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The Voice 2022 USA News Spoilers Highlights Media.

The Voice 2022 USA News Spoilers Highlights Media

Here are some noteworthy events announced concerning, auditions, and more. The Voice 2022 USA News Spoilers Highlights Media watch.

The producers now serve one season per year for the U.S. market. Although do not be surprised if another iteration returns in early 2023. There are several rumors about the second claim and no confirmation or denial at this point.

Twitter posts contain new performance clips and news

The Voice Season 22 image NBC credit

The premiere was copybook planned drama, Shelton was projected as not winning team members while new coach Camila was strong and steady by the producers. Gwen and John did well with their choices, the came Blake’s first aired win. This will be a good season with out the manipulated positioning shown tonight. Good luck to the contestants and coaches.

There was some speculation that surrounded the return of Ariana Grande this season. Plenty of fans argued for and against her next calendar year plans.

The Voice 2022 USA News Spoilers Highlights Media watch.


Camila Cabello replaces Ariana Grande as she committed to appearing in Wicked.

Coaches perform a song from Camila’s song library in the opener

s t e v e n

1 hour ago #TeamCamila is coming! She’s going to be so good… and then there’s Blake. Never changed since season 1 lol

Gwen Stefani replaces Kelly Clarkson this season and is now married to Blake, making for some unique television. Clarkson has a full book of working events, from television to other media and music.

Blake Shelton returns for another season with fans speculating he returned because Gwen was part of this season. It may even be his last season on the show. Ten years and only one season of the show has its risks and benefits for him and his wife.

Can Blake win a ninth title and leave the show with a historical record?

Will he remain in the big red chair for another season if they return to two iterations per year?

John Legend returns.

Carson Daly as host returns.

The Voice 2022 USA News Spoilers Highlights Media


A suggested premiere date is September 19, 2022. As AGT concludes on September 14, 2022.

NBC’s fall premiere schedule shows that September 19 and 20 are both two-hour episodes.

With casting audition recording was completed in Los Angeles.

Update – all information is subject to change until officially announced

The battle spoilers:

  • A TOP 56
  • 14 performers per team.
  • 28 Battles, resulting in a
  • TOP 36.
  • KO’s 9 PER TEAM
  • the one steal and one save remained in effect for battles besides the extra battle.

Battles recordings

Battles are up on 1iota. Filming is on July 27th and 28th.

How To Audition for The Voice article and pdf.

All 16 ‘The Voice’ coaches ranked worst to best

How to compare and contrast each coach’s ranked in this article. I am sure you will have a different opinion.

Link to leaks

The Voice 2022 USA News Spoilers Highlights Media

Unconfirmed names of potential contestants include

Kim Cruse is an RNB soul and inspirational singer-songwriter hailing from the small town of Woodville Texas. Fan Threadinstagram | youtube

Another example is Morgan Myles’s Website a five-octave range singer-songwriter and was named the CCMA’s 2009 best female artist. The 35-year-old country singer was born in Pennsylvania and resides in Nashville TN according to sources.  Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Example three Kevin Hawkins  Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Luke Small

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