The Masked Singer UK Highlights Season 3 videos


The Masked Singer UK Highlights Season 3 videos

Each week these series produce various singers hiding their identities. Watch The Masked Singer UK Edition Highlights Season 3 videos.

You and a star panel try to figure out who the celebrities are, while the audience eliminates the contestants one by one.

Week Four

Another week and another round of eliminations on season 3.

Video highlights and links to come.

More great performances from all the singers this week. Hope you enjoy this coverage. Divina makes the right choice…watch

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Bagpipes Revealed

Bagpipes mask was revealed as Australian, Grand Slam tennis champ Pat Cash.

Performances included Blur’s Song 2, then Wheatus’s classic Teenage Dirtbag.

 “I’ve always been a frustrated rock star and fancied doing the Masked Singer from the first day I saw it. I just thought it would be so much fun to rock out, although I prefer to hide behind a guitar instead of a sweaty mask.

“It was a great experience overall. As luck would have it, my schedule cleared. I’m a big believer in letting your higher power take over and I suppose it meant I was able to take part in the show.”

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