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Drama Love Island Australia Season 4 reviews

Drama Love Island Australia Season 4 reviews

Love Island Australia Season 4 Episode 25

Tina and Mitch Bomb rekindle their love in the villa and are leaning into it.
Austen and Claudia come to a head after Phoebe is caught gossiping, admitting it to Mitch Bomb. Claudia calls her out with Austen present
Stella and Hugh’s relationship develops
In Callum and Maddy’s relationship, no red flags emerge
Mitchell NZ and Phoebe S’s girl/boyfriend continue officially in front of everyone. Phoebe is called out by Claudia for gossiping.
Jess and Al have another chance by getting romantic by calling her special and celebrating by drinking out of each of his boots!
Someone is dumped from the island; Mitchell NZ is in tears for a moment.

Drama Love Island Australia Season 4 reviews.

Claudia Unravels About Her Relationship with Austen and Phoebe S

Austen is on the balcony talking about his status of falling in love with Claudia with Jess and Al. He knows what she had said about trusting him through Phoebe’s sharing the information. Austen had a low trust level and Mitch NZ’s was higher and that is what triggered the latest crisis. On reflection, he tells Claudia that he was influenced by what Phoebe had to say which placed her in the crosshairs. Even though it was exactly what Claudia said. A blame game situation by transferring her own words to someone else for repeating it. Claudia then tries to blame the event on Austen’s friends and claims it has happened several times. Yes, they are her fault but they influence a lot to her and it really irritating to her. Now we transition into blaming Phoebe for telling him too much information, things he does not need to know. Even though what was reported, was confirmed by Claudia. He thinks he does not want to know and they approach Phoebe about the situation.

Next scene, with Phoebe sitting between Austen and Claudia, she tells her that she loves her but feels pissed off with her. Phoebe is agreeable with everything Claudia has on her mind. Blaming her for repeating everything she says being repeated to others. Claiming she would never do the same to her. Phoebe has no excuse for going to the boys and completely surrenders her behavior of gossiping to them. Notice Claudia is the only one talking to Phoebe. Inserted is an in-the-moment solo camera, admitting she was sorry and wrong for causing trouble between the couple. Full admission for causing them to fight was conveyed back on the couch. Austen loves her for trying to have his best interest at heart but for the future, don’t tell him, more laughter. She agrees with laughter as well. Claudia was beginning to laugh. So what was a serious issue in Claudia’s mind was laughed away by all three in the end. Phoebe claims she knows sees a wiser path by keeping he lips shut as the best option. She does not have time for this and does not want to get wrinkles from the stress.

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Islander Romance Chefs in the Kitchen

Tina and Mitch Bomb are on the couch romantically sharing time about know each other with the audience. Callum and Maddy are vibing after three days with each other in the circumstances of being in the show. Love and uneasy peace hit the islanders overnight. The next morning, Austen and Mitch NZ brains trust decide the boys make the girls breakfast. The rest of the boys meet in the kitchen and each is delegated a task to complete ironically by Mitch Bomb. Eggs, coffee, smoothies, and more. Too many chefs in the kitchen and dropped eggs on the floor was an example. The girls are afraid they will get food poisoning, and cleaning their hands prior to contacting food was not a priority for some. Sneezing into one’s hands is not ideal either. Food is delivered by each partner, Mitch Bomb brags he knows Tina’s preferences yet forgot the utensils. The other boys deliver their creative brunch plates to their respective girls. Callum claims that their romantic sides have been shown and the day will be good with the girls. The only thing remaining was cleaning the kitchen.

Game Time In The Villa

Post the romantic scene comes Stella’s idea to share a game of testing the boys on how well they know their misses. One example is what is your biggest turn-on in bed? How well do the boys listen to the girl’s needs? Jess jumps right in and shares that Al is not a good listener.

Mitch Bomb and Hugh were correct about their girl’s favorite cuisine. Jordan was the quizmaster and got Madd’s correct i.e. Italian. Favorite drink both Mitch Bomb and Hugh nailed it. Jordan interjects on Maddy’s favorite Zack Efron which upsets Callum. Austen chose Italian and was incorrect. Callum is wrong with Thai. Not all interactions were shown.

The next scene was Austen acting romantically with Claudia finally telling her his growing love for her. She appears really excited at the moment with the rose petals. He enlists Callum and Mitch NZ and joins in the brainstorming. Callum exceeds expectations with one line this is only the beginning. Project bubble bath with engineers Callum and Mitchell NZ on hand to prepare the scene. The reveal occurred with both Austen and Claudia climbing into the bubble bathtub for his next step. She was very excited and questioned his reasoning for this surprise. The boys delivered drinks and platters to the scene on queue. Then he shared his message with Claudia in the tub together and tells of his love for her. She said it back. The islanders learn about their love and excitement is expressed all around.

Romancing the Shoe and Dump

Jess and Al do a shoey in their expression of romance. Is he hunting a podium finish? He makes an omelet. Hugh came to his rescue in producing a good example. She thought she was in trouble and sits her down to read his love and rhyme/poem. He claims he cooked it and drink to her using his shoe. She called it a very symbolic moment; he called it official. Jordan toasts the cast as the only third-wheeler. Text time and firepit time. Sophie Monk appears with her words of wisdom and hopefully spelling an emotional farewell. Guess who? Down to business, she announced the couples out aloud. Three singles, Tina, Jordan, and Mitch Bomb. Tonight is the final recoupling. Who do you want to go to the end with? Girls chose the boy, Claudia chose Austen, Jessica chose Al, Tina chose Mitch Bomb, Phoebe chose Mitchell NZ, Maddy (Madeline) chose Callum, and in the final pairing Stella chose Hugh. Jordan was dumped and given 30 minutes to say his goodbyes. Monk asks for a final lion appearance. Stella reflects on all her memories with Jordan have now come to an end. She had moved on from him. He wished her all the best with Hugh. Jordan met with the boys one final time, then claimed he will treasure his time on the island forever. A fond farewell to him from the cast concluded the episode.

In the final closeout, Phoebe asks Jordan for a final chat, and they reflect on the friendship that they built since day one, she called him her rock during the journey and now he was dumped. Hugs and tears all around. Then Mitchell NZ and Austen sit with Jordan for one final chat, all have tears about their journey and mateship developed. He leaves not mention Phoebe H but relies on all the friendships he has made, and running amuck with the boys again on the outside.

Next, superfans dump one couple!

Top Couples summary – A snapshot review of the current couples and their status

This is my assessment of the couples as we head towards the cliffhanger, finale. The Monk will be back with superfans! Update after the romantic episode 25. Who are the top couples? Who will be sent home?

Stella and Hugh. One of the last couples to form. Stella has had the most pairings of the girls and has been quietly, with less air-time, looking for her romantic guy. Episode 25 did not focus on her and Hugh together, however during the game segment was shown to know answers about her. She feels the best she has and that is a positive for them. The early days of the relationship may put them in jeopardy of being dumped. Do the superfans have another weaker couple in mind? Yet these two have the best onscreen karma in the couples and rate the highest. The next couple to rate high was.

Austen and Claudia. He rates higher than her as an individual on maturity alone. Aside from the bad trust issues, episode 25 revealed Austen is ready to stay claiming his love for her. This was reciprocated by her. For that alone, their rating now is the number two couple in the villa. He made his mind up. This was a complete flip from the previous episodes. They equal the next couple. Drama Love Island Australia Season 4 reviews.

Tina and Mitch Bomb. From being disconnected and hurt ex-couples outside of the villa they claim to have rekindled a love for one another. In episode 25 he knew most of the answers to the game quiz about her. Tina is the brain’s trust and should listen to her more. Her logical skills are a strength. These two may break into the top 3 this season and at this present time, I do not have a problem with that result. Should they win? No. This time around it should be about love and not money. Up in the ranking.

Mitch NZ and Phoebe S. He was in the bottom three of superfans’ results in a recent episode. Phoebe is called a snake by several islanders and was confronted by Claudia and Austen in episode 25. She admits her mistake about gossiping to everyone. Her friendship with the other islanders was evident. She needs to abide by her words and stay out of other people’s business. Not be touchy with the boys. These two are not in a safe place, mainly due to his antics with the truth dare fiasco. Will it last? Will they make the final 3? I can think of other couples better served so far. Down

Maddy and Callum. Maddy (Hughes’ twin) during episode 25 was shown in silly giggling and romantic exchanges including the margarine butter scene. felt Jess’ harsh comments in this episode. Callum is a walking red flag, totally immature (his own value) and it remains early in the couple’s journey. Will it last? No. These two like Stella and Hugh couple have had little or no drama at this point in time.

Al and Jessica. No, last place. These two are an explosive couple and he tolerates her demands for much longer. Jess opens her mouth before she thinks and is super sensitive which enables instant triggers. While AI is interested in being famous on social media following his appearance on another show. He is too vain and she is not a good character in the sense of being in a loving couple. More time is required for this pairing if they have time.

Who goes home? Al and Jessica as they are a walking rollercoaster and are not convincing in their relationship antics revealed so far. The second option would be Callum and Madeline. Superfans may also be tired of Callum or even Mitchell NZ. This is pure speculation. What do you say?

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