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AGT America's Got Talent 2022 News Spoilers watch

AGT America’s Got Talent 2022 News Spoilers watch

AGT America’s Got Talent 2022 News Spoilers to watch

Here is our continuing coverage of the hit series that screens on Tuesday nights on NBC. AGT America’s Got Talent 2022 News Spoilers to watch.

The auditions are complete, we move to the semi-finals and final. Some fifty-five acts have been chosen to appear in the live shows with a wildcard entry!

Kristy Sellars & the Mayyas are both worthy of winning!


The Winner of


Season 17 is….


!!!! #AGT #AGTResults #AGTFinale

Runner Up!


Third place


In 4th place…


Results Top 4

Chapel Hill eliminated.


Sara,@MikeEWinfield, and@averydixononsax, you all were amazing!

Mike, keep bringing the laughs, Avery, keep blowing that sax, and Sara, don’t stop singing!

You all are going places! #AGT is only the beginning of your greatest journey!

Drake Milligan is in the Top 5

@Metaphysic_ai has advanced to the Top 5!

The 4th spot in the Top 5 goes to — THE MAYYAS

Kristy is in the top 5 Celia was amazing

And the last act in the Top 5 is . . . Chapel Hart!

Final show of the season was a marathon night presenting many acts…here are a few examples.

Final performances in progress

Mike E Winfield
Chapel Hearts performance

Nicolas Ribs’ finale performance

Kristy Sellars’ Journey



Week 5 lineup and results

Results updated hit refresh.

Wildcard instant save

Watch all the clips and the instant save wildcard act announced to join the other finalists next week is/was…

We cannot wait to see how Mayyas and @kristysellars0 will WOW us in the #AGT finals

Top 3

@MervantVera takes the final spot in the top 5!

Mayyas into the top 5

KRISTY SELLARS goes through to the top 5!

The first act going into the top 5 is #KristenCruz #AGT

Cruz over two other acts

Semi-final Four and results

Results watch with comments

All the videos contain the judges comments so watch the entire clip to hear them for yourself.

You may not agree with the comments. Only two will advance.


Bayley Graham

The Lazy Generation


More dance than magic. Highly entertaining

Jannick Holste

I hope this song choice made an impression on you.

Lee Collinson

Merissa Beddows


Jack Williams

Mike E. Winfield

Lily Meola

Semi-final Three and results

Who is performing this week?

Eleven acts only two progress…

Sara and Nicholas advance Celia placed 3rd

RESULTS Week 3 are in (progress)

Nicholas advanced into top 5
Amanda advanced Top 5
Hayden advanced into top 5

Sara James


Amanda Mammana

Celia Munoz


Hayden Kristal

JoJo and Bri

Mia Morris

Howie and Heidi critiqued this act as not being ‘Vegas show’ Simon and Sofia thought it was.


Nicolas Ribs

Cline Twins

Semi-final Two and results

Watch the short clips for the results and reactions.

All performances included in this episode highlights contain the judges’ comments at the end. Watch each clip to listen to their remarks or critiques (sic) when given.

Chapel Hart’s semi final performance
Yu Jojin’s performance
Maddie Taylor Baez’s performance tonight with comments…
Aiko Tanaka’s performance
Wyn Stark’s emotional performance
Duo Rings Danger aerialist act
Freckled Zelda
Brown Bros
Japanese Rival Dance group

Semi final one appears on the next page…

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