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Lily Meola’s Journey America’s Got Talent 2022 watch

Heidi Klum presses the fifth Golden Buzzer for this act. Lily Meola’s Journey America’s Got Talent 2022 watch

Lily Meola is a singer/songwriter born in Maui, and now is California-based and describes her sound as dream pop and folk. She performed a duet with Willie Nelson. In other personal news, her mother passed away from cancer.

She was eliminated in third place shock vote

Semi-final performance and comments included

The producer version of the performance without comments.

Lily Meola’s Original Song “Daydream” Makes Heidi Klum Emotional


Lily Meola | Official Website – Lily Meola Music

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Lily Meola: 5 Things About The Standout Singer Auditioning For ‘AGT’

Today2. Lily’s mother died of cancer. Lily cared for her mother, Nancy Meola after she was diagnosed with cancer. Nancy died in June 2020. Lily battled depression after her mother’s death. “I still have bad days, but I’m working through it,” she told Rolling Stone. “Now I’m moving into this next segment of my life where I’m trying to persevere and finish what I started and make my …

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