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Drama Love Island Australia Season 4 reviews

Drama Love Island Australia Season 4 reviews

Love Island Australia Season 4 Episode 24

Drama Love Island Australia Season 4 reviews

• Does Tina still feel giddy about Mitch Bomb?

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• How does Mitch NZ (OB) feel about being at the bottom?
• Where is Jordan’s Mr. Love Island 2022 head at post-Phoebe H’s dumping? Why is he even still in the villa? Other islanders will confront the issue and the superfans will handle it. Your time is short. “Hang out with the boys,” he said.
• No more bombs (contestants) to enter the villa.

Stella is coupled up with Maddy for her twin brother Hugh, while Callum by Hugh is coupled with Maddy by Hugh. Tina and Mitch Bomb are single. Phoebe H questions herself and Jordan on her exit.

New this episode Mitch NZ (OB) romantically impresses Phoebe S and many of the other girls with the official big-step announcement of asking to be girlfriend and boyfriend respectfully. He really needs to lift his presence to avoid another bottom placement or does he even think about it? It is not aired but it must be on all their minds.

Jordan to his credit offered himself to all the remaining girls to be grilled on the round couch. This scene was not shown last night and is included now for viewers to reinforce the girl’s consensus at the moment. Tina led with her opinion that Phoebe H expected him to leave with her etc. Jessica was harsh with her opinion calling his remarks BS! He started off feeling shocked and this dumping may affect him overnight or in the morning. With six pairs of eyes focused on him, he was not going to persuade the girls.

Inserted into the edited mix was a small in-the-moment scene with Jordan stating he was not going to listen to the girls and do what he wanted to do. Tina counters his position and with her own in-the-moment scene rebuts his words with his actions. Claudia, ends the scene basically giving him a pass for making his own decision. Maybe she is showing him some kindness from their earlier coupling take note.

Next scene, Stella always asks how the other islanders are feeling, and Hugh is now coupled up with her. He shares that he was sad about the dumping event. However, was happy to be with her. She was feeling the best about this connection than all the others she has experienced. It is also worth reminding the fact that she has formed the most connections (couples) in the season. Can you name them all? This is one of the best scenes in the whole season showcasing her agreeableness with other islanders. She is the star of the season in our books. For right now all appears good for these two! Standby producers will try and change that!

Other Islanders react

Around the villa, other reactions are Maddy and Callum exploring each other on the couch. Tina and Mitch cozy up on another couch waiting on the next step in the dramatic return. She asked him how he is feeling. Tina is another caring agreeable type looking out for her close connections in life. He appears all relaxed laying up next to her explaining what a day it was and how nervous he was during the dumping pit time. He acknowledges that the super fans had saved them which is good. Here is the point being made that won the previous season knowing they are under a microscope for both their words and actions. He is smarter than some may think.

Mitch Bomb reveals more to the audience than turns to her seeking her comfort in bed later tonight. She shares that she is “giddy” again and surprised at her own reactions to the changed circumstances. It is good to see them react to each other in a positive way from their first re-appearance earlier as bombs—more happiness to them both. Tina shares the news with Jess and Claudia. Jess calls this place magic. Drama Love Island Australia Season 4 reviews.

Who Rated In The Bottom 3 and Needs to Lift His Profile

After the girl’s overnight postmortem meeting on the couch along with breakfast, Mitch NZ awakens to his plight on the show and moves to formalize his relationship with Phoebe S. Callum and Austen help prepare the love scene with 10 love notes and a stairway walk. He then struggles with writer’s block and enlists the help of the other boys to help with the project. Words, spelling, meaning, grammar, structure, content, and emotional attachment is a process. . Finally ready, Callum distracts Phoebe away from the outside so the boys go to work laying paper rose petals and the notes for the surprise. Many share that they like how this feels to others expressing love for their partners. She had to read each note out aloud on her journey ending with his final note asking her to be his girlfriend. Everyone was happy with her accepting his feelings for her!

It’s official as they celebrate with all the islanders rejoicing in the girl/boyfriend formality has been reached. Who will be next?

After the love show came the boys, Mitchell NZ, Callum, Austen, and Al complete a post-mortem, with self-congratulations all around. They share their overnight experiences and move on to listen to Callum and Austen. The latter expressed how he continues to enjoy looking around to see where Claudia is at. Seeing her there makes him happy and he shared more feelings with the audience. He mentions the love word and reveals butterflies in the stomach as well as a fear that she would not reciprocate the love word. The others try and reassure him that she will do what they have in their heads. Got it! Then the text arrives.

Straight into the game of “Who said What” features elves, gifts, and harsh quotes inside the boxes to showcase how fragile love is. Again, one example shown featured Claudia firing off questions about Austen’s intentions following the truth and dare event with Callum, Mitch NZ, Phoebe H, etc. He tries to reassure her that he did not stay for his own reasons and not how others portray the event.

Claudia was triggered by the challenge and does she listen to any voices of reason?

Watch the events for yourself in the full episode below. Or in the shorter summary video presentation below. You need to figure out this in your own mind without my help.

The episode ends with both Claudia and Austen battling their reactions to the challenge

The additional gossiping by others including Phoebe S has not helped. Austen tries to reconcile the situation begging the question “How much more can he take?”

Here is another review with material to support the above review. Please note even this media has been edited for time. To conclude this episode more questions remain than answers provided for many of the islanders. Suffice it to say you can make up your mind about the Claudia v Austen standoff, Claudia yet to unravel on Pheobe, and Claudia’s standing with the rest of the islanders including Tina.

Full credit to the girls to call Claudia out about her interpretation of Mitch NZ’s perspective on what he thought Austen should do, rather than focus on Austen’s action. Video clearly shows he left before it all got too steamy. Claudia has trust issues that have blindsided her emotionally hindering her clearly resolving the event. The audience has taken note and Claudia may be the next along with Jordan to be dumped. Pheobe needs to zip her lip and respect her own tenure.

Top Couples summary – A snapshot review of the current couples and their status

This is my assessment of the couples as we head towards the cliff season closure, finale, and wreckage ending close. The Monk will be back with superfans! Drama Love Island Australia Season 4 reviews.

Stella and Hugh. Stella has had the most pairings of the girls and has been quietly, with little fuss, looking for her romantic guy. Do not forget Ben saving her in an earlier episode. She feels the best she has with Hugh and that is a positive for them. Still early days. Yet these two have the best karma in the couples and rate the highest. The next couple to rate high was.

Maddy and Callum. Maddy (Hughes’ twin) felt Jess’ harsh comments in this episode. Callum is a walking red flag, totally immature (his own value) and it remains early in the couple’s journey. Will it last? No. These two like the above couple have had little or no drama at this point in time.

Austen and Claudia. He rates higher than her as an individual on maturity alone. Aside from the bad trust issues that existed earlier and now resurfaced largely in her scope, I think Austen is ready to walk away. Even though he mentioned the love word to others he has to make his mind up asap. Will he walk from the villa without her? She is losing all around right now, including the confidence and trust of the viewers. Maybe they break up and he leaves? Or another girl sheds her current partner. They equal the next couple.

Tina and Mitch Bomb. From being disconnected and hurt ex-couples outside of the villa they seem to have rekindled a love for one another. They seem to care about one another. Tina is the brain’s trust and if he would listen to her more. He would find himself in a better place than before. Tina’s logical skills were lost on Claudia in the harem meeting. If the other girls would think and listen to her they may do better as well. These two may break into the top 3 this season and at this present time, I do not have a problem with that result. Should they win? No. This time around it should be about love and not money. Up two places.

Mitch NZ and Phoebe S. He was in the bottom three of superfans’ results. Phoebe is being called a snake by several islanders. She likes to seek out gossip and retransmit it as soon as possible. Also, she is too touchy with all the boys and not well-received by several girls. Sure they received a lot of happy vibes with the boy/girlfriend scenes. These two are not in a safe place, mainly due to his antics with the truth dare fiasco. Will it last? Will they make the final 3? I can think of other couples better served so far. Down

Al and Jessica. No, last place. These two are an explosive couple and he will not tolerate her demands for much longer. Jess opens her mouth before she thinks and is super sensitive which enables instant triggers. While AI is interested in being famous on social media following his appearance on another show. He is too vain and she is not a good character in the sense of being in a loving couple. More time is required for this pairing if they have time. Down.

Magic Mullet (Jordan) aka Mr. Love Island is looking for scraps just needs to leave, or be dumped. Your time is up! You dodged a bullet with Claudia, got stolen from Stella, and never fought to get her back. You instead remained with Phoebe H, and thoughtlessly pushed her under the bus (truth bike) just to hang out with the boys. No more soup for you. Unless Claudia or another girl wants to recouple with him. That is simply not going to happen. Pack your bags. You would not listen to the girls. Listen and learn!


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Katrina Web

Interests in media and writing content. Enjoys a variety of interests including following reality tv shows. Has a media degree and a passion for people.

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