Zach Shallcross Bachelor USA News Spoilers read

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Kaity & Zach’s First Interview

Zach & Kaity Share

What’s Next for Kaity & Zach

More About Their Proposal

The Bachelor 2023 Finale Sneak Peek includes Zach’s Final Decision Clip

Zach’s Intimate Confession with Kaity

Zach Uses L Word To Gabi

Zach Says Goodbye to Ariel

Women Tell All

Two women named Katherine and Brooklyn exchange reunion memories

Anastasia has another 15 seconds of fame

More happy vibes with Christina Mandrell

Zach tries to crash a viewing party

Season 27 Bloopers

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Katherine Can Walk and Chew Gum At The Same Time

“The Week Was Robbed” means something new

Media Episode 2 and preview week 3

Did you want to see the drama? Week 3 seems to be already important as a hook to hold your attention span.

Now the science majors start testing the subjects in a controlled environment lose on each other
Christina on their date
A real bad bitch with Latto and a well-known lead master dating man struggling to find his mind in real-time.

Christina shares she has a daughter to the lead of a well-known dating show on camera

Preview released 1/21/2023

Zach meets the first group of women ABC
Meet Some of the Women competing for the lead ABC
Zach Shallcross Bachelor USA News Spoilers read
Zach’s Season in three minutes…watch learn…observe…
Greer received Zach’s First Impression Rose clip – ABC Bachelor Nation

Media Episode 1

Meet the ladies released and rebuttal from Reality Steve

Bios and media details contrasted by Reality Steve may give you some insight into the main characters this season.

Zach Shallcross Bachelor USA News Spoilers read
  • Release date included in video presentation watch for details.
  • First Promo release with over 2 mins of previews
Zach Shallcross Bachelor USA News Spoilers read

Happiness, love, jealousy, tears, insecurities, drama, wine, world trips, fails, and one end that you did not expect! January 23, 2023

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(SPOILER): The Bachelor is filming overnights and final rose ceremony this season in Krabi, Thailand. Overnights started today. Last time they were there was when Colton had his fence jump. Before that, Sean’s season.

Reality Steve

(SPOILER): Zach is on a hometown date today with Kaitlyn Biggar in Austin, TX. This was filmed in the South Congress area. I love production with their snotty “You can’t take videos” comment. Really? In a public place right on the street? Uh, yes you can.

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(SPOILER): Zach is on a hometown date today with Ariel Frenkel. Earlier today they were in Washington Square Park. Here they are headed into Sarge’s Deli & Diner in Murray Hill.

Zach Shallcross Is Announced as the Next Bachelor and He Sits Down with Jesse Palmer

Bachelor Nation

Here is a recent quote with a link suggesting that producers may have helped Zach during the season with a positive edit. The theory may not exclusive to Zach or in fact, a standard used in propagating new leaders across the franchise. If you have followed more than three seasons then you already have your own examples to share with our audience.

Many fans feel Zach was set up to be The Bachelor’s lead because of his favorable edit throughout The Bachelorette season 19. Zach, 26, was a fan favorite throughout the season as he spent weeks connecting with Rachel Recchia. The two shared several dates, and it seemed they were headed toward a relationship. Rachel even met Zach’s family, after which he told her he was in love with her. Zach chose to leave weeks later after spending some time off-camera with Rachel. He believes he didn’t see the full picture of her personality while filming. Rachel cited Zach as not being ready for a serious relationship, but The Bachelor‘s Zach has refuted the marriage claim, saying he takes the opportunity “very seriously.”


Zach Shallcross Bachelor USA News Spoilers read

Zach Shallcross Bachelor USA News Spoilers read Bachelor Nation and ABC

Who Is Zach Shallcross? Facts About The Next Bachelor

7 days ago per his bio on the ABC website, Shallcross is a tech executive based in Anaheim Hills, CA. His LinkedIn lists him as a Senior Cloud Technology Sales Executive at Oracle. The 26-year-old graduated from California Polytechnic State University in 2019 and said the experience was “absolutely worth it” in an Instagram post at the time.

Zach Shallcross, who fans saw vying for Rachel’s heart on “The Bachelorette,” was just announced as the next Bachelor. Check out his sit-down interview with Jesse Palmer above.


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Rose Ceremony #1: 30 to 20 (Los Angeles, CA)

Sample of the limo entrance by the women:

Bailey – She had a sticker that said “Hi my name is Bailey,” since Zach had a hard time remembering her name on the ATFR.
Brooklyn – She had a haystack as part of her entrance since her background is a professional barrel racer.
Christina – She arrived on a party bus.
Greer – Did the tortilla slap challenge that’s kind of a craze on TikTok.
Holland – Zach had his first 1-on-1 in Holland in with Rachel, and Holland made a joke to him about being in the wrong Holland.
Mercedes – She brought a pig on a leash. Not sure why.

Reality Steve

The first elimination was decided early. According to sources Madison Johnson was eliminated before the first rose ceremony. It is suggested that she used an over-aggressive approach and Zach ended her journey. Zach Shallcross Bachelor USA News Spoilers read

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Cara Ammon, Holland Parsons, Lekha Ravi, Olivia Lewis, Olivia Miller, Rebecca, Sonia Sharma, Vanessa Dinh, and Viktoria Eichner. Madison Johnson was eliminated before the rose ceremony.

Reality Steve

The other highlight of the first night 10 contestants were eliminated on the first episode. The result was that everyone got to be on a date in the early episodes.

Rose Ceremony #2: 20 to 17 (LA, CA)

Group Date: This was the group date that Victoria Fuller, Courtney Robertson, and Tahzjuan Perkins were “judges”. It was hosted by Latto, the rapper who sings “Big Energy.” Bailey, Brianna, Brooklyn, Cat Carter, Davia, Genevie, Kat, Kylee, and Mercedes. Brianna was awarded the “winner” for having the “big bitch energy” by Latto.

1-on-1: Christina Mandrell. This was the date at the Anaheim Hills golf course and then at the Orange County Mining Company for dinner. Christina got a rose.

The group date featured a puppet show with the girls acting out material which may progress into new reality shows for the parent company in 2023 or 2024. Take notes ABC.

Group Date: Each girl had to put on a puppet show. Gabby, Anastasia (in a bathrobe), Greer, Ally, Kimberly, Kaity, Ariel, Victoria, Charity, and Jessica.

Ally volunteered to go first. Her bit was using a puppet version of herself to practice her first kiss with Zach on an orange. Then a Zach puppet joined and the puppets kissed. When she came off stage to hug him, the audience said to kiss her but he didn’t.

Greer went second and apparently wasn’t very good. She had sock puppets.

Gabby went next. She had Gabby and Greer puppets and talked about them being sorority sisters and Greer getting the first impression rose. Then talked about them becoming sister wives.

Kimberly had an angel puppet and a devil puppet (like she had both of them sitting on her shoulder talking to her). She was talking about the first night coming out of the limo. And the angel would tell her nice things and the devil would say things to make her insecure. The angel would say things like that she looked great and deserved to be there. The devil would say everyone else was prettier and she didn’t deserve to be there. Basically a message about being confident in yourself.

Ariel mentioned being Ukrainian during her puppet show

Anastasia came up in her bathrobe. She had a hot tub prop set up (like a cardboard cutout type thing) and was wearing a bikini top under her robe. She brought Zach up on stage and had him pop a bottle of champagne while they pretended to be in the hot tub.

Kaity had puppets that looked like her and Zach and I think the premise was that they got married, and then “9 months later” her puppet is laying down giving birth. She made “labor” heavy breathing noises. She had Zach’s puppet-like look at the baby come out.

Charity had a puppet therapist that kept telling her to drink tequila for all of her problems. And then she did a shot of tequila on stage.

Jessica centered around the idea of finding a fairytale ending.

Victoria went last. Her costume was like a fortune teller box with a curtain. She talked about 2 years ago her house being flooded, and if she could get through that she could get through Zach dating 30 other women. She made a joke something along the lines of if they have a problem in the future (like a bridge to get over) they “shall cross” it together. So it was a play on his last name.

Reality Steve

Next was the elimination process

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Cat Carter, Kimberly Gutierrez, Victoria Jameson.

Reality Steve

Rose Ceremony #3: 17 to 14 (LA, CA)

1-on-1: Kaity Biggar. Museum of Natural History I believe was the night portion. Not sure what they did during the day. Kaity got a rose.

Group Date: Tackle football game at Moorpark College. Jesse and Hannah Storm announce. Blue Team: Ariel, Bailey, Brooklyn, Charity, Christina, Kat, and Kylee. Yellow Team: Anastasia, Brianna, Davia, Gabby, Genevie, Greer, Jessica, and Mercedes.

1-on-1: Alyssa (Aly) Jacobs. Skydiving into winery. Babcock Winery & Vineyards in Santa Barbara. Aly got a rose.

Reality Steve

A self-elimination by Bailey was reported. The reason is not confirmed. Zach Shallcross Bachelor USA News Spoilers read.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Christina Mandrell. Her elimination a week after getting a rose I believe had to do with her behavior at the cocktail party. Heard she was acting erratic and might’ve been drinking too much.

Reality Steve

Rose Ceremony #4: Bahamas (14 to 11)

1-on-1: Kat Izzo.

Group Date: Ariel, Aly, Charity, Kaity, Kylee, Anastasia, Davia, Gabby, Genevie, Greer, Jessica, and Mercedes.

1-on-1: Brooklyn Willie.

I believe Anastasia self-eliminated this episode due to a close friend suddenly passing away.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Genevie Mayo, and Davia Bunch. Anastasia Keramidas self-eliminates earlier in the episode.

Reality Steve

Rose Ceremony #5: London, England (11 to 9?)

1-on-1: Ariel Frenkel. Got a rose.

Group Date: Aly, Brooklyn, Charity, Kaity, Kat, Kylee, Greer, Jessica, and Mercedes.

1-on-1: Gabby Elnicki. Got a rose.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: We know 11 women went to London for Rose Ceremony #5, and by the end of Rose Ceremony #6, they have 7 left. So Aly Jacobs, Kylee Russell, Mercedes Northup, and Jessica Girod are the 4 that were gone in London and Estonia. I’m just not sure which ones were eliminated where other than I’m pretty sure Jessica was eliminated in Estonia.

Rose Ceremony #6: Tallinn, Estonia (9 to 7?)

1-on-1: Charity Lawson.

Group Date:: All dependent on who went home when and who got the other 1-on-1 this episode.

1-on-1: ???

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Jessica Girod. We know 11 women went to London for Rose Ceremony #5, and by the end of this Rose Ceremony #6, they have 7 left. So Aly Jacobs, Kylee Russell, Mercedes Northup, and Jessica Girod are the 4 that were gone in London and Estonia. I’m just not sure which ones were eliminated where other than I’m pretty sure Jessica was eliminated in Estonia.

Reality Steve

Rose Ceremony #7: Budapest, Hungary (7 to 4)

1-on-1: Kaity Biggar.

1-on-1: Brooklyn Willie. Brooklyn was sent home on this date.

Not sure if they did the “if you get a rose on the 1-on-1 you’re safe” and had no rose ceremony, but 7 women went to Hungary and I know that Brooklyn was sent home on her date. The other two women eliminated in Hungary were Kat Izzo and Greer Blitzer.

Rose Ceremony #8: Hometowns

Monday, Oct. 31st – Gabriella Elnicki. Vermont.

Wednesday, Nov. 2nd – Ariel Frenkel. New York, NY.

Friday, Nov. 4th – Charity Lawson. Columbus, GA.

Sunday, Nov. 6th – Kaity Biggar. Austin, TX.

Reality Steve

Zach Shallcross Bachelor USA News Spoilers read

Rose Ceremony Elimination: Charity Lawson.

Rose Ceremony #9: Overnights (Krabi, Thailand)

That’s where we stand right now with Gabriella Elnicki, Ariel Frenkel, and Kaity Biggar your final 3.

Reality Steve
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