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Life News in Science Technology Engineering

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Life News in Science Technology Engineering
Life News in Science Technology Engineering

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Welcome to the future! In this video, we are taking a look at the top 15 must-have smart home gadgets for 2024. So get ready to transform your home into a modern and efficient hub with these amazing smart home gadgets. Don’t miss out on being ahead of the curve – watch now and start planning for a smarter tomorrow! #smarthomegadgets #MustHave2024 #FutureLiving ————————————————————————— About Us: Trend Max is an education and entertainment channel

Trend Max

Jan 6, 2024



AOOSTAR GOD7 First Look, This All New Mini Gaming PC Is Fast & Has RGB All Day Long!

Vip-Urcdkey Sale Code for software: ETA Windows 10 Pro OEM Key($15): Windows 11 Pro Key($21): Windows10 Home Key($14): Office 2019 pro key($46): Office 2021 pro key($59): In this video we take a look at a powerful mini PC from AOOSTAR known as the GOD7! Powered by the Ryzen 7 7840HS this mini gaming pc has the power for AAA Gaming! We do an unboxing, go over the specs, run some ben


Jan 6, 2024


‘A lot of the fear’ about AI comes from a ‘misunderstanding’ of terms used to describe it

Futurist Mal Fletcher says “a lot of the fear” about artificial intelligence comes down to a “misunderstanding” of some of the terms used to describe it. For many people, their experience with artificial intelligence has been self-scanning groceries at the supermarket or playing around with ChatGPT at home, but advances in artificial intelligence are moving ahead at lightning speed. While some are excited about the possibilities, others, like former Google boss Eric Schmidt, have warned that A

Sky News Australia

Jan 5, 2024



Learn How To Use the NEW Microsoft Teams – Student and Employee Orientation to Teams

When you think of Microsoft Teams – do you only think about remote meetings? Well – Teams is so much more. It’s an entire collaboration platform that can help you communicate, collaborate, and succeed. This video is an orientation to Teams and will show you why it’s worth using in-person, remotely, or in a hybrid environment. Communication and working without boundaries is possible – with Teams. 00:00 Introduction 00:55 The Topics to Cover 01:21 Download and Install 01:59 Home vs Work and Schoo

Learning and Technology with Frank

Jan 5, 2024



An early look at the Dell XPS 14 and 16 with Intel Core Ultra If you’d like to support the


Jan 4, 2024


PlayStation 5 – Official Upcoming Games in 2024 Trailer

PlayStation 5 is coming into 2024 swinging with great first, second, and third-party offerings from new IP’s to sequels of iconic franchises. From the likes of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered Helldivers 2, Tekken 8, Stellar Blade, Rise of the Ronin, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, and more for players to enjoy from a wide variety of genres. Take a look at the latest trailer to see what’s in store in 2024 for PlayStation 5 available now at retailers.


Jan 4, 2024

Science Life Engineering

Sohla Makes Beautiful Japanese Candy Art | Ancient Recipes with Sohla


•705 views • 56 minutes ago 0:37 Now playing

Breakthrough in breast cancer research

Sky News Australia

•1.4K views • 12 hours ago 1:40 Now playing

Winter storm barreling towards US East Coast

Sky News Australia

•2.4K views • 10 hours ago 0:44 Now playing

CSIRO vessel embarks on Antarctic trip to investigate sea levels and climate

•24K views • 3 days ago 8:10 Now playing

5 Foods That Make You Feel OLD & Promote Skin Aging


•1K views • 3 days ago 4:28 Now playing

India’s rocket launch to look at ‘x-ray light’ from black holes

Sky News Australia

•9.9K views • 3 days ago 1:24 Now playing

Groundbreaking discovery in diabetes research leads the way for potential cure

Sky News Australia

•4.5K views • 4 days ago 4:06 Now playing

4 URGENT Signs You Need a Change NOW


•58K views • 4 days ago 30:23 Now playing

6000HP Tractors with INSANE setups! Rolls Royce V12, Turbines, and MORE! (1320Experiences | Ep.7)


•244K views • 6 days ago 1:48 Now playing

Dangerous winter weather impacts US air travel

Sky News Australia

•1.2K views • 9 days ago 8:29 Now playing

How We Will Actually Cure MS, Cancer, & Autoimmune Diseases

Jordan B Peterson Clips

•33K views • 9 days ago 7:05 Now playing

A Huge Weather Pattern Change Is Coming…

Ryan Hall, Y’all XTRA

•681K views • 9 days ago 14:59 Now playing

Jekyll & Hyde – 1800hp VL Commodore – The Ultimate Australian Street Car


•76K views • 9 days ago 12:44 Now playing

How Long Will This Power Station Power My Home?


•4.4K views • 12 days ago 5:32 Now playing

‘Bad actors’ leveraging artificial intelligence against organisations

Sky News Australia

• 680 views • 1 month ago

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