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Noah Thompson American Idol 2022 Contestant video

Noah Thompson American Idol 2022 Contestant video

Noah Thompson American Idol 2022 Contestant video

He is on the journey with stops along the way including Top 2, and way back to Hollywood Weeks, all showcased in Noah Thompson’s American Idol 2022 Contestant video.

In brief, his background was not in music, however, a friend forced him to audition for the show and in short, we all are thankful that he did.



Noah talks about his win along with Hunter as runner up. Congrats to all who participated in this successful season.
In a tuxedo for this last of last songs.

Noah and Hunter advanced into the Top 2. Leah was eliminated tonight.

His original song performance
Noah and Melissa Etheridge on stage
One Day from Noah this was his final solo performance this season.
Hometown visit clip
First performance in the Idol finale
The moment when the Top 3 find out who they’re singing with on SUNDAY NIGHT! #IdolFinale @_LeahMarlene + @KatyPerry! @NoahThompsonMu1 + @metheridge! @HunterGirlMusic + @LukeBryan!

Top 5 performances, results and Carrie Underwood

Multiple sources for you to choose from here.

Top 7 performances

The latest performance from Disney Night Top 10 to become Top 7

Top 11 performance and result…moved into the top 10

Top 14 bid for Top 11 for Noah

Top 14 performance with ‘Cover Me Up’

Top 20 Performance

Noah covers Harry Styles in a country vocal to end the first night’s presentation. Well done to him.

Top 24 Hawaii

Expect to see more of Noah over the remainder of the season.

Luke Small

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