Johnny Manuel Bukhu Ganburged Voice Battle 2020

Johnny Manuel Bukhu Ganburged Voice Battle 2020

Here is the battle from Team Guy Sebastian Johnny Manuel vs Bukhu Ganburged Voice Australia Battle 2020.

Waiting on the full clip? Try this link! Your welcome.

The preview: alist of acts set to perform with audio tracks for Monday nights’ episode 2 of the Battles.–mc

Here is Bukhu’s blind audition…plus watch the fallout between the coaches…

Update: Here is the audio track from the battle episode…waiting on the visual release now…

You can view their respective journeys clicking on the links provided.

What did Guy decide? Was there a steal involved?


Generally, fans expressed that this battle was one-sided due to most of the singing was given to Johnny. Delta stated that Bukhu was not suited to the show in her opinion. Unique, culture, not mainstream music were several fan comments. Several fans attacked Guy for his decision.

Here are a sample of comments below! You decide.

Gary Norman


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  • Thanks for the track, been waiting here in the UK, biting my finger nails to hear the track! got to admit I am a Johnny fan, and have been so since America”s got Talent! I know many here like Bukhu. but for me and I worked in radio and music all my career, that was a road crash instrumentally! and it was the amazing vocal of Johnny that saved it, what would Michael think! what have they done to my Amazing Classic! it is not a rock number!

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