Temptation Island Series 3 Recaps News videos

Temptation Island Series 3 Recaps News videos

This is a snapshot, with video, and commentary of the highlights of Temptation Island Series 3 Recaps News videos.

Background in short.

Four heterosexual couples journey as they separate for a period of time to test their relationships and free will.

Latest information appears at the top.

Final Bonfire and Reunion video hurry before it goes away…

Checkout USA Network.com for the series…

Erin talks about Shaq in this clip from the reunion….


The reunion season 3 video presentation….


And if you get to see this before it is taken down…were your surprised by the reveals?




What will Chelsea do? Watch


Here is a snapshot summary.

Kirsten and Julian he proposed (with Tula’s help picking the ring etc) to her….and happy times for them.

Chelsa and Tom decide to leave together.

Erica leaves by herself.


Speculation as to who leaves with who intensifies this week as the series climax is with us.

Erica has her say about Kendal’s behaviors last bonfire moment!

Furthermore, if you have followed the series week by week then you have invested time in each of the characters.

If you are binge watching then you likely are thinking who are these people?

It is likely some of the characters will cry tears of happiness or sadness reflecting on their journey and for example…how the producer’s edited the show.

‘All in the contract fine print.’

Tempting an individual with another person of interest tests behaviors and any rational thinking by most of us.

That is a general claim, I have no documentary evidence to support it. Please research the subject and challenge the claim in due process. I will wait.

Who is/was your favorite character this season?

Tula and her constant steadiness throughout the season. She has a really cool spirit and very caring placing others first.

Give our readers a supported reason.

Single and such a big heart – Julian was lucky to have connected with her.

Check out her bio in the link provided below.

On with the closing episode(s).


If you want to hear from cast members then checkout realitysteve.com podcasts

Top Moments Erica kisses Jesse and Kendal gets intimate with Alexcys in this clip


Next Episode Preview

Alexcys confronts Kendal as final dates are announced! What will happen?

The conversation includes his pursuit of Nickole. Mark arrives to the villa to let the group know it’s time to select their final dates.

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I think kendal’s going to leave alone. he has shown everyone he can’t be trusted in a relationship even Alexcys is going to realize he’s not the one, if he picks her key word “IF”…at the end I think she’s just going to leave alone if she’s still around.

Full opening clip post

All the couples experience connections with other singles now. One example from the episode is Tom reflects about his relationship then moves to lap dance Sophia.

The whole premise of this show is entertainment at the couples who sign on at the beginning to test their relationships. At this stage I would be surprised if any of these couples

will depart the island together.

A long shot opinion  by

Corey & Amanda,
Tom & Sophia,
Julian & Tula,
Kendal & Nickole


Tom reflects on his relationship with Erin in this clip. What will he see at the next bonfire?


Full opening clip…

Episode 7 Full video


More behavioral issues are shown next episode….



The next elimination round is brutal…for the singles while Kendall simply has fun!

Full opening clip from episode 6 this week

Kendal interacts with Tula in this clip



Top Moments – Full Opening this week’s episode.

Several cast were sent home due to lack of connections with the leads in both villas. Two males sent home did not show had behavioral issues and demonstrated that their selections were for the right reasons.

Kristen and Erica featured heavily tonight in dealing with their self values and those of their partners. Erica had seen two clips of her partner in bed with one and two women.

She claimed that she would not be returning home with Kendal.

Kristen revealed her family member had suffered an overdose at the end of the show bonfire.

She had seen the clip of her Julian sobbing in the room reflecting on his circumstance. She felt helpless.

Erin rebutted the claims from two of the cast single females about her and revealed her insecurities about herself.

Corey and Thomas were just chillin’ out this episode.

Chelsea and Blake are back in the interest zone.




Sneak Peek Week Five

Kendall is all for eliminating some of the singles while Thomas is more open to keeping the options open.

Production has edited the series carefully with many of the singles not getting air time…story line for each lead has been set, so it appears logical that some without air time will go.

On the other hand, the one singles who have had behavioral issues or knocked themselves out of contention should be easy to pick.

Full Opening week 4

Here is an unofficial copy of  the episode…S3e4

Kendal and Alexycs confirmed their relationship. While Erica has seen the evidence for her to move on now.

Here is Erica’s podcast released hosted by Steve Carbone…aka  Reality Steve

Blake appears to be the focus of other male singles calling him fake. Chelsea called him out herself and still wants to pursue her.

Erin moved on from Shaq and he had appeared not to happy confronted with the situation. Thomas and Sophia seems to be moving along although he appeared with another woman in the clips.

Kirsten is still finding her feet. Meanwhile Corey and Julian appear happy with their current dates/friendships.

Preview week 4 Alexcys makes her move

Last episode Top Moment…

Week 3 Full Episode follow the link – approx. 42 minutes…

Kristen falls under the microscope of some of the single men…and what happens in the men’s villa. …standby (not available yet).

Here is the full opening video supplied uploaded by the producers… featuring the bonfire reveals and discussions.

Each couple experienced some new insight into their own situations in this episode. The girls’ villa experienced a disco party which fell flat for many due to the revelation that Dr. Blake had spiked the mood with his inventive assessment of all the relationships. Telling one of his male cohorts that he is likely to be sent home etc. which the girls denied.

The second dates revealed how comfortable some of the characters were or were not about choosing another person to share time with. For example Chelsea went with Dr. Blake again. She questioned whether this was right or not.

Meanwhile Corey asked Amanda on the second date which hurt Nickole’s feelings and she did not handle the situation well.





Tom asked Sophia on the second date and claimed she was more his type. There was an exchange of a kiss on the cheek shown. More to come.



Julian dated Tula (I believe)!Tula

Erin asked winking Shiquelle on the second date. They had some screen time in the interview stage of dating this episode.



She later met with Chelsea and suggested to her to explore other men other than Blake.

Kendal chose to spend another date with Alexcys and she wanted to stay the night with him the closing shot!



Week 2 Full Episode follow the link – about 42 minutes

Dr Blake (Dentist) questions Kristen’s intentions for the audience…and she reacts…not really just goes on in her own world.


This week the villa stays commence…

Your dose of the top moments from the week.

Full Episode and Meet The Singles

Watch the latest videos here or on YT link provided.


Episode 1

Don’t Drop A Dime For A Nickel

Tue, Feb 16, 2021 63 mins

Temptation Island welcomes four new couples. Let the fun, drama, and partying begin.

Link to watch online



Episode 2

He’s Been A Bad Boy

Tue, Feb 23, 2021 60 mins

The couples adjust to single life. Some struggle letting go, others dive straight into temptation.

New video release – cast secrets

Cast Members – Couples as they were before the show

Chelsea Orcutt and Thomas Gipson Chelsea, 29, and Thomas, 37, have been dating and living in West Hollywood for a year. The investment trader’s flirtatious personality clashes with Chelsea’s jealousy and possessiveness. Plus, he’s afraid of commitment and the marketing coordinator is his first serious relationship.

Kristen Ramos and Julian Allen High school sweethearts Kristen and Julian, both 26, have been together for 11 years. While he has cheated twice and owned up to his mistakes, Kristen still holds it over him. He is ready to propose but is terrified she’ll say no. Meanwhile, she’s hesitant about moving forward and knows she’s unable to let go of the past.

Erin Smith and Corey Sobczyk After 18 months together, Erin, 24, feels something is lacking in her relationship with Corey, 25. As a former pro soccer player, she compares every guy to her ex-boyfriends — mostly pro athletes. Corey, a concierge manager, has lost his confidence during his relationship with Erin, feeling underappreciated and belittled. 
Erica Washington and Kendal Kirkland Erica, 24, and Kendal, 26, have been together for two and a half years. As a successful business owner, Kendal wants a partner who can keep up professionally but isn’t sure it’s Erica. The personal assistant, meanwhile, feels underappreciated in their relationship, hoping Temptation Island brings them closer to an engagement.

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About Temptation Island: TEMPTATION ISLAND follows four dating couples at a pivotal time in their relationship, where they must mutually decide if they are ready to commit to one another for the rest of their lives — or should go their separate ways.

Together, the couples travel to the tropical paradise of Maui, Hawaii, where they join 24 eligible men and women. There, they live the “single life,” in a test that is meant to help answer their most difficult questions about their relationship.

Catch up on previous cast members


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