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Nehemie's Journey The Voice Global Result watch

Nehemie’s Journey The Voice Global Result watch

Here is the latest release this season featuring Nehemie’s Journey The Voice Global Result watch

Néhémie – ‘Say My Name’ | Liveshow 3

Néhémie – ‘Lift Me Up’ Liveshow 2

284 views Dec 9, 2022

How beautiful was this act by Néhémie and the dancers? Thanks to choreographer Roy Julen. With ‘Lift Me Up’ by Rihanna he provides a beautiful and dreamy performance. Jan allowed Néhémie to come to the fore a bit more. But this performance was definitely enjoyable. Nehemie’s Journey The Voice Global Result watch

Hoe mooi was deze act van Néhémie en de dansers? Met dank aan choreograaf Roy Julen. Met ‘Lift Me Up’ van Rihanna zorgt hij voor een mooi en dromerig optreden. Néhémie mocht van Jan toch nog een beetje meer op de voorgrond treden. Maar dit optreden was zeker en vast genieten.

Nehemie’s Journey The Voice Global Result watch

Another released performance featuring Nehemie along with Kaat. Enjoy Nehemie’s Journey The Voice Global Result watch

Result last week

Kaat advanced

Nehemie was stolen by another coach.

Chiara Reijnen

11 hours ago (edited)

‘Not The Same’ | Battles | The Voice Comeback Stage

Laura Tesoro coaches the comeback stage contestants as they try to find a path back into the season. This example of Glen and Nehemie’s battle moved many viewers and Laura.

8,042 views Nov 18, 2022 Wat een Battle in The Voice Comeback Stage. Néhémie en Glen drijven elkaar tot het uiterste met deze cover ‘Not The Same’ van Sheldon Riley.

Bekijk de volledige aflevering van The Voice van Vlaanderen en The Voice Comeback Stage gratis op VTM GO.

Laura Tesoro (Comeback Stage, 2021-)

is a Belgian singer and actress. She represented Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 with the song “What’s the Pressure“. Tesoro is also known for portraying Charlotte on the Flemish soap opera Familie, and placing second on season three of The Voice van Vlaanderen. The singer is also one of the four coaches on The Voice Kids.

Who won?


HOME | Sheldon Riley

Sheldon Riley Website. A Home Page – Biography, Store, Contacts, Social Links, and more. › sheldon-riley

Sheldon Riley – Married Celeb

Aug 17, 2022 Riley initially rose to the limelight after competing on The Voice Australia (season 7) in 2018. He became a global sensation after appearing in 2019, America’s Got Talent. Sheldon Riley was born Sheldon Hernandez on March 14, 1999, in Sydney, Australia. He was born to an Australian mother and a Filipino father. Riley has a sister.


14 hours ago (edited)

Wow! They singeing a Sheldon Riley’s song. He is my all time favourite of The Voice! In 2018, he was a voice participant. Now, The Voice participants are singing his songs. What a journey! I’m so proud of him!

Deus Monobear

3 hours ago (edited)

Amazing performance, I would have picked Glen because he has better range, star quality, and the damn biggest improvements from one performance to the next. Also, the comeback system is a bit flawed, with contestants from so late in the competition being allowed to enter comeback against contestants from earlier in the competition. Nehemie was brilliant but definitely had more exposure already at this stage of the competition with a large audience, but I just feel that the system (gave but then) robbed Glen of his chances. Comeback should have just been limited to the audition stage so that we can see how each contestant has grown. Keep it up, Glen. One door closes, another opens.

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