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SUNDAY, 15 August episode 4 summary

video to come – not yet available and likely it is a copyright issue – Michael Jackson song etc….the show was recorded earlier this year…

Here’s a selection of his work

Adrian Jemale sang Michael Jackson song – Team Rita

Kelly Matejcic sang Diamonds by Sam Smith – 4 Turns Team Guy

Mick proposes to his partner…she says…priceless…

Mick Harrington was the first leak of the season watch his audition Four Chair turns – Team Jess

Halimah Kyrgios sang Chains by Tina Arena chose Rita

Tori Darke sang The Middle by Zedd Maren Morrison No chairs but duetted with Keith as a major reward


Jediael sang Wonder Shawn Mendes She picked Keith

Pete Murphy sang Drivers License by Olivia Rodrigo Team Jess


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