Johnny Manuel Journey Voice Australia 2020 video

Johnny Manuel Journey Voice Australia 2020 video

Four chair winner America’s Got Talent appearance now featured Johnny Manuel Journey Voice Australia 2020 video.

From his audition until placing in the final four Johnny presented himself clearly as a force in singing. Here was his journey on the Downunder version of the show.

Congratulations on an epic season!

‘My Heart Will Go On’ performance in the finale.

‘Black and Gold’ Johnny and Guy perform during the Grand Finale – full clip… watch

Originally from Flint Michigan but now a resident of Terrigal, New South Wales…beautiful north coastal town! Link included.

Here is the short version from Voice YT…the full version source was deleted.

The semi-final performance A Change is Gonna Come!

His showdown performance Before I Go!

Here is the playoff contest between Johnny and Wolf…Guy chose Johnny to advance. Not sure about the song choices. Mixed opinions on both songs…really harsh about Wolf’s song choice.

The battle performance was controversial in the context of how the coach utilized or did not utilize his opponent Bukhu! Guy Sebastian had to defend his position against Kelly Rowland and Delta Goodrem. George was more neutral in the end. Johnny advanced and no coach saved Bukhu.

Which begs the question why didn’t any of them save Bukhu?

Here is their version of Earth Song…

After American got talent he ends up here I’m sure he’s gonna win
Every single Coach turned for Johnny Manuel who gave a flawless rendition of the Diana Ross classic ‘Home’ Live On The Voice Australia 2020 Blind Auditions Johnny Manuel – Home – The Voice Australia 2020

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