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Yente's Sensational Journey Voice Global 2022 watch

Yente’s Sensational Journey Voice Global 2022 watch

Here is a new release act featuring Yente’s Sensational Journey Voice Global 2022 watch

Yente – ‘Vienna’ | Liveshow 4

Yente remains true to himself time and time again. Also during the final. She opts for a subdued cover of ‘Vienna’ by Billy Joel. Coach Mathieu is impressed by how she always manages to bring everyone into her world.

This is a true statement in the way she does continue to draw her fans into each performance.

Yente blijft keer op keer trouw aan zichzelf. Ook tijdens de finale. Ze kiest voor een ingetogen cover van ‘Vienna’ van Billy Joel. Coach Mathieu is onder de indruk van hoe ze iedereen telkens weet mee te nemen in haar wereld.

The Voice van Vlaanderen

Competition is done….Louise won

Yente’s Sensational Journey Voice Global 2022 watch

The popular vote went to Louise and here is her final live show performance for your comparison.

Music is subjective. You pick who you want to listen to and I will do likewise. Congratulations to the winners and all that entered. Follow and support Yente, Louise and others.

Last Christmas is sung by the finalists 2022 watch

Yente – ‘Strange’ | Liveshow 3

Released 16 December 2022

Yente performs a subdued ballad by Celeste. With ‘Strange’ she immediately got the whole audience quiet. And what a compliment! Coach Mathieu even hears snippets of Billie Eilish in her voice

Yente’s Sensational Journey Voice Global 2022 watch

Yente and Mathieu sing “Watermelon Sugar” Liveshow 3

Can a duet be dreamier than this duet? Yente and her coach Mathieu bring ‘Watermelon Sugar’ by Harry Styles.

Yente – ‘I Kissed A Girl’ Knockouts

Yente is clearly enjoying her moment with ‘I Kissed A Girl’ by Katy Perry. But for Jan, there could be a little more energy in it. Coach Mathieu throws superlatives and is more than proud.

Yente geniet duidelijk van haar moment met ‘I Kissed A Girl’ van Katy Perry. Maar voor Jan mocht er een tikkeltje meer energie in zitten. Coach Mathieu smijt met superlatieven en is meer dan trots.

Yente’s Sensational Journey Voice Global 2022 watch

Yente – ‘Liability’ | Liveshow 1 Yente’s Sensational Journey Voice Global 2022 watch

Yente brengt het prachtige en ingetogen ‘Liability’ van Lorde. Koen Wauters durft het zelfs het beste optreden van de avond te noemen en coach Mathieu keek met open mond toe.

Yente brings the beautiful and understated ‘Liability’ by Lorde. Koen Wauters even dares to call it the best performance of the evening and coach Mathieu watched with open mouth.


She advanced source YT

Yente’s Sensational Journey Voice Global 2022 watch

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The Knockout was released on 8 November 2022

Yente brings a subdued version of ‘Walking On Sunshine’ by Katrina & The Waves in the version by Sam Amidon.

It was a subdued version which is unusual but her coach seemed very happy with the performance. Song choice and arrangement did not allow for her vocals to be showcased in this clip. Not sure if she progressed with this one.

Is coach Mathieu convinced?

If you know the result please comment on YT or below.

Yente brengt een ingetogen versie van ‘Walking On Sunshine’ van Katrina & The Waves in de versie Sam Amidon. Is coach Mathieu overtuigd?

Yente’s Sensational Journey Voice Global 2022 watch

This blind audition was released on 14 October 2022 on YouTube as part of the Voice van Vlaanderen series.

A four-chair turn audition indicated that all coaches wanted her on their team. This was a moving mature presentation that needs to be shared with everyone.

Yente’s Journey ‘Strong’ The Voice van Vlaanderen 2022

Moises Gonzaga

6 days ago This song always hits home. It’s so beautiful. As soon as she started to sing I felt the urgency to turn my chair for her as if I was a couch! I hope she goes further, even beyond this show, because she has such a great voice!

Her Sensational Blind Audition of ‘Strong’ feature

Yente’s Journey ‘Strong’ The Voice van Vlaanderen 2022

English-Dutch for The Voice of Flanders) is a Belgian reality singing competition for the Flemish part of Belgium. It is part of the franchise that started in the Netherlands as The Voice of Holland.

Yente zorgt voor kippenvel én een vierdraaier met ‘Strong’ van London Grammar. De ‘The Voice van Vlaanderen’ coaches komen superlatieven te kort en ze gooien alles in de strijd om Yente in hun team te lokken. Wie trekt aan het langste eind?

Yente provides goosebumps and a four-turner with ‘Strong’ by London Grammar. The ‘The Voice of Flanders’ coaches are short of superlatives and they throw everything into the battle to lure Yente into their team. Who wins?

Yente’s Journey ‘Strong’ The Voice van Vlaanderen 2022

Koen: With whom do we have the honour? Yente: Yente Koen: Big congratulations, it’s not for nothing that four coaches turn around. I believed it. You always made the right choices. When you use your head voice, when you sing warmer when you use your chest voice. Do you have a lot of experience? Yente: not a lot. I perform once in a while, but I have a lot of stress now.

Koen: We can feel you intuitively make the right choices and choose the right direction. I heard a lot of talent. I hope I can work with you and you choose for me, I will try my very best if you choose team Koen.

Natalia: I also sang this song once and I know how difficult it can be and how hard you have to stay calm and that you really have to immerse in the song. I found the feeling or your laid-backness very nice and you can’t learn it to anyone, you have it or you don’t, because it’s a hopeless task if you don’t have it, so it’s very nice to know that because you’re one step ahead. I also really hope that I can do it with you and you choose team Natalia.

Yente: Thank you

Mathieu: Yes, Yente, I can only agree and only say that I also really really hope you choose me. Yes credibility was there, I waited long because I didn’t want to disturb you, because I was really feeling it like you, I was listening, to me it was a perfect audition. You sing the song, it keeps standing, but you do your own thing with it which is so important and you are still young and yes if you speak of the voice than you are really in the right place and it would be a pleasure and an honour to take the following steps in this journey and I think I will be able to help you a lot

Yente: thank you

Yente’s Journey ‘Strong’ The Voice van Vlaanderen 2022

Jan: I waited long, first I wanted to turn together with Koen and Natalia but then they turned right before me and then you’re putting the bar a little bit higher and then, yes, it was higher. It was really good and I had no choice but to… Natalia: press the button Jan: yes Yente: Thank you Jan: …press the button. Congratulations, I think you can’t make a bad choice if you can choose either one of us Yente: do I have to choose now? Natalia: Yes Yente: I’m going for Mathieu Mathieu: Thank you Yente: thank you for turning around Mathieu: you’re welcome, it was the least I could do, you did very well.

Yente’s Journey ‘Strong’ The Voice van Vlaanderen 2022

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