Kaylee Bell’s Journey Voice Australia 2022 watch

Kaylee Bell’s Journey Voice Australia 2022 watch

Kaylee Bell’s Journey Voice Australia 2022 watch

Kaylee Bell is 32 years old originally from New Zealand and played a song about Keith. Kaylee Bell’s Journey Voice Australia 2022 watch.

Here is the battle between Kaylee and Finnian.



Finnian vs Kaylee with “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac. Both are aware that they have tough competition which is compliment to both. Hated the arrangement by the band, which drowned out both vocals. Kaylee had more of the emotion while Fin tried to keep up. Keith reminded us all and favoured Kaylee. Rita wanted more fight and gravitated towards Finnian. Kaylee was effortless and knows where to shine. Jess talked about his tone and storytelling ability. Nooooo.

Jess chose Finnian…End of the road for Kaylee.

End of the road for Kaylee on her journey this season…


Kaylee went through.

Rita Ora claimed, “You are made to be on stage!” And we agree 100 percent. It is a hit song! Go buy it if you can.

Congrats Kaylee on such a positive audition and your contribution! You earned a follow from us. Good luck.

See her social and website links below. Can not wait to see more!

Greetings to all the Kiwis reading this.


Unofficial clip provided. Be fast it may disappear.

She collaborated with some other writers in Nashville to produce the song. Aww so awesome…

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Here is another great singer-songwriting skill demonstrated by Kaylee.

As to the controversy…or post audition bit!

I am no fan of the block, it is simply manufactured drama, denies contestants/aka artists opportunities, etc.

My simple takeaway is – Do not blame the coaches, it is all on the producers.

So vent your reaction to them and the broadcaster, not in this case against Jess. She is operating within their rules.

“DONT REact JUST ACT.” A good life lesson.

Watch out Mrs. Urban, you have another gurl after your man. Love to Nicole!

Four chair turns! BLOCK by Jess against Keith and Kaylee. I hate blocks!

Concentrate on the music vibrations and message!

Gary Norman

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