Claudia Harrison Journey performances Voice Australia 2020

Claudia Harrison Journey performances Voice Australia

Claudia Harrison Journey performances Voice Australia 2020


In this package of clips, you can relive a short season 9 featuring Claudia Harrison Journey performances Voice Australia 2020.

Updated compilation featurette released in November and added to this archive post.

Claudia Harrison participated in season 9 of The Voice Australia in 2020.

Check out her incredible journey from the ‘Blind Auditions’ to ‘The Playoffs’.


00:00 Blind Audition: ‘O mio babbino caro’ by André Rieu & Amira

09:21 The Battles: ‘Dreams’ by The Cranberries

18:05 The Playoffs: ‘Rushing Back’ by Flume ft. Vera Blue

Sadly the full clip has been deleted. Here is the short clip as provided.

10 Facts on Claudia Harrison (The Voice) Claudia Harrison is an Australian rising opera and folk singer. Also, she is a surfer and a skater. The girl rose to fame for appearing in “The Voice Australia”. All of the judges turned their chairs during her blind audition. claudiasmusicjourney 1,719 followers View profile claudiasmusicjourney

Here is the full clip. Delta Goodrem was her coach.

Subjective choices based on listening to 60 seconds of singing conditioned with experience or lack thereof is a hard place for any singer. On potential Claudia has made some strong advances and knows what she wants as an artist. That is great to know. Nerves do step in the way for many new artists. We wish her the best in the future.

Plenty of fans including us will be watching for more Claudia!

If you read this Claudia…drop us an email address and we will pose some questions to you for your fans to read. Offer stands!

virtualclassmedia AT

Claudia Harrison has to wait for the wildcard position (as does Stellar on team Delta).

Manufactured duo Janie and Matt advanced. Do you see an All-star future for Claudia?


In this clip, you will see Claudia advance over Maddy.

Here is where it all started on the show…raw unabridged…

Claudia Harrison – Team Delta

She is a surfer, a skater, 18 years old, and a self–confessed tomboy. She grew up on a farm, riding dirt bikes and horses, climbing trees, and playing footy. Her opera singing grandfather taught her how to sing opera, giving Claudia a unique talent. Claudia is excited to leave her hometown in rural Perth for The Voice stage. Claudia Harrison – O Mio Babbino Caro – The Voice Australia 2020

Her second song was Different Worlds Jeff Hudak which showcased her diversity. Interestingly she had to choose between coaches sitting with her sister and mother. Watch the clip.

Four chairs turn winner opera and pop singer…

Oh mai god! This is literally my first time knowing that someone who sings opera can really sing other types of genres really good and beautifully. I have fallen in love with her voice
Her 2nd song is even more perfect for her.

Gary Norman


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  • they’ve changed her voice.. they wanted the opera singer.. so they get her to sing.. pop… so sad what a waste… Just let her surf and sing opera… she should be singing with bella voci

  • Goodrem had no idea of what to do with this incredible talent, what a waste due to a so called coaches ego.

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