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Kevin Hawkins' Journey Voice Blind Auditions 2022

Kevin Hawkins’ Journey Voice Blind Auditions 2022

Here is a four-chair turn from the second episode featuring Kevin Hawkins’ Journey Voice Blind Auditions 2022

Kevin Hawkins Performs Silk Sonic’s “Skate”

Here is his Top 16 performance this week. Sadly, end of the line for Kevin! Good luck to him on his musical journey outside of the show.

Kevin Hawkins’ Four-Chair Turn auditioned with”Isn’t She Lovely”

There will be more content added throughout the season from various sources with links.

bodie, Kevin and The Dryes compete for a spot on the team knockouts

The battle aired October 24 2022 with comments below.

Kevin Hawkins vs Hillary Torchinna


Hillary Went home

Nour Ahmed

1 hour ago Blake’s selection of songs always amazes me. 40


1 hour ago (edited) Both so emotional from note 1. His voice is instantly engaging and she was bringing the emotion also. This was a duet with each carrying the other. Kevin gives me chills every time he opens his mouth. I’ll be watching this again.

Kevin Hawkins: Watch 4-chair turn ‘The Voice’ performance | The Kansas …

Today Influenced musically by John Legend, North Texas native Kevin Hawkins missed the opportunity to be coached by his idol just seconds into his blind audition on “The Voice” on Tuesday, Sept. 20.


32 minutes ago smooth RnB vocal out of the gate. He found places in this Stevie song to add his own touch, just some light flavoring and worked the stage. Very well done. Left me wanting more

Katrina Web

1 comment

  • From a Seattle-based Kevin Hawkins to another, I’m rooting for you all the way for the WIN!

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