Voice Australia 2021 Contestants Previews Recaps videos

Voice Australia 2021 Contestants Previews Recaps videos


Here is our coverage of the new season on TV Australia Voice Australia 2021 Contestants Previews Recaps.

The official vote crowned Bella Taylor Smith as the 2021 iteration of the Australian franchise in the modified short-season format. Congrats go to Bella and her coach Guy Sebastian. The Aussie voting public decided.

Hard luck to Arlo, G-Nat!on, and Matt for their efforts.

Read this link – good season summary

Link to finale

Another video link

Her winner’s song is called “Higher” and seems to suit her vocals…more listening is required.

Winner Links


Alternative video link try these URLs…latest lot

Some links to other sites coverage of the finalists…

The Voice Australia finalists Mick Harrington and G-Nation reflect on the show

Daily Mail|1 day ago
The Voice Australia will crown its top singer in the grand finale on Sunday. And in the lead-up to the big moment, the finalists have reflected on how the show has changed their lives. Mick Harrington,

There you have it, folks, the powers that be have geo-blocked their Blind auditions from the world or parts thereof

The two episodes will air

Team Guy: Bella, Adrian Hood, Jordan, Chantel, and Penelope

Team Jess: Ella, Janaki, Evile, Seann and Mick

Team Rita: Sofia, Siann, G-NAT!ON, Tanya and Halimah

Team Keith: Arlo, Jediael, Lozz, Lau and Cassie

Neither of these four final episodes is live. Everything was pre-recorded earlier in the year. Production went ahead with the shortened season to avoid all the lockdowns.

For example, Melbourne has been in lockdown for more than 200 days since the pandemic reached Australian shores.

Be thankful you got a season even though geoblocking the music videos is a severe stain to the outside world.

A total fiasco is rather a nice way of summing up the franchise and broadcaster.

As of 2020, the franchise is owned by ITV Studios.

10“The Finals”29 August 2021Sunday 7:00 pm
1130 August 2021Monday 7:30 pm

Link to episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 all the blind auditions in full.

The Finals ep 10 and 11 are in full here

Semi-Final and Finale next week

This post contains information that may be considered leakish by some. That’s our warning…

MONDAY, August 23
Cullen Porthill
Ella Monnery
Jessica Stokes
Legend the Rapper
Lily Bergqvist
Projected Twin
Tiffany Dell

TUESDAY, August 24
Penelope Pettigrew

SUNDAY, August 22

Aaron Lee – 28 Melbourne VIC No Chairs

Arlo Sim 18 NSW Four chairs Team Keith

Danielle Matthews 37 from VIC Team Guy

G-NAT!ON 6 females from Adelaide SA on stage at once. Team Rita

JD Smith 36 Sydney as part of The Ten Tenors. Team Keith

Lau Abend 21 Sydney,  Team Keith

Bec Caruana 45 former chart singer back to rekindle her career. Team Jess


For the latest information and media – you should refresh this post regularly or bookmark it to return.

Here producers try and present the cut to you all. Watch and learn.

Top 80, then Top 20, then Top 8, then Top 4, and finally a Winner. All shows have been recorded in front of a live audience. The final is already in the can.

COVID lockdowns returned within Australia soon after the production ended.

TUESDAY, 17 August 


Brodie Pollard

Rebecca O Connor – Team Rita

Milina Mihic – Team Rita


Saraya Mauboy-Hudson – Sang Stay is the niece of Jess…Team Rita. Keith oddly did not turn.


Zeke Cameron

Rory Eliza  No turns has 4 million followers on TT

Seann Miley Moore – Rita blocked by Guy –  Team Jess

G-NAT!ON (the girl group)


Everything you need to know – mediaweek.com.au



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