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Temptation Island Season 4 News Spoilers watch

Temptation Island Season 4 News Spoilers watch


Watch the full episode while it lasts.


This is a new post-episode media presentation allowing the cast to react to their own show experiences. Both groups appear to have formed their own support group.

Sneak Peek clip has been released for the new series. Watch. Just a reminder that all the couple women chose to come to Temptation Island this season.

When my partner tells me they don’t watch Bravo…
*submits application to #TemptationIsland*

— Bravo (@BravoTV) March 17, 2022

New six-minute meet the contestants and their intentions for the season 4 video presentation.

All the women revealed it was their idea to travel to the island/show. Expect the drama to unfold from the get-go.

Moreover, here’s the dramatic First Look at Temptation Island Season 4 | Premieres March 16 | USA Network

SINGLES Media – almost 4 minutes

Will the singles find a foothold in their quest to find love with one of the coupled up leads?

From the media, it has to be a yes.

The concept is the same as in prior seasons will someone or all be tempted?

It appears several of the cast couples will succumb to the temptation. Watch the clip below.

Meet the cast via

“I am a little scared of temptation…” Temptation Island is returning to USA Network for Season 4! Get ready for the new couples and the drama that ensues when they are introduced to temptation.

Who will find true love and who will be left heartbroken?

Temptation Island Season 4.

►► SUBSCRIBE: ►► WATCH FULL EPISODES NOW: ►► VISIT USA’S OFFICIAL SITE: #USANetwork #TemptationIsland #SneakPeek About Temptation Island: TEMPTATION ISLAND follows four dating couples at a pivotal time in their relationship, where they must mutually decide if they are ready to commit to one another for the rest of their lives — or should go their separate ways.

Together, the couples travel to the tropical paradise of Maui, Hawaii, where they join 24 eligible men and women. There, they live the “single life,” in a test that is meant to help answer their most difficult questions about their relationship.

Highlights from seasons 1 – 3 for you

  • 0:00 – David & Samantha’s Shower
  • 1:12 – John & Katheryn Get Close
  • 2:45 – Ashley & KB’s Steamy Night
  • 4:19 – Kendal’s Double Date
  • 5:39 – Evan & Morgan’s First Time
  • 6:46 – Chelsea & Blake’s Embrace
  • 7:55 – David’s Threesome

Where are they now? A media catchup clip for earlier season 3.

Revisit Season 3

Here’s a compilation drama clip from the producers for you to savor!

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