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Drama Love Island Australia Season 4 reviews

Drama Love Island Australia Season 4 reviews Love Island Australia S4 EP 22 – S04E22

In summary, twelve islanders become 14 with the arrival of the twins, a boy, and a girl. The recoupling post-mortem scenes are revealed. Festival time, a game of truth or dare, with the reveal happening for the twins. Scenes featuring Jess and Al, Tina and Mitch Bomb, the new bombs, and more.

Callum and Tina try and communicate about the recoupling event, she’s cautious about him, and Mitch Bomb suggested that he was the best one for her to couple up with. Callum is aware of his reputation and behaviors and he does not want to get mugged off in this relationship.

Stella and Mitch Bomb meets post-firepit but no audio is given. Austen expresses to Claudia that he is feeling deeper into their relationship which raised a huge smile from her. “Ever,” he said. “I am falling for you, Claudia.” Her reply “same.” Across the campus. Phoebe S and Mitch were on the same page expressing their continuing connection for each other. He is falling hard for her. Her mind is blown. Claiming to the camera she is about to literally fall in love with a guy. Next was the scene between Jordan and Phoebe H and how she expresses her love for shopping and talking to the cat on the fence. The producers add their own subtext to the meows and really mocks the whole relationship between humans are staff. “He is a weasel with a mullet” sums up the scene.

Tina and Mitch Bomb were next to post mortem the firepit where she claimed that was not her first pick. She has buyer’s remorse for not being coupled up with her ex and going to share a bed with Callum. He states that he did not expect this to have happened! She believes this whole situation is a mistake and that regrets are real right now.

Stella is aware of the Tina Mitch Bomb situation and wants to see where this journey takes her. No Mitch Bomb response was shown. Then we see the night close-out scenes with both Tina and Mitch Bomb sharing beds with their separate new partners. The next morning Callum meets Madeline who happens to be sitting on one of the villa deck chairs in her bikini. The instant attraction was immediate. He calls her the nuke. Maddie is all about meeting the men and Callum has the lead over any other islander at this point in time.

Here is a link for the full episode

Callum has to share the latest bomb with his pal Al and awakens him to meet Mads! Then everything starts to spiral out of control with heavy flirting involved.

Jessica hears from the others how Al responded to Mads arrival and the drama became real. She feels like she has just been played turns by four of the boys who tell her to trust Al and not what others are saying. The Jess unraveling continues when Claudia and Al try to step into and reassure her.

Next, Hugh time. He is Mad’s twin brother, sent in to stir up the girl relationships sent via a text to Stella. More drama unfolds, with girls asking Mad’s what she thinks about her twin brother. No one in the villa is aware of their secret relationship and awkwardness is reigning at this present time.

This relationship allows the twins to spy on the islanders and report back to one another about the latest reactions. For example, Hugh learned how Mitch Bomb and Callum were reacting to Mad’s and Hugh had to control his normal response not to give his status away. Followed up with Callum bench-pressing Mads for a reward kiss.

Next, Jess and Al were being torn apart by the other conversations about the bomb’s arrival. Stubborn, awkward, and slow-burn reactions between them lead to Claudia and Austen intervening in the situation. Al tried hard to convince Jess that he would try harder but she remained in her present mindset about leaving the villa.

Festival night was unleashed on the islanders for a stress reliever event. Stella and Hugh spent some time together trying some dance moves. She tried to emulate his moves and tried to move her body in the style shown. However, she was not able to achieve the goal and claimed a small victory under the banner of “she tried” with a smile on the camera.

Meanwhile, Jess met with Al for another chat, each promising the other more commitment to the relationship. The scene closed with them hugging and kissing. Then came the truth or dare game for the islanders to part take in. Mads, was dared to kiss both Callum and Mitch Bomb, her top three same two boys. Wait for the twist. Tina dared to kiss Mitch Bomb for ten seconds. The twist came when the twins were about to kiss, the reveal happened in front of the islanders. The shock on their faces was a sight to behold.
Here’s an alternative review in 6 mins – not sure about the claim about Jordan & Phoebe H!

Next time is shown featuring Mitch Bomb and Tina struggling to rekindle their relationship.

Love Island Australia S4 EP 22 – S04E22 Is Flirting Cheating?

In summary Thirteen islanders were bound for the fire pit tonight. The power shifted to the girls and recoupling was on the agenda. The results saw one islander dumped from the villa.

Earlier, the truth bike made an appearance, and the repercussions made it evident that all the relationships have issues including trust, maturity, and future demands post-island life.

The highlight was the final choice of boys was left to Tina, she had to choose between Tak and Callum and decided on the latter. Jessica and Claudia shared tea and thanked him for being their go-to friend for advice this season. He told them to talk to their partners as they finish their experience on the island.

In conclusion, the next episode brings two bombs to the island and the twist is they are twins one male and one female.

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Alternate reviewer Episode 21 2022 Season 4

The episode featured The Hideaway and Truth Bike

Al and Jessica were invited to spend the overnight hours in the Hideaway which attracted great attention from their fellow islanders. A four-course serving occurred with mandatory celebrations shared by the couple and the fellow cast. This was a positive experience for all the islanders showcasing the differences between each couple.

The Tina and Mitch Bomb insecurity ex-relationship mind-melting confrontations occupy more air time.

Stella called Tak aside and shared that she was not feeling more than friendship vibes from him and he was not happy with her decision but respected her sharing the situation. The other single male Callum did not pursue Tina with any airtime or was not dramatic enough for airtime. He splashed water on her as she walked past the pool.

The Truth Bike prop was showcased for the first time this season and many of the islanders were shown answering several hard questions from their fellow occupants

Tina was asked about her feelings towards Mitch Bomb. She was unclear about her feelings for him, she trusted him but found the experience to be emotionally draining.

Mitch Bomb was equally confused about his current feelings.

The most damaged couple of the night prizes went to Phoebe H and Jordan. He called her immature and would not pursue her outside of the villa. He treated the session as a game and answered them without too much thought or detail. It was horrible to watch and Phoebe reacted emotionally to the embarrassment of the whole event. They later met up to reflect on the experience. He later called himself out for not thinking of how she would react. Superfans take note.

The recoupling went as planned with the lengthiest relative pairings with the girls in control this week. The Monk chaired the fire pit session.


Phoebe S chose Mitchell

Claudia chose Austen

Jess chose Al

Phoebe H chose Jordan

Stella had the choice of three boys, Callum, Tak, and Mitch Bomb. She chose the latter.

Tina was a final islander and she chose Callum.

At the final stand Tak was left single, vulnerable, and therefore dumped. Monk did not mention the 30-minute eviction notice.

Tak’s ending was lengthier than many of the previous endings, with several girls praising him for being a good friend, listener, and adviser for them. His journey showcased his maturity over all the other male islanders by how he acted in dealing with his cohorts. While he came up short of finding any luck in love in the villa, he learned more about himself during his appearance. Full credit to him for his journey and his final words were to suggest Aussie girls not settle for “FBoys” and look for genuine men out there.

Summary Love Island Australia S4 EP 21 – S04E21

Super Fans saved in this order…

  1. Tina (just arrived less than 24 hours) nothing but drama with Mitch bomb over Emily Ward’s connection post-show and covid drama. Cooking videos were released and emotional attachment is evident. Several chats.

During a one-on-one date with Callum, she questioned Mitch’s ex’s motives for coming back to the island. No one has yet to challenge her motives – even though both claim neither knew that the other one was coming (invited back by the producers). Episode 19 and 20 was all about Mitch and Tina in part ep 20.

  • Stella *is again most popular with Superfans when she was with Jordan. Coupled with Tak but he called her typically clumsy falling on stairs and moving back to her seat. Red flag?
  • Claudia is still with Austen not in a solid relationship see episodes with her ex-Jason on the show. He did volunteer to leave. Just like Ben did for Stella.
  • Phoebe S is still with OG Mitch – f boy, she rejected Mitch Bomb’s advances.

The bottom three were voted by the superfans.

  • Maddie was with Callum and was exploring with Mitch Bomb
  • Jessica with Al and going to a single room
  • Phoebe H with Jordan. See truth bike.

Three boys were tasked, including Callum, Al, and Jordan choosing one girl to dump – Jordan claimed all three girls were all making progress (unsupported claim). It appears Callum was not able to support Maddy over the other two coupled men. Suggesting he has already moved on to another distraction, namely Tina. Unconfirmed.

In the end, they dumped Maddie even though Jordan voiced she was making some connection with Mitch Bomb.

In her own words, she was in one of the weakest couples (Callum by association or convenience).

Her exit was very classy and claimed to have learned new skills in forming relationships.

Truth bike appears on the next episode

Asked by Stella about continuing his relationship outside Jordan claimed he would not date Phoebe H outside of the villa.

Al asked Claudia does she trust Austen. No.

Phoebe S asked Mitch his F Boy if he will continue to hold onto the behaviors…

Al asked Mitch Bomb did he sleep with Emily more than once – inappropriate man behavior.

Unshown. In season 3 the truth bike appeared twice and changed several relationships for the remainder of the show. Drama Love Island Australia Season 4 reviews.


Phoebe S

Phoebe H







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Full credit to the owner. Watch and follow the producer in the links. Originator Channel 9 Australia.

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