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Drama Love Island Australia Season 4 reviews

A conclusion to the Drama Love Island Australia Season 4 reviews

Here is a snapshot review of the recent Drama Love Island Australia Season 4 reviews.

The season winners were announced. All fired up to end this somewhat disappointing season with these immature random people. Let the fan rage begin.

Spoiler alert advisory. Information in this post contains outcomes fans may not want to know. This is your warning.

Full episodes included. Season four is now despatched to the archives.


Full cast list and profiles

Spoiler update

This season was prerecorded with three different results made (three couples) as the public will decide the winner of season 4. It also prevents anyone from leaking the final result.

Schedule for all seasons Season 4 (two episodes remain)

Fandom Wiki

Cast details including names, location, date entered the show, dumped, results and more

If you are a super fan voter in this series and wish to explain your reasons behind each vote then drop a comment. If you want anonymity that can be arranged. You are welcome to contact me.

All comments are screened prior to publishing. Your alleged voting created unexpected islander outcomes. There have been two critical ones to dare.

Table of Contents
The Official announcement from the producers released now

A noticeable absentee was Phoebe H from the finale. Mullet Jordan, Stella and Hugh, and Al with Jessica attended the night. The Winners were declared.

To the reader, the participants in this show are under a contract arrangement with the producers. You should use your own discernment in reviewing any actions or comments made during filming or in the post-editing. Our reviews include comments from internal and external sources. Drama Love Island Australia Season 4 reviews.

We pick up the season finale down to episode 21. Previous episodes and content can be found online.

EXCLUSIVE: FOUR Love Island contestants have been exposed as secret actors and TBH, we ain’t surprised

Are they in it for love or is it all an act?

So Dramatic

Tina Provis and Mitch Hibberd reveal why they are no longer together

So Dramatic

Stella and Hugh Remain Single Remain in Touch

Season Finale Season 4 Episode 29 And The Winner Is

The winner(s) will be announced tonight. Here is a guess of who the superfans and voters are likely to choose and why.

Finale full episode watch here

Austen and Claudia…during the series it was hard to fault Austen’s presence on the island with one pairing in the initial week with another female Layla he moved on Claudia. He appeared to have a good sense of self-worth and value in the two relationships he formed. Claudia was more tempted on the show to be coupled up with Jordan, fake dumped, then fell for Austen. She sought his attention all the time and was tested by her ex-boyfriend appearing on the show. Claudia has trust issues and there were many examples during the season. These two should win.

Callum and Madeliene are just fillers for the night. Although their time is short, there are too many red flags in his behaviors throughout the season. Time was against these two from the get-go.

Mitchell NZ and Phoebe… he was caught in many other events during the season including the infamous truth or dare fiasco with the two bombs and Callum. He was in the bottom three super fan vote a week ago along with Jessica. The only way these two beat Austen and Claudia is if fans offer a landslide vote for Phoebe S. Runner-up place seems a reasonable placement for M&P.

Whatever happens, regardless of the win, loss, or draw, each islander appeared to have experienced some positive time of self-learning. Lasting friendships, love, and happiness forever, time will tell.

Season 4 Episode 28 Four Couples Become Three

Super fans voted for the top 3 tonight and one couple was dumped. In no particular order according to Sophie Monk.


  • Claudia and Austen announced first
  • Mitchell NZ and Phoebe S advanced
  • Al and Jessica and Callum and Madeline had to endure a line call for the final announcement.
  • Superfans dumped Al and Jessica!

Post the announcement featured the respective connections formed between all the remaining islanders. Happy content that they have each other but fell short of winning votes from the superfans to reside in fourth place forever on the show logs. The finale is the twenty-ninth episode and will be available tomorrow.

How did popular Al and less popular Jessica rate in the bottom 4 position? Al appeared in MAFs Australia so he brought popularity with his appearance on this show. He is familiar to many reality tv fans and was all the “player” when he entered the villa, Yet he leaves totally invested in Jessica. On the other hand, Jessica and the original character this season was voted at the bottom by super fans not too long ago. I suspect her low rating removed them from the others due to her personal character and the edits shown. She was presented as a firm character, knowing the partner she sought and for the fans left content. Will they last? No money for you both.

This series was pre-recorded with three different results pre-filmed to end the show to match the voting.

Who will win?

Season 4 Episode 27 Five Couples Become Four – Who Was Dumped?

Each couple had the task to reduce the hive by one couple.

Shown in this order

Tina and Mitch Bomb voted to dump Callum and Madeline

Madeline and Callum voted to dump Tina and Mitch

Al and Jessica voted to dump Callum and Madds

Mitchell and Phoebe voted to dump Mitch and Tina.

That was two votes apiece – which made Claudia and Austen’s vote the decider.

They voted to dump Tina and Mitch!

Watch this episode below. Money, love, and back-to-back wins go out the door for them.

Next time. Meet the in-laws, awkward virtual meetings, and another couple is dumped. This time it is the alleged super-fans who decide the outcome.

Do you really exist? Yet to hear or meet one.

Season 4 Episode 26 Superfans Choose 3 Islanders and One Couple is Dumped Shock

The couples now enjoy the addition of life-like babies to behold and showcase their parenting skills or lack thereof.

One couple is dumped from the island, and Al, Phoebe, and Tina are selected to decide which couple leaves the island. That signals that they and their partners are safe. Or Madeline and Callum, Stella and Hugh, with Austen and Claudia unrepresented in the decision group. So it boiled down to these couples in jeopardy. The producers spent over 13 minutes on the scene in the firepit. Al announced that the superfans have been voting on which islander they want to find love with. Phoebe read her text which stated the three had received the most votes. Now they must go away and deliberate which couple to dump and why. It has to be unanimous.

Returning to the group they announced the couple they are sending home was Stella and Hugh!

Text Stella receives a text telling her that she and Hugh have been dumped and have 30 minutes to say their goodbyes and leave the villa. Callum called it by saying Stella is one of the nicest humans that he has ever met and gives her a long hug.

Full episode presentation Season 4 Ep 26

How sad this whole event is for her. Hugh has a brotherly chat asking Callum to respect his sister Madeline since he will be leaving. Stella claims to be feeling content as Phoebe lays in Claudia’s arms. She was never sending her or Austen home. Tina said to Stella that she had been awesome. Phoebe joins the awesome comments. Stella in the moment camera confirms her on proudness and contentment with the decision. However, she will miss the experience inside the villa.

Back on the couch, she tells all the girls that she loves each of them and called them F* amazing. Proud of everything she did along her journey by just being herself. Claudia has a final couch emotional exchange reflecting that they arrived together and have been inseparable on the journey together and awesome friendship exists. More happy tears as they hug one more time. Claudia in the moment camera shares that Stella is such a sweet person and deserves everything and more. One last group selfie before the final goodbye.

After leaving the villa gate she calls this the best experience ever and will miss everyone so much. She also is so happy for all the exciting couples in there and she is rooting for them. She had come to the villa looking for and found her connection in Hugh and was leaving with him. Ready for the future!

Next time, another couple is dumped after a day of romance.

Couples remaining predictions and additional thoughts

Al, Phoebe, and Tina were the top three islanders fans wanted to see and find love. Which handed them the power to send our top-rated Islander Stella home. Along with her connection with Hugh which may or may not cause a huge reaction when the fans see what happened.

The noted exclusion in the event was no representative from Austen or Claudia was present in the voting three. That indicates that they are rated lower than others in the villa. Claudia’s constant trust issues and demands have not endeared her here.

The next couple to be dumped in my opinion has to be Callum and Madeline if the same Al, Phoebe, Tina logic is deployed for fans to thrill over. The producers used the islanders to manipulate the result to create drama. For example do you not see that the three would never vote themselves off the show? Nor would their own personal bias be ignored in forwarding their own progress in this rather silly show. If you have followed this to this point full credit to you for being either a superfan or a cast member.

If you are a cast member then thank you for participating to find love. Full credit to you. Stella has made an impact on many viewers and was always a strong character on the show. She will be greatly missed, not only for her loving agreeable characteristics but for her internal happiness as well. Callum nailed it and agree with his sentiment. Hugh, your edit was brief, good luck to you.

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Interests in media and writing content. Enjoys a variety of interests including following reality tv shows. Has a media degree and a passion for people.

Katrina Web

Interests in media and writing content. Enjoys a variety of interests including following reality tv shows. Has a media degree and a passion for people.

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