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Aubrey Burchell’s Journey AGT 2022 Performs watch

Here is the early release video featuring Aubrey Burchell’s Journey AGT 2022 Performs watch.

Audition: She Wows The Judges With “Call Out My Name” by The Weekend. Diagnosed with level 1 autism, she added,

Semi-final 5 performance below

The first act going into the top 5 is #KristenCruz #AGT

“I want to show other young autistics that are suffering in silence that you can follow your passion, and you can not fit in the box and do what you do and just eat at it.”

Simon Cowell said her version of the song was ‘genius.’ He added that it didn’t matter whether every note was perfect, saying,

“I really do believe that we are just witnessing somebody’s career about to skyrocket potentially.”

Just Me

3 hours ago It wasn’t just her voice, she sang with her whole body, emotion and conviction!!! Had me mesmerized and couldn’t keep me eye off of her!!!


5 hours ago

As a caregiver of an adult with disabilities/autism who sings EVERY DAY ALL DAY, she was amazing. I watched it with my niece and she is smiling and singing more today than ever.

Ariana Grande – Fan

5 hours ago She’s just 21 and her stage presence and maturity is like a 35 year old! Her voice is like a strong ocean wave Being diagnosed with level one autistic and seeing her following passion of singing is just super motivating! I request everyone to support this young singing talented girl! She’s definitely has that pop star charisma I Just FREAKIN’ love her personality and voice

Jonah Siegel

5 hours ago As someone who has a learning difference aka high functioning Autism, this relates to me on all different levels of my life! I cannot express how much Aubrey has made a mark on Autism in society! Thank you so much, girl!

Aubrey Burchell’s cover of “Call Out My Name” by The Weekend might make your jaw drop! Catch this early release before AGT on Tuesday 8/7c on NBC.


North Huntingdon singer Aubrey Burchell has been teasing fans about her upcoming appearance before the judges on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent.” Now the date is set — she’ll debut on

Katrina Web

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