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AGT America's Got Talent 2022 News Spoilers watch

AGT America’s Got Talent 2022 News Spoilers watch

Episode 8 features Aerial Act Duo Mico Will Have You on The Edge of Your Seat | AGT 2022

An award-winning aerial duo Maxime and Caroline perform appeared on China’s Got Talent in 2021 and was awarded the golden buzzer.

Freckled Zelda Enchants The Judges With “Colors of The Wind” | AGT 2022

A music fairy named Freckled Zelda wins over the judges with her rendition of “Colors of The Wind” from Pocahontas. Instagram

Freckled Zelda also known as Rachael Wilson


2 hours ago Yes, Heidi, this is a variety show and not everyone has to be the same! You got for it Freckled Zelda! Love what your did as a performance. Keep that positive hopeful message going………we all need fairies right now….so many challenges in our lives and people are so complicated! Bravo from Canada.

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Trey Rich, and Ciara Hines Dancers, who are individually accomplished perform in competitions and are friends.

Catwall Acrobats is a troupe of international circus artists who perform many acts for events around the world.

RCC Aruba group of acrobats of the company ‘Rcc Aruba’ (Ritmo Cubano Company) made up of young people of different nationalities. Grupo de acróbatas de la compañía ‘Rcc Aruba’ (Ritmo Cubano Company) conformado por jóvenes de diferentes nacionalidades.

Auzzy Blood performs death-defying sideshow stunts that push the boundaries of the human mind & body.

Kim Evey is a comedian from LA who has appeared in various shows and founding member of the group King’s Elephant Theater.

Gina Stahl is a comedian from San Francisco, and also an adjunct professor.

Ava Swiss is an 18-year-old singer from Detroit.

Debii Dawson singer-songwriter from Minnesota and now resides in Los Angeles.

Bayley Graham is a tap dancer from New Zealand and has won many awards.

Maxence Vire is a magician with appearances in France’s Got Talent, Spain’s Got Talent golden buzzer, and finalist.

Jessica Fishenfeld is an aerialist, actress, and opera singer and adds comedy to her performances.

Don McMillan is a comedian who has made several media appearances and won Grand Champion on Star Search.

Sethward returns to the show as The Big Apple

Earlier episodes to watch

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