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The Voice Australia Highlights Archive

Here are all the current posts featuring contestants of our choice. The Voice Australia Highlights Archive.

Here are the links to the posts of outstanding acts in recent years

Bella Taylor Smith Performances Voice Australia 2021

Mick Harrington Journey Voice Australia 2021 video

Masha Mnjoyan’s Journey Voice Australia 2020 video

Claudia Harrison Journey performances Voice Australia

Go to the full list or use these other two links for highlights and other contestants’ names etc.

The Voice Australia Generations 2022 News Reviews

Voice Australia 2021 Contestants Previews Recaps videos

Voice Australia Contestants featured new contestants and returnees more than in previous years. In fact, they are called All-stars because they made it to the higher levels of the competition or other programs.

The eighth season of The Voice began airing in May 2019.

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