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AGT America's Got Talent 2022 News Spoilers watch

AGT America’s Got Talent 2022 News Spoilers watch

Ben Waites Audition on AGT America’s Got Talent 2022 News Spoilers

Coming this Tuesday, July 12, 2022, on NBC


AGT America’s Got Talent 2022 News Spoilers

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All Five Golden Buzzer auditions on AGT

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Episode 6 Tuesday July 12, 2022

Acapop Kids, A Cappella Group Website Wiki Scott Hoying of Pentatonix started a cappella group, with members who are aged 17 years or younger.

Adam Winrich, Wild West Performer was born in Eau Claire and raised in Fall Creek is now a 30-time Guinness World Record holder for whipcracking. Website

Alex Rivers, Violinist is a 26 year old violinist born and raised in Las Vegas NV. He writes his own music in his studio and loves improving over hiphop beats. He performs across the US incorporating dancing … Youtube

Balla Brothers, Acrobatic Duo

Ben Waites, Singer see audition and updates

Dino Don, Novelty Act

Duo Forza, Acrobatic Duo, Lian Álvarez is an actor, dancer and acrobat, a graduate of the National Circus School of Havana, Cuba. His specialty is hand-to-hand. Jose Sanchez, also does aerial rope, hand balancing.

Duo Rings, Aerialist Duo Website Flor Aracama & Nico Busso are high level athletes and acrobats. They created and developed a unique Aerial Rings Duo combining the passion in sports and circus into a contemporary artistic act for the entertainment industry.

Erica Glenn, Singer

Harry the Gorillagician, Magician Facebook Harambini, World-Famous Gorillagician, Proud Father, Lucky Husband, Elementary School Librarian, Volleyball Coach, and all-around friendly Gorilla.

Henry and Klauss, Magicians Durães are two miners, internationally recognized professional illusionists. They defied gravity and spent more than four hours levitating on one of são Paulo’s busiest avenues, Av. Brazil. Winners of various prizes are also in the book of records!

Parrot Man, Novelty Act

Shenay Kloss, Novelty Act

Stefanny and Yeeremy, Salsa Duo

Travis Japan, Dance Group, Instagram is a song & dance entertainment group from Tokyo, managed by the legendary Johnny & Associates and now living in Los Angeles. Travis Japan was first brought together as children in 2012 when they were auditioned by the esteemed American choreographer Travis Payne. Comprised of Kaito “Chaka” Miyachika, Kaito “Umi” Nakamura …

Wyn Starks, Singer, Website Soul singer. Modern-day genre-blender. Old-school R&B revivalist. He proudly celebrates his own diversity with 2021’s Black is Golden, a debut album rooted in the singer/songwriter’s versatile vocals, timely messages, and bold willingness to break new ground.

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Katrina Web

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