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Temptation Island Season 4 News Spoilers watch

The Reunion show and post-show wrap

Media attributing blame between Edgar and Gillian. Is it for the public to decide?

The producers released these post-season clips.

The Reunion show and post-show media

Reunion Special or maybe not so special if you catch the meaning

Ashley and Lascelles Full opening final episode season 4 USA Network credit

Social media took to all the main characters this season with no holds bar.

The following are random selections of quotes from social media summarizing the reunion show.

Edgar and Gillian

Gillian Lieberman went off the island alone, while Edgar De Santiago opted to leave with Marissa Rodriguez.

“Toxic Relationships between the couples, empathy for Edgar, Gillian is whiny, she is 21 years old, to lets just throw the season away.” Those are only a number of examples from a long list.

Is Gillian just mad because Tommy deferred their relationship?

Wait a moment, Tommy did not spill any tea. Is he holding something back?

Another comment begged for Gillian and Edgar to solve this off-camera.

Marissa did not hop on the hate Edgar train.

See Marissa is an example of a stable, understanding person. Edgar realized he wasn’t ready (who can blame him) and was UNDERSTANDING even tho she was hurt. Meanwhile Gillian is over here still trying to stir the pot.

@tayredacted Twitter

Hania and Ash….

Ash Lamiroult and Hania Stocker. As we know, Hania wanted to explore an open relationship but quickly changed his mind after watching Ash — reeling from their knowledge of his past infidelities — fall for Taylor Patrick on the island. Hania even bought them an engagement ring? But will… accept it?

Ash confronts Hania with how furious they are about his past indiscretions, noting they feel like he doesn’t listen to them. Hania admits he wasn’t, and he apologizes profusely for his past behavior. Ash is clearly deeply upset, but Hania seemingly decides to put it all out there, pulling out the ring.

Obviously,… turn him down, crying as… say no. Ash admits they just had a very intense connection with Taylor and they aren’t ready for this. Ash declares they want to leave the island single. Hania does as well, heartbroken by his failed engagement gambit.

Ash and Taylor’s reaction…she hopped in bed first with Taylor…

Hania: “Will you marry me?” Ash: “No”

@DaBlackB2 Twitter

Iris and Luke

Luke Wechselberger has also decided to propose to Iris Jardiel. During their final bonfire, Iris notes she’s gotten stronger and more self-confident through this experience, and that while she’s had to make some efforts in their relationship, she consistently heard him dismiss her concerns about his past indiscretions on the show. It hurt her, and she needs to know she can trust him.

Luke agrees and tells her he’s a completely different person now and credits her decision to come on “Temptation Island” for it.

“I’m not here to abandon and disappoint you. I love you,” Iris says. “And if you can’t see that, it doesn’t justify you doing what you did to me and it needs to stop.” 

But as they walk off together, he has another surprise: Flower petals are strewn all over the place, and Luke drops down on one knee.

“I’m just thanking you for taking us here because, I don’t think I would have changed without us coming here,” he says. 

He proposes…read the rest of their story

“I want you to be my girl forever and ever,” he tells Iris.

She, of course, happily says yes. The two are now engaged!

Luke turned out to be the boring frat boy in a good way, from a morale standpoint, and not entertaining to the rest of the audience who wanted more. Social Media Twitter

Iris got a big, ole Rock! Good job, Luke!

@dallasfan3434 Twitter

Lascelles and Ashley

Lascelles Lagares and Ashley Rodriguez — especially as she just revealed she’s open to leaving with him, even after he spent the whole time on the island declaring his love for Trace Winningham.

So, what does Lascelles have to say to that? He’d rather leave with Trace, he admits! Ashley is appalled (although how can be she that surprised? She’s watched Lascelles and Trace exchange “I love yous!“). She angrily cuts him off to tell host Mark L. Walberg she’d like to change her answer.

“Deep down inside I just want to leave by myself and walk away. I love how independent I am by myself. My life after this is going to look amazing,” she declares. Good for her!

Lascelles tells Trace his decision, and the two are both thrilled to explore the “something special” they have together. Ashley has a point however when she laments Lascelles’ decision in an interview: “How can you jump into a new relationship? When have you healed?” she asks.

Lascelles takes no responsibility and he’s blaming the alcohol

@nidzi1k Twitter

Lascelles is a straight up dog who needs to grow up! And if Trace can’t admit that she is done with him, she is weaker than I thought.

@dallasfan3434 Twitter

Seven-year relationship dramatically ended on a hideous blue sofa

@sergmeowenstein Twitter

she said hes disgusting and never going back to him good for her

@lukovist Twitter

This is the earlier information

…Gillian and Edgar reunite first, and what follows is a tense and awkward conversation. While Gillian thanks Edgar for being a great partner, she conveys her fury and hurt at watching him sleep with Marissa. Edgar is defensive, insisting being with Marissa was “an active choice” and he only connected deeper with her because Gillian hurt him by being flippant about the promise ring. He equates it as being as painful as Gillian seeing him have sex, which Gillian scoffs at. (She also denies ever sleeping with Tommy and notes it was Edgar who broke their rules, not her.)

He also tells her that, ultimately, she hurt him most by insisting they come to “Temptation Island” in the first place. It’s clear there’s no going back from this. Gillian leaves the island alone (after a very awkward hug, which gets worse when Edgar asks for a kiss and Gillian denies him) while Edgar ultimately decides to leave with Marissa.

Lascelles and Ashley are up next. Lascelles insists he had Ashley on his mind all the time, but tells her about Trace, saying she may have seen her in a couple of the bonfire clips. (“All of them,” she says with a snort.) Trace, he says, challenges him to become a better version of himself. Ashley shoots back that she thought about Lascelles all the time, but she also met someone who helped her grow: Blake. She doesn’t deny that the bonfire clips where Lascelles told Trace he was in love were very painful, but ultimately Lascelles convinces Ashley it’s her fault for not giving him space to grow and be himself, as Trace does.

“Now I kinda see I took advantage of you. I could’ve been better,” she cries. What?! This is shocking, as Lascelles is the one who fell in love with someone else, yet Ashley is insistent it must be her fault. 

Then, she tells him she wants to leave the island together and make it work. What will Lascelles say? We have to wait until next week to see.

Ash prepares for the final bonfire with Hania clip. The second clip features the men’s final goodbyes before the last bonfires.

Full opening shows emotional goodbyes watch
Friend-Zoned by Tommy…

Edgar and Gillian are at the bonfire this week…watch the sneak peek!

Full Opening feature and AFTER SHOW

Will they return to those earlier relationships?

Let us talk about the characters in this show.

There are simply too many emotional and physical elements at play to even partly blame anyone who takes part

However, here we are watching the growth and behaviors all fall out on screen. Good luck if you have been following this.

Highlights and upcoming releases appear below. The newest media is at the top.

Media releases

His ‘I Love You’ breaks Ashley’s heart in episode 8.

Here is a sneak peek of episode 9

Ash is not happy with Hania’s video message in this full opening video presentation.

Gillian’s reaction to Edgar’s revelation on the show. The After Show begins right now.

New release

Sneak Peek next episode on USA Network

Ashley’s reaction to Lascelles’ love confession full opening S4E7 watch below. More unseen After Show featurettes added.

All credit to USA Network.

Gillian has her say about Edgar’s behavior this week in the After Show media release S4 E7.

A new release preview for episode 6 is available.

Lascelles stresses out about his relationship with Ash and Trace, and Hania tries to talk to him, man to man.

He decides he wants Trace and expresses his love for her.

The guys are ready to let loose with the single ladies at the lingerie party, and things get hot and heavy with lap dances and banana hammocks. 

Tears are shed, and emotions run high as the guys try to work out their feelings toward their significant others after a heartbreaking bonfire.

But back at the girls’ villa, spirits are high and the girls think they might have more clarity in the future of their relationships.

Temptation Island Season 4 Episode 6.

Watch new episodes of Temptation Island, Wednesdays at 10/9c on USA Network.

Here’s the latest ‘After Show’ release right in your face follow the journey in these behind-the-scenes post-episode featurettes.


New release clip featuring a bedroom kiss


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Luke Small

Follows news media across several countries. Has been writing for over 25 years in entertainment field. Enjoys basketball and fishing.

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