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The Voice Season 24 Spoilers News Performances watch

The Voice Season 24 Spoilers News Performances watch

Next week Live shows are next on The Voice Season 24 Spoilers News Performances watch

Highlighted compilation episode(s) showcasing respective performances appear below. The Voice Season 24 Spoilers News Performances watch.

Reba has the coaching goods along with Nial, Gwen, and John. Carson Daley serves as host 24 seasons into the production.

The end of the spoilers for this season standby for season 25, coming soon.

The Playoffs Knockouts Battles The Voice Season 24 Spoilers News Performances

Here are the media performances from each team as provided by the producers.

Lila Forde Early Release

Her unique rendition of “Angel from Montgomery” is now shown


On occasion, NBC posts the performances late on YouTube and tonight appears to be one. The link will take you to their channel.

Kaylee Shimzu

Mac Royals

Kristen Brown


Kara Tenae’s Playoff “Rain”

Production issues will be evident when the contestants’ appearances have changed due to recording delays.



Noah Spencer

Ruby Leigh


Ms Monet

Lennon VanderDoes

Jordan Rainer


Tanner Massey

Week 1 Playoffs

You can watch the performances on YT when released here.

Below are all the highlights released by the producers for you to watch. Some have been montaged or reduced for time on air. We have no control over the duration or selection by the source. Spoilers appear at the bottom of this post.

Performances shown when the Blind Auditions and The Battles are presented by the producer names, links, and media are listed below. SPECULATION AND ERRORS ARE LIKELY IN THIS INFORMATION.

Source Credit Join the discussion and follow the chat in the forum. Idol Forums has more information, and a lot is speculative with plenty to discuss.

Possible/Actual Participants found to date and subject to change

See below

Performances and Early Releases

And here we are aka Twitter has the performances and YT does not. YT when released here.

Mara Justine Playoffs

Here is the early release package featuring three acts Mac Royals, Taylor Deneen and Brandon Montel. Read below for the spoilers.

Mara Justine AGT Appearance

Here is a recent release from Talent Recap production featuring Mara Justine’s appearance on America’s Got Talent

Claudia B Huntley and Noah Spencer’s Early Release

Watch this video.

Here are the latest performances via Twitter aka X and YT

YouTube posts are later tonight. Well, guess who turned up for dinner tonight?


Three-Way knockouts.

One steal, and one save per coach.

5 per team.

TOP 56

John ( confirmed):


AZÁN performs Jill Scott’s “Golden”

Caleb Sasser

Claudia B.

Deejay Young

Deejay Young Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Elizabeth Evans

Elizabeth Evans

JaRae Womack

Lila Forde Four Chairs

Kaylee Shimizu

Kaylee Shimizu a contestant from Hawaii performs “Golden Slumbers”

Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Mara Justine

Mara Justine performs Elton John’s “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”

(AGT9/AI16) Instagram | YouTube | TikTokAGT Audition | AI Audition

Stee (default; steals known)

Instagram | YouTube | TikTok


 Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Taylor Deneen

Willie Gomez Four Chair Turn

Gwen (13 confirmed):


BIAS performs Blake Shelton’s “God’s Country”

Instagram | YouTube Not Found | TikTok

Brandon Montel

Brandon Montel performs H.E.R.’s “Hard Place”


Chechi Sarai Early Release video

Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Watch Monday night’s early release clip here.

Claire Heilig

Eli Ward

Eli Ward Instagram | YouTubeTikTok

Jacquie Roar

Jacquie Roar performs Gretchen Wilson’s “Here for the Party” with a four-chair turn.

Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Jason Arcilla (default; steals known)

Jason Arcilla performs Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams”

Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Jenna Marquis

Jenna Marquis Instagram | YouTubeTikTok

Joslynn Rose

Joslynn Rose performs Duncan Laurence’s “Arcade”

Instagram | YouTube | TikTok Not Found

Juliette Ojeda

Juliette Ojeda Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Kara Tenae

Kristen Brown

Kristen Brown Instagram | YouTube | TikTok


Niall (13 confirmed):

Alexa Wildish

Alexa Wildish Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Brailey Lenderman

Brailey Lenderman performs Sheryl Crow’s “If It Makes You Happy”

Instagram | YouTube (Topic) | TikTok


Julia Roome

Julia Roome Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Laura Williams

Laura Williams performs Lauren Spencer Smith’s “Fingers Crossed”

 Instagram | YouTube Not Found | TikTok

Lennon Vanderdoes

Lindsey Garcia/LVNDR

LVNDR performs Drake’s “Hotline Bling”

Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Nini Iris

The early release clip features Nini winning all four chairs of the coaches. Enjoy!

Noah Spencer

Olivia Eden

Olivia Eden performs Niall Horan’s “This Town”

Olivia Minogue

Olivia Minogue Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Reid Zingale

Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Tanner Massey

Tanner Massey performs Lewis Capaldi’s “Before You Go”

Reba (13 confirmed):

Allison Albrecht

Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Al Boogie

Instagram | YouTube Not Found | TikTokSeason 23 Blind Audition

Angelina Nazarian

Angelina Nazarian performs Kelly Clarkson’s “The Trouble With Love Is”

Instagram | YouTube (Topic) | TikTok

Caitlin Quisenberry


Crystal Nicole

Dylan Carter

Dylan Carter performs Whitney Houston’s “I Look to You”

 Instagram | | TikTok


1 hour ago the fact that he moved the judges and made John and Reba cry, is so amazing. A voice like that, can move people and it’s so beautiful.

Ephraim Owens 

Ephraim Owens performs “Beneath Your Beautiful” by Labrinth featuring Emeli Sandé

He earns a four-chair coach turn with this performance. Who did he choose?

Instagram | YouTube Not Found |  TikTok

Jackson Snelling

Jackson Snelling auditioned for s19 at age 18 with an original song called “Please Listen” that he wrote to help his autistic younger brother cope with their father’s death.

(AI19) Instagram | YouTube | TikTok | AI Audition

Jordan Rainer

Here is the first release performance clip of the season.

Jordan Rainer Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Mac Royals

Four-chair coach chair turn for this performance was the highlight of the night.

Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Ms Monet

Ms. Monét performs Steve Winwood’s “Higher Love”

 Instagram | YouTube Not Found | TikTok Not Found

Rachele Nguyen

Rachele Nguyen performs Leona Lewis’ “Bleeding Love”

Instagram | YouTubeTikTok

Ruby Leigh

Ruby Leigh Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Tom Nitti

Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Confirmed chair turner by KO spoilers, but not necessarily the original team (3):

Alison Albrecht (Reba for KO’s – either won battle or was stolen)

Azán Hysn (Niall for KO’s; Had to have been Niall’s steal – original team John) 

Elizabeth Evans (Reba for KO’s – either won battle or was stolen)

Contestant Names and Links

Al Boogie (S23) Instagram | YouTube Not Found | TikTokSeason 23 Blind Audition

Alex Carson Instagram | YouTube Not Found | TikTok

Alexa Wildish Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Alison Albrecht Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Angelina Nazarian Instagram | YouTube (Topic) | TikTok

Ayvio Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Azán Hysn Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

BIAS Instagram | YouTube Not Found | TikTok

Brailey Lenderman Instagram | YouTube (Topic) | TikTok

Brandon Montel Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Caitlin Quisenberry Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Caleb Sasser Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Calla (Callie Prejean) Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Chechi Sarai Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Claire Heilig Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Claudia B Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Colby Cobb Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Corii (Songland) Instagram | YouTube | TikTok | Songland Clip

Deejay Young Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Dylan Carter Instagram | | TikTok

Eli Ward Instagram | YouTubeTikTok

Elizabeth Evans Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Ephraim Owens Instagram | YouTube Not Found |  TikTok

Evan Farrell Instagram | YouTube Not Found | TikTok

Huntley Instagram | YouTube Not Found | TikTok

Jackson Snelling (AI19) Instagram | YouTube | TikTok | AI Audition

Jacquie Roar Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

JaRae Womack Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Jason Arcilla Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Jay Phung (S23) Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Jenna Marquis Instagram | YouTubeTikTok

Jocelyn (unidentified; name might not be 100% accurate)

Jordan Rainer Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Julia Roome Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Juliette Ojeda Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Kaitlyn Jewett (S23) Instagram | YouTube Not Found | TikTok

Kara Tenae Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Kaylee Shimizu Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Kristen Brown Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Laura Williams Instagram | YouTube Not Found | TikTok

Lennon VanderDoes Instagram | YouTube (Topic) | TikTok

Lila Forde Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

LVNDR (Lindsey Garcia) Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Mac Royals Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Mara Justine (AGT9/AI16) Instagram | YouTube | TikTokAGT Audition | AI Audition

Ms Monet Instagram | YouTube Not Found | TikTok Not Found

Nikki Davis Instagram | YouTube Not Found | TikTok

Nini Iris Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Olivia Eden Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Olivia Minogue Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Rachele Nyguen Instagram | YouTubeTikTok

Reid Zingale Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Ruby Leigh Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

RUDI Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Sean Shakespeare Instagram | YouTube | TikTok Not Found

Sophia Hoffman (S23) Instagram | YouTube | TikTokSeason 23 Blind Audition

Stee Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Talakai Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Tanner Massey Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Taylor Deneen Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Tom Nitti Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Walking Eagle Instagram | YouTube | TikTok Not Found

Willie Gomez Instagram | YouTube | TikTok


secrets out !!!!! sorry ive been so MIA but now you can see why starting september 25th on @NBC’s The Voice ❤️ #fyp #foryou #singersongwriter #thevoice♬ original sound – jenna marquis

Blind Auditions

Taping One:

Chechi Sarai (TBA) – Turned TBA (possibly 4). Picked TBA.

Huntley (TBA)- Turned 4 chairs. Picked NIALL.

JaRae Womack (TBA – Amy Winehouse) – Turned 4 chairs. Possibly picked JOHN.

TBA (Male, 19) – Before You Go (Lewis Capaldi) – Turned TBA. Picked TBA.

Taping Two:

Lila Forde (TBA) – Turned 4 chairs. Picked JOHN.

Ms. Monet (TBA) – Turned John, Gwen, and Reba. Picked REBA.

Reid Zingale (TBA) – Turned Niall, John, and possibly Gwen. Picked NIALL.

Willie Gomez (TBA Spanish song) – Turned 4 chairs. Picked JOHN.

Battle Spoilers

(Please remember this is all speculation and may change/have errors)

Taping One:

Deejay vs. Ephraim Owens Team John no steal

Gwen : BIAS vs. Jacquie Roar – TBA. Jacquie was stolen by REBA.

R: Ms. Monet vs. Corii – TBA. Corii STOLEN by Gwen & Niall. Corii picked GWEN.

N: Lennon VanderDoes vs. Tanner Massey – She’s Always A Woman (Billy Joel). Tanner STOLEN by Gwen & John. Tanner picked GWEN.

J: Mara Justine vs. Claudia B. – TBA. Claudia was stolen by NIALL.

R: Rachele Win vs. Mac Royals – How Deep is Your Love (Bee Gees). Mac was stolen by JOHN.

G: RUDI vs. Jocelyn (?) – My Immortal (Evanescence). 

N: Julia Roome vs. Olivia Eden – TBA.

Taping Three:

Reba: Jordan Rainer vs. Jackson Snelling – TBA (Reba McEntire)

Niall: Alexa Wildish vs. LVNDR (Lindsey Garcia) – TBA (Billie Eilish)

Gwen: Kara Tenae vs. Brandon Montel – TBA. Brandon was stolen by JOHN.

Niall: Noah Spencer vs. Reid Zingale – TBA (Ed Sheeran)

Gwen: Kristen Brown vs. Juliette Ojeda – TBA (Celine Dion)

John: Lila Forde vs. JaRae Womack – TBA

Reba: Caitlin Quisenberry vs. Crystal (?) – TBA

Taping Four:

R: Ruby Leigh vs. Al Boogie – Jolene (Dolly Parton)

N: Huntley vs. Brailey Lenderman – Hold My Hand (Hootie & The Blowfish)

R: Tom Nitti vs. Dylan Carter – TBA

J: Caleb (?) vs. Talakai – Too Good At Goodbyes (Sam Smith)

G: Jenna Marquis vs. Claire Heilig – Flowers (Miley Cyrus)

G: Chechi Sarai vs. Calla – TBA (from A Star is Born)

N: Olivia Minogue vs. Laura Williams – Ghost (Ella Henderson)


Team John:

Kaylee Shimizu – TBA.

Mara JustineTBA. Stolen by Niall.

Caleb Sasser – Jealous (Nick Jonas).

Mac Royals – TBA.

Taylor Deneen – TBA. Saved by John.

Brandon Montel – Nobody Gets Me (SZA).

Lila Forde – Fire & Rain (James Taylor).

Stee – Pretty Wings (Maxwell). Stolen by Gwen.

Deejay Young – TBA.


Team Gwen:

Tanner Gomez – TBA.

RUDI – TBA. Saved by Gwen or Stolen by John.*

Chechi Sarai – TBA.

BIAS – You Should Probably Leave (Chris Stapleton)

Jason Arcilla – TBA.

Jenna Marquis – Complicated (Avril Lavigne)

Kristen Brown – This One’s for the Girls (Martina McBride).

Kara Tenae – TBA. Stolen by John or Saved by Gwen.*

Corii – Ain’t It Fun (Paramore)

*conflicting info regarding what happened in these pairings, but most likely result is listed first.


Team Niall:

Huntley – Wanted Dead or Alive (Bon Jovi)

Claudia B. – Don’t Know Why (Norah Jones). Saved by Niall.

Noah Spencer – Where Rainbows Never Die (The SteelDrivers). Stolen by Reba.

Nini Iris – Karma Police (Radiohead)

Azán Hysn – TBA.

Olivia Minogue – Bring Me to Life (Evanescence)

Alexa Wildish – Believe (Cher)

Julia Roome – TBA

Lennon VanderDoes – TBA


Team Reba:

Jacquie Roar – GIRL (Maren Morris)

Tom Nitti – TBA (The Temptations). Saved by Reba.

Alison Albrecht – It’s Too Late (Carole King).

Jordan Rainer – hole in the bottle (Kelsea Ballerini)

Caitlin Quisenberry – Lady Like (Ingrid Andress)

Elizabeth Evans – You Broke Me First (Tate McRae)

Ruby Leigh – TBA.

Ms Monet – TBA.

Rachele Win – TBA.

Top 20:

Team John:

Kaylee Shimizu

Lila Forde

Mac Royals

Taylor Deneen

Kara Tenae or RUDI

Team Gwen:


Kristen Brown

Tanner Gomez

RUDI or Kara Tenae


Team Niall:

Alexa Wildish


Nini Iris

Claudia B.

Mara Justine

Team Reba:

Jacquie Roar

Jordan Rainer

Ruby Leigh

Tom Nitti

Noah Spencer


This is John and Gwen’s first season where they can handpick their playoff teams. ALL SHOWS are pre-recorded.

Top 12:

Team John:

Lila Forde

Mac Royals

Azán Hysn (Super Save)

Eliminated: Kaylee Shimizu, Kristen Brown, Taylor Deneen

Team Gwen:


Kara Tenae

Tanner Massey

Eliminated: Rudi, Stee, Lennon VanderDoes (Super Save)

Team Niall:


Mara Justine

Nini Iris

Eliminated: Alexa Wildish, Claudia B., Julia Roome (Super Save)

Team Reba:

Jacquie Roar

Jordan Rainer

Ruby Leigh

Eliminated: Noah Spencer, Tom Nitti, Ms. Monet (Super Save)

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