the season here

Diana shows off her breathtaking vocals with this powerful rendition of Whitney Houston’s classic.

She truly is the best Australia has to offer. What an amazing voice! Timeless!!


Gary Norman

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