Bella Taylor Smith The Voice Australia Winner

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Abbey Rose Green – How To Be Lonely” 4 chairs Keith blocked Rita, Abbey, Team Keith @abb_rose32

Adrian Hood (Oz Idol, Season 2) – 1+1 Beyonce – @adrianhoodmusic Team Guy

Adrian Jemale – TBA – @adrianjemale Team Rita

Baylie Carson – TBA – @baylie.carson

Bella Taylor Smith – Ava Maria – 4 CHAIR TURN, Jess BLOCKED – @bella.taylor Team Guy


Blair Dwyer – What You Need by INXS – No turns

Byron Garn – TBA – Turned at least Rita and Jess – @byron.garn Team guy

Cassie McIvor, It’s All Coming Back to Me Now by Celine Dion.4 CHAIR TURN Team Guy

Chantel – TBA – @theonechantel

Dan Eade – Home – 3 chair turn, including Keith –  @daneade Team Keith

Darren Constable – TBA – @darrenconstable_music Team Keith

Drew Walker – TBA – @drewalkermusic Team Keith

Evile Jireh Sisifo Laloata – Fix You (Coldplay) – turned Keith, Rita, Jess, and Guy (Rita BLOCKED Keith; Jess BLOCKED Guy) Team Jess

G-NAT!ON – TBA – @g.nation_official

Halimah Kyrgios sang Chains by Tina Arena – @kyrgios_halimah

Henry Starr  Ahomana – Forever by Chris Brown –

Isaac Staines – TBA – @isaacstaines_

Janaki EaswarLovely (Billie Eilish) – turned Keith, Rita, Jess, and Guy @janaki_easwar Team Jess

Jemma Beech – All Fired Up – No Turns
Jessica Stokes – TBA – @jessicastokes_official

Joey Chan – TBA – @unstoppable_joey – No turns
Jordan Fuller sang Falling – 4 CHAIR TURN – @jordanfuller Team Guy
Kala Gare – TBA – @k.gare_
Kelly Matejcic – TBA – Turned at least Keith/Rita/Jess – @kelbanger
Lau Abend – you broke me first – 4 CHAIR TURN – @lauabend
Mick Harrington – Somewhere Over the Rainbow – 4 CHAIR TURN – @mickharringtonmusic
Milina Mihic – TBA – @milinamihic_

Olivia Clare Vasquez –  @olivia_clare_vasquez – Team Jessica

Paris Marie – TBA – @parismarieofficial
Projected Twin – Turned at least Keith – @projectedtwin
Rory Eliza – TBA – @roryeliza
Sabrina Durante – TBA – @sabrinadurante
Seann Miley Moore (X Factor UK 2015) – TBA – @seannmileymoore


Siann Fuller – Bruises by Lewis Capaldi – @siannfuller (sister of Jordan) Four Chairs – Team Rita


Sofia Watt – It’s A Man’s Mans World – @sofia_watt Team Rita


Tanya George (TVAU S4 no chair) – TBA – @tanyageorgemusic





Elishia Semaan (Season 9) – TBA
Ella Monnery (Season 9)- TBA


* indicates artists that may have been sighted in the promos

Cullen Porthill – @cullen.porthill
Danielle Matthews – @daniellematthews
Henry Zaccardi Ahomana* – @kidstally
Izrael – @izraelr.hq
Jack Sweeney – @jacksweeneymusic
JediAEL – @jediael_1
Legend the Rapper – @_legendofficial
Lozz Benson – @lozzbenson
Nicola Desensi – @nicola_desensi
Penelope Pettigrew (TVAU S9, no chair) – @penelope_pettigrew
Pete Murphy – @impetemurphy
Seb Szabo* – @sebszabomusic
Zeke Cameron – @zeke_music_



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