Lucy Griffiths Do You Really Want To Hurt Me Voice

Lucy Griffiths Do You Really Want To Hurt Me Voice Australia

Here is an audition from season 9 2020 edition featuring Lucy Griffiths Do You Really Want To Hurt Me Voice Australia.

Lucy Griffiths 16 Years Old, failed to turn a chair on the show. The Gold Coast singer left with an even bigger prize.

This performance struck a chord with George immediately at the recording. However, his team was full. Moved by her raw talent and passion for his work her offered her something special.

Moreover, she appeared in awe of just performing in front of him she did not hear what he had offered her.

Delta caught that fact and suggested to her what she thought George was offering. No, it was more than a mentoring session.

What a generous offer from George. Watch the video and all will be revealed.

Congrats Lucy! Outstanding George!

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