The Voice Australia 2022 News Reviews Spoilers videos

The Voice Australia 2022 News Reviews Spoilers videos

The Voice Australia 2022 News Reviews Spoilers videos

In the blink of an eye, we have reached the finale. The Voice Australia 2022 News Reviews Spoilers videos.

The production of the show is of a very high standard. The only disappointment for many fans is the time given to showcase many of the acts. No time means no viewer investment in any of the 48 faces we saw this season who made it to a team placement. Too rushed was the common thread. That aside, let us focus on the final.

You will see media releases for each of the finalists in their original last song. Thumbs up for the early releases.

Who is going to win?

The good thing is that all four acts have won some credentials with the audience. It really is who is the most popular with the viewers. If put into one choice, I would lean to Thando for her range and earlier appearance on the other season on the other channel that was not mentioned…that I know of at least.

As they reported Guy Sebastian as saying earlier this year, the time frame is too short for an act to gain enough momentum from this platform. However, he could be wrong, and Aussies go buy the music to support any of the acts. Time will tell.

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Outline Summary


The Winner of The Voice 2022

Lachie was announced as the winner with Rita Ora as his coach

Their duet song was a Lady Gaga anthem watch.

Here is the winner single.

Thando, Faith, and Jordan all deserve congratulations for their efforts and presence each episode this series. Their talent alongside Lachie’s made this season musically a high standard for those that follow. You all made strong impressions on the audience and deserve following in their future careers in music. All were excellent role models in developing their skills and willing to learn.

Release of songs by production is an issue

Keith Urban’s Nightfalls release via his own You Tube channel should remain visible for you.

Thando’s solo – Rise Up by Andra Day

Thando’s and Keith’s duet

Jordan’s and Guy’s duet Hallelujah

Jordan’s solo Ghost Town

Lachie solo – Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper

Lachie duet – Always Remember Me This Way Lady Gaga See above

Faith’s performances hurry while it lasts.

Jess and Faith duo – Emotions by Maria Carey

Here are the Top 4 early release songs for the finale on Sunday night.

Words You Should Have Heard
100 Years from Now
Wasted Time
The Other Side

Katrina Web

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