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The Voice Season 24 Spoilers News Performances watch

The Voice 2023 Season 24 Live Shows watch

Here are the performances from the US edition of The Voice 2023 Season 24 Live Shows watch

Counting down the latest and final performances on the US edition of The Voice 2023 Season 24 Live Shows watch.

This week the Top 5 performed in the Final, followed by an hours-long Matharon result show.

Indeed who made it into the Top 5 this season?

The Winner Season 24

We present your new winner and coach… Huntley and Niall Horan

Second Ruby

Third Mara!

Forth Jacquie Roar

Fifth Lila Forde

Top 5 media

Lila Forde and John Legend

Ruby Leigh with Reba

Mara Justine and Niall Horan

Reba and Jacquie

Dan + Shay new coaches on 25

Huntley and Niall Horan duet

The top 12 finalists are back on the stage for one last performance for many of them.

The first live show of the season aired last week on NBC and Peacock! You will find all the media below with some commentary. Results tomorrow night. Bookmark this post for all the live shows and finals here.

Top 5 Performances

Here are the final five performing artists for season 24 with the winner to be announced tonight.

Lila Forde Top 5

Mara Justine Top 5

Huntley Top 5

Jacquie Roar Top 5

Ruby Leigh Top 5

Week 2 Live Show Performance Results

Lila is the first finalist!

Ruby is in the final

Huntley is through

Mara Justine

The save is/was between Mac, Jacquie, and Nini

Saved Jacquie



Jordan Rainer

Nini Iris

Mara Justine

Mac Royals

Ruby Leigh

Lila Forde

Jacquie Roar

Groupings of multiple singers


1 hour ago

0:00 Jacquie Roar 2:34 Nini Iris 5:09 Kara Tenae 7:38 Tanner Massey 10:09 Lila Forde 12:40 Ruby Leigh 15:15 Huntley 17:45 Azan 20:21 Jordan Rainer 22:58 Mara Justine 25:30 Mac Royals 28:00 BIAS

Every Performance on The Voice here. NBC posts media performances to X first. If you do not use X then the YouTube link is your second option. The producers post the media on YT later.

Results Night – Top 9 Announced

Aside from the song choices, poor audio, nerves, and other oddities associated with production, the show returned to its roots last night. Classic live programming and the evidence of opinions allowed the audience to vote this season. Bravo to NBC for allowing the audience to watch and experience live performances once again. An opportunity to vote is appreciated.


  • 1. First safe From Team Legend — MAC ROYALS
  • 2. Bias is in the semifinals
  • 3. Ruby Leigh is in the semifinals
  • 4. From Team Niall — MARA JUSTINE
  • 5. From Team Legend — LILA FORDE
  • 6. Huntley,
  • 7. Jacquie Roar
  • 8. Nini Iris
  • 9. Jordan Rainer Instant Save Winner
  • Instant Save
  • Kara or Azan or Jordan or Tanner.
  • First up, Jordan Rainer singing “Blame It On Your Heart” (1993 song by Patty Loveless)
  • #Azan ( Team Legend) singing ” No Tears Left to Cry”.
  • Tanner was third to perform and was off-key or pitch of the song…
  • Kara was the last to perform for the save…singing Mariah Carey’s “Love Takes Time”

Looks like they are going to take the lowest vote-getter from each team. They will perform & 1 will be saved.

Both Team Nial and Reba remain intact following the Instant Save.

Gwen is right. We all go home at some stage.

Eliminated acts

Kara, Azan, and Tanner.

Gwen opened the show with her new single.

Reba McEntire sings her new single, “Seven Minutes In Heaven”.

Voting Options Have Your Say

Coaches Give a Sneak Peak at the Top 12

New release pre-show via NBC Late to the party again via YT

Earlier Preview

For source credit and library check out their channel

Please note that the comments made within the media presentations included are speculative and reflective of their opinion on the show. You should do your review of the outcomes of each contestant on this talent show. While journeys are sometimes questionable as to the outcome at the end of the day everyone goes home.

We are lucky to have now seen Kaylee on two platforms of talent shows. We can not wait to see where she pops up next. Support the talent and focus on their present and future. Good luck to Kaylee and the other acts eliminated this season.

Top 12:

A mixed night on social media with comments from poor audio on the contestants, the band level was way over the singer(s), and lots of stage nerves all played their part tonight. The perfect storm for viewers/fans to hear the cast sign naturally.

Team John:

Lila Forde

Lila Forde draws an audience into the song and feels authentic in the lyrics.

Mac Royals

Azán Hysn (Super Save)

Did you feel her intensity? A great comment

Eliminated: Kaylee Shimizu, Kristen Brown, Taylor Deneen

Team Gwen:


Kara Tenae

Kara singing “Love” by Keyshia Cole, a hit in the streets. The arrangement was not so good.

Tanner Massey

Eliminated: Rudi, Stee, Lennon VanderDoes (Super Save)

Team Niall:


He pleased most of his fans with this performance, some found the band level too loud!

Mara Justine

Her vocals, appearance, and stage presence checked all the boxes tonight. How does she amaze you?

Nini Iris

Nini is really good, especially in her runs, however, she struggled throughout this performance. A through back to the ’40s.

Eliminated: Alexa Wildish, Claudia B., Julia Roome (Super Save)

Team Reba:

Jacquie Roar

Jacquie when she gets powerful is unstoppable and starts the night!

Jordan Rainer

She brings vocals, hardware skills, and tone. What do you say, Robert?

Ruby Leigh

Eliminated: Noah Spencer, Tom Nitti, Ms. Monet (Super Save)

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