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The Voice Norway 2022 Series Highlights videos
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The Voice Norway 2022 Series Highlights videos

The Voice Norway 2022 Series Highlights videos

A new year for fans of the franchise in the northern hemisphere. Watch The Voice Norway 2022 Series Highlights videos.

These clips were released recently via YT featuring blind auditions, the battles, and knockouts with finals to come.

Fair warning that results of the winner are included in the latest coverage. In real time the winner was announced days ago. These videos and our coverage are behind depending on the release dates. The Super Final as they call it has been aired in Norway and other countries already.

New round of clips with results

iAm Robin05

3 hours ago To those wondering. Tara and Jørgen came to the “superfinal” and Jørgen won at the end.

Tara Bloch-Vere covers Låt: “Back In Black”

AC DC Cover
Lady Gaga cover by Tara


3 hours ago (edited)She sang great. I like her much more when she sings and doesnt shout/growls. Its the same song Sofie sang at last years The Voice. Who did it best? (My personal meaning, Sofie).

Niklas covers When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars cover by Niklas

Jorgen Dahl Moe with an Elvis Presley cover…look him up kids.

This was Jørgens song in the superfinal he won with.

Jorgen cover

Another cover this time Prince’s Purple Rain…

Purple Rain cover

Andre Askeland Under The Surface by Marit Larsen

Cover by Marit Larsen

Results this round

Christopher Kul

1 hour ago (edited) Madeleine you deserved to be in the final. You have develop alot in this competition. Yosef does now have no more singers left. He did alot of stupid desicions this year by sending Emilie and Eline out so early. He actually did one thing good, and that was stealing Madeleine in Battles. This was Yosef 6th season of the Voice and he didnt win. Good luck next year😜 6


1 hour ago (edited) Madeleine deserved the final instead of Tara (who I feel «shout» and push her voice too mich every time). The final should have been Jørgen, Madeleine, André aand Niklas.

Andre Askeland Hagen with Elenor by The Turtles LIVE
Take A Bow by Rihanna LIVE
Tara Bloch-Vere with Bed of Roses by Bon Jovi LIVE
Niklas Jung Hansen with US by James Bay LIVE
Just want to ask is oyvind weiseth eliminated?
He is sadly out. Only 6 of 8 went through this time. He chose the wrong song. I think he has a much better voice than Kirsti (but after the liive shows started, she has put on a dance show each time, cause people seem to vote for that)

Øyvind Weiseth | Riv i Hjertet (Sondre Justad) | LIVE

He did not advance? No.

Somehow he didnt

Sebastian Christensen | Det begynner å bli et liv (Ole Paus) | LIVE

He did not pass.

Kirsti Lucena | Juice (Lizzo) | LIVE

She advanced.

André Askeland Hagen | If Only As a Ghost (Jonas Alaska) | LIVE

He passed.

Tara Bloch-Vere | River (Bishop Briggs) | LIVE

Madeleine Tverberg | Better Than This (Paloma Faith) | LIVE

Jørgen Dahl Moe | Swim Good (Frank Ocean) | LIVE

Comments from the mentors after his performance (ish): Ina: I’m speechless. This is world class, and I just don’t use that word often. If Sam Smith and Harry Styles somehow got a child and moved to Norway… Yosef: What the f was that? I’m still trying to understand what just happened. That was insane! I don’t know if you were Harry Styles or The Joker, but you were someone. Wow.

Niklas Jung Hansen | The Book of Love (Peter Gabriel) | LIVE

Last week /previous weeks

Katrina Web


    • Expect to see him soon.
      “My_dog_is_my ❤️
      1 month ago (edited)
      After the performance: Ina’s motivation for picking how she did was just that she wanted to see more of Andre.
      Matoma was sold by his performance and was of course moved by the performance and in tears and said it was so beaitiful and the song choice took him by surprice. He didnt expect that song choice. Ina joked and said…of course, you fell in love with Maren (his girlfriend) on a Friday, which made you think about her, right? …and they all laughed.”

      .. and after the two contestants had both left the stage.:
      Matoma said to Ina: that guy…he was next level…
      Ina: He is adorable, there is something about that guy which makes me so happy
      Matoma: when he opens his mouth…wow
      Ina: I know, I get this Chet Baker vibes. His voice almost sounds like a trumpet.

      Source comments from YT viewers

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