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Temptation Island Season 4 News Spoilers watch

Temptation Island Season 4 News Spoilers watch

Guess who is back?

Gillian invites Tommy, however, she wants to establish boundaries whatever that means.

Lascelles has an epiphany and tells everyone within hearing distance that he only has an interest in Trace and for the other woman to keep their distance.

other recent releases feature Trace and Lascelles…

After Show clips are the real tea for the audience

These producers rock! More Aftershow shows!

However, format change in allowing in-group power decisions has now been revealed.

Preview clip for the next episode…watch for the spoilers…

Mark decides to change things up by having the men decide who they will eliminate instead of Ash, Iris, Ashley, and Gillian. Tensions rise as the single men face elimination, and the men get strategic for their own gain. The Temptation Island Season 4 Episode 5

SO what is the point of changing the elimination process to allow the men to decide? Does this not disrupt Ash, Iris, Ashley, and Gillan’s ability to choose who they want to leave?

Maybe disruption adds to the drama and causes additional conflict.

You see where this is headed

This is not a change I like for many reasons. This is now more ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ like in-group power.

Lets see the reaction when the results are shown.

Luke Small