The Voice Australia Generations January 31 2022

The Voice Australia Generations 2022 News Reviews

The Voice Australia Generations 2022 News Reviews

Here is our coverage of the new series featuring The Voice Australia Generations 2022 News Reviews.

Three episodes, three nights in a row, that is all you see of this version of the franchise.

Episode Three Finale. Only three episodes and endless commercials to pay for the production.

Who won?

Caitlin and Tim, a father-daughter duo #TeamRita won.

The result means that the franchise has launched a family-oriented lite version that has a strong appeal to a starved audience of fans.

Measuring success can be at best a scientific guess.

Do you measure it by the act’s local success in viewer feedback?

The popularity of the winners by sales of downloads/streaming?

Television ratings? Production costs to advertising return on investment?

In summary, the panel has a strong chemistry and audience appeal. The ratings will provide a number which you can believe or not. Will the winner be successful after the show? Were three nights enough?

Well done to all.


With only THREE nights of this global-first special event, the stakes have never been higher. Each of our superstar Coaches only has two coveted spots on their team…

The Voice Australia Generations 2022 News Reviews
The Voice Australia Generations 2022 News Reviews


Keith Urban, Rita Ora, Guy Sebastian, and Jessica Mauboy return as coaches. The onscreen chemistry between these four individuals has a natural appeal to the majority of the audience. Excluding the haters and trolls of the internet.

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In a huge twist on the world’s biggest singing competition, The Voice Generations will see the nation’s greatest voices from each generation come together to perform in The Voice arena.

Talented families, friends, neighbours, and even students and teachers will team up to vie for Voice glory in this special edition of the smash-hit series.

Across powerful Blind Auditions and epic Battles, the generations will sing head-to-head to claim their spot in the first-ever The Voice Generations Grand Finale.

First look clip via TWITTER

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The following is formatted by Group Duo names with all their performances in one place rather than split into Blinds then Battles and Final. This is/was a three-night event and has been combined into one post.

The Contestant Media Clips with comments

The Castlereagh Connection

How incredible was Castlereagh Connection With fierce competition and limited spots on the coaches’ teams, turning a chair isn’t easy on #TheVoiceAU Generations.

Perform ‘Stand By Me’

Kids Of Leo Take On Gym Class Heroes

Kids of Leo perform “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” by Frankie Valli in their blind audition!


Guy Sebastian, should have taken Kids of Leo through to the next round.

Gym Class Heroes

The O’Donnells

This incredible multi-generational family with 56 years between them, performing Lady Gaga as you’ve never heard her before in their #TheVoiceAU Generations blind audition.

#TeamKeith: Family band The O’Donnell’s swing in like Miley Cyrus with ‘Wrecking Ball’ for the Battle Round of #TheVoiceAU Generations

Meet the O’Donnells with ‘Come In Like A Wrecking Ball’ and Lady Gaga Bluegrass version

Jess and Kelsi


#TeamJess: Singing teacher/student duo Jess & Kelsi reach for the stars with P!nk’s ‘What About Us’ for the Battle Round of #TheVoiceAU Generations!

Jess and Kelsi, the student-teacher duo are shining bright like a diamond with this performance on #TheVoiceAU

Both shown same episode sang Rihanna in their blind audition, a P!nk song.

Kelsi and Jess won!!!! Wow. So happy for them. Commiserations to James and Bloom though.

Caitlin and Tim

Father and daughter duo win the first Generations edition from Down Under. Congratulations to them both.

Caitlin & Tim on #TeamRita pulls the heartstrings once again with Sia’s ‘Alive’ for the Grand Finale of #TheVoiceAU Generations.

#TeamRita: Dad-daughter act Caitlin & Tim bring the emotions again with huge song ‘Say Something’ by Great Big World Ft. Christina Aguilera for the Battle Round.


Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper’s ‘Shallow’ and join Team Rita after the full four chairs turn. 90 seconds is the standard sample that was produced of music.

Ok this was something else #TheVoiceAU

The Wenas


The incredible Wenas singing “I’ll be there” by Jess Glynne in their Battle!

Perform Jess Glynne Across Two Locations

The Wenas sing ‘We Are Family’ by Sister Sledge and received a four-chair turn for their effort! They join Team Guy!

Micah and Mauris

Daughter and Father duo

#TeamRita: Dad-daughter duo go all out with Dua Lipa’s ‘Don’t Start Now’ for the Battle Rounds

Dua Lipa Hit performance

Did not go through. Caitlan and Tim advanced.


This father-daughter duo brought that Justin Bieber energy with ‘Baby’! Four chairs turn Team Rita, she fought hard for the duo!


Christine and Harry

No turns.


Ty & Eddie


#TeamKeith: Father-son duo Ty & Eddie bring the rock hard with Jet’s ‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl’ for the Battle Round of #TheVoiceAU Generations.


Perform ‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl’

Father-son duo Ty & Eddie proving they were made for #TheVoiceAU Generations stage singing Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Go Your Own Way’ in their blind audition. Four chairs turn!


Bloom and James

#TeamJess: Fiancés Bloom & James take on the huge Kygo version of ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It’ by Tina Turner for the Battle Rounds of #TheVoiceAU

‘What Love Has To Do It’

Kelsi and Jess won!!!! Wow. So happy for them. Commiserations to James and Bloom though.

Fiancés Bloom & James sing ‘Rolling In The Deep’ for their blind audition. Jess and Rita turned. They join Team Jess

The producers claim this to be the “breaking new ground…first global event” just in time for the new rating season. Watch the clip for a preview of the new series.

Gary Norman

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