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American Idol 2022 Results Contestants News read

American Idol 2022 Results Contestants News read

Here is our highlight coverage of the 20th Season of American Idol 2022 Results Contestants News read.


Noah wins

Watch any of the video performances using the above link from the official YT channel. Too many to include all here.

Hunter performs Riot
Luke and Hunter duo on stage is a moment of the season.
Lionel and 10 others not named appear to know the same song.
Noah and Melissa duo

Top 2 announced with elimination of Leah as the show progressed to the climax of one!

Top 3 – Finale

3 hour finale from ABC where all guests perform with hopefuls and hopeful perform with a few guests or something like that. Perry and Bryan even duet with a hopeful winner.

Somewhere at the end a winner will be declared we will post the highlights to close out this season. Congratulations to the winner and all who participated in an extraordinary group of singers.

Hunter on stage
Noah performs
Leah’s second performance and last solo this season
Leah on stage
Intro America Idol fans vote to decide their winner.

Outline summary

Top 3 News

The moment when the Top 3 find out who they’re singing with on SUNDAY NIGHT! #IdolFinale @_LeahMarlene + @KatyPerry! @NoahThompsonMu1 + @metheridge! @HunterGirlMusic + @LukeBryan!

Top 5 perform Result Top 3

Leah, Huntergirl, and Noah advance to the Top 3

Leah Marlene

Hunter K aka Huntergirl

Intro Hunter performance 1 Top 5

Intro and Top 5 first performance

Fritz Hager performance 1 Top 5

Full performance with Judging 1st performance

Luke Small

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