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The Voice France 2023: la plus belle voix watch

The Voice France 2023: la plus belle voix watch

Blind Auditions Week 3 watch the new season of The Voice France 2023: la plus belle voix watch

The Voice 2023 promises an exceptional season with a new quartet and with a great novelty: a double armchair for the first time with the arrival of BIGFLO AND OLI and the great return of the emblematic ZAZIE. At their side, two essential coaches AMEL BENT and VIANNEY! The Voice family is growing and is proud to welcome for the first time a duo of coaches: Bigflo and Oli.

These performance videos are sourced from the YouTube channel. Coach choices are not revealed in the clips. We have added a synopsis from TV1 to some of the newer additions with links to the source.

Who are the judges for The Voice France?

Big Flo & Oli (feat. Zazie, Amel and Vianney)

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  • The Voice 2023 - Quels sont les talents de Bigflo et Oli ?

NEWS – Samedi 25/02/23 – 23:59

The Voice 2023 – Quels sont les talents de Bigflo et Oli ?

The Voice 2023 - Quels sont les talents de Zazie ?

NEWS – Samedi 25/02/23 – 23:58

The Voice 2023 – Quels sont les talents de Zazie ?

The Voice 2023 - Quels sont les talents d'Amel Bent ?

NEWS – Samedi 25/02/23 – 23:57

The Voice 2023 – Quels sont les talents d’Amel Bent ?

The Voice 2023 - Quels sont les talents de Vianney ?

NEWS – Samedi 25/02/23 – 23:56

The Voice 2023 – Quels sont les talents de Vianney ?

Table of Contents

Episode 5 features 13 acts

3:12 Now playing

Circle of life – Elton John – David Dax

19K views21 hours ago 6:13 Now playing

Je suis malade – Lara Fabian – Marilyne Naaman

90K views21 hours ago 3:15 Now playing

Je suis malade – Lara Fabian – Marilyne Naaman Audition

7.8K views21 hours ago 3:53 Now playing

Mourir sur scène – Dalida – Enrico

22K views21 hours ago 4:33 Now playing

Mon idole – Janie – Jade

29K views21 hours ago 4:28 Now playing

Cornerstone – Benjamin Clementine – Abram

35K views21 hours ago 3:24 Now playing

Traitor – Olivia Rodrigo – Anela

19K views21 hours ago 7:36 Now playing

Je suis malade – Lara Fabian – Marilyne Naaman

16K views21 hours ago 4:19 Now playing

Imaginer l’amour – Juliette Armanet – Lola

23K views21 hours ago 4:04 Now playing

Physical – Dua Lipa – Ylazia

15K views21 hours ago 4:53 Now playing

Hélène – Rock Voisine – Orion

17K views21 hours ago 4:14 Now playing

Il en faut peu pour être heureux – Le livre de la jungle – Maxime Bon-Mardion

10K views21 hours ago 3:12 Now playing

Shivers – Ed Sheeran – Remy Jay

16K views21 hours ago 5:11 Now playing

Crazy in Love – Beyoncé – Jade Nahomy

23K views21 hours ago 4:03 Now playing

Ave Cesaria – Stromae – Doya

29K views21 hours ago

Episode 4 features 13 acts

The viewer watches indicate Malicia, Fanchon, and Dame as the most popular songs and or vocals this week 7 hours after posting. Usually, the first opening and final closing acts are the best used by production for rating purposes. My snapshot comments are below. No results are known or revealed, but you came to watch the performances didn’t you?

Des milliers de t’aime Slimane – Malicia

This is a stunning rendition by this contestant with only one coach turning for the audition. Well done. Excerpt provided from a source translated into English.

For Malicia, her priority in life is her family. She had passed the castings of The Voice last year, but, upon learning that she was pregnant with twins, she unfortunately could not participate in the show. Far from wanting to put her passion aside, Malicia returns this year to The Voice and tries her luck at blind auditions. But Malicia still lacks a little self-confidence. Tonight, on the stage of The Voice, she performs “Des thousands de je t’aime” by Slimane. She changed the lyrics of this song to refer to her children, which she had at the same time as the release of this song.- EXCERPT from the blind auditions of Saturday, March 18, 2023 Learn more about Amel Bent or Vianney SHARE The Voice 4m10

My TV1

So Lonely The Police Xavier Polycarpe

His experience from opening at the piano, then non-stop stage presence was evident. Locked in a time warp from his band days, read below, to now. All four coaches turned for this classic-style audition. No result is known. For me, it was a dated and enthusiastic performance. Song choice has a huge presence in his journey either by moving into century 21 or remaining in the past.

Xavier Polycarpe has been singing for 20 years, with his group “Gush”, a group inspired by the style of the 60s and 70s. An already busy career. Albums, sold-out tours, performances at the Bataclan, a nomination in the revelation category scene at the Victoires de la musique in 2011, and even the first part of Johnny’s concert at the Stade in France in 2012. The fame of the group is well-established. But tonight, Xavier Polycarpe goes solo! “I feel like I’m taking the baccalaureate again.” His biggest fear: is that none of the coaches will turn around, he is already experienced in music – EXTRACT from the Blind Auditions of Saturday, March 18, 2023

My TV1

Je ne pense qu’a ca Juliette Armanet – Julie Negroni

In a native language performance of this ballad, nerves, and breathing seemed to impact the early bars, then boom, she kicked into full vocals. And a fake shrug of the shoulders by Zazie, at the last moment she hit her button. Well done Julie. Zazie talked about her tone and audition. Everyone wins in these results.

Ne me jugez pas Camille Lellouche – Esme

Another native language ballad from this contestant and Zazie was the first to react to this solid audition. Two default wins by Zazie this evening and talked about her control. I believe she said she has tourretts! Bravo and merci

Esmé sings “Ne me jugeez pas” by Camille Lellouche. At the age of 7 he was diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome, a disease that causes muscle contractions in his eyes, back and belly. Because of her illness, Esmé hid her talent for singing from everyone for 10 years. Esmé has done a long job on herself to accept herself but singing is still an area where she must gain confidence in herself. Tonight, she’s ready to step onto The Voice stage to show who she really is. His blind audition represents a final point on his past.

My TV1

Bravo, tu as gagne Mireille Mathieu – Arnaud Melmudes

Another native language ballad with coaches talking them into the act or wanting more. No coach turned for him.

Grace Kelly Mika – Rayan

He had plenty of enthusiasm for this audition with a somewhat diverse range of vocals. No coach found his audition good enough to move onwards. All the kind words came post-audition. Plenty of personality and debate from the coaches about why they did not turn.

Tot le matin Gael Faye – Prichia

A female rapper in both French and English hit the stage with plenty of attitudes for Zazie and the boys to turn. Double banger finale with all four chairs now turned for this unique audition. Now the boys start an on-stage argument for the audience and no one else. Pardon! Esme did not want any part of what he was saying. Watch. No result.

Prichia chante “Tôt le matin” de Gaël Faye. Prichia est championne de France de beatbox. Depuis maintenant un an et demi, elle s’est tournée vers le chant. Grâce à son esprit compétiteur, elle s’est inscrite à The Voice pour pouvoir sortir des sentiers battus, une étape qui diffère totalement du monde du beatbox. Prichia appréhende son passage sur la scène de The Voice mais prend cela comme « un combat de boxe » où elle pourra prouver qu’elle a sa place dans l’émission en tant qu’artiste polyvalente. Ce soir, son but : faire retourner les coachs afin d’aller le plus loin possible dans l’aventure The Voice – EXTRAIT des auditions à l’aveugle du samedi 18 mars 2023
En savoir plus sur Amel Bent ou Vianney P

Prichia sings “Tôt le matin” by Gaël Faye. Prichia is a beatbox France champion. For a year and a half now, she has turned to singing. Thanks to her competitive spirit, she signed up for The Voice to be able to think outside the box, a step that is totally different from the world of beatbox. Prichia dreads her time on stage at The Voice but takes it as “a boxing match” where she can prove she belongs on the show as a versatile artist. Tonight, his goal: to return the coaches to go as far as possible in the adventure The Voice – EXTRACT of the blind auditions of Saturday, March 18, 2023 Learn more about Amel Bent or Vianney P

My TV1 English Translation

Control Zoe Wees – Fanchon

English performance from this auditioner, then her voice naturally cracks boom all three chairs within 15 seconds, with Zazie joining the party soon thereafter. She is very humble about her reaction to the four-chair turn. She had appeared on the Kid’s version of the local franchise and clips from her journey cement her presence tonight. Her audition makes her a possible finalist this season.

Fanchon chante “Control” de Zoe Wees. Ce n’est pas la première fois que Fanchon se présente à The Voice. Elle avait participé à la saison 6 de The Voice Kids et avait atteint l’étape des battles dans l’équipe de Patrick Fiori. Fanchon avait participé à la même saison que Nour, la gagnante de The Voice 2022. Grâce à l’émission, les deux jeunes filles ont noué une amitié très forte. Le parcours de Nour l’inspire et la motive encore plus pour pouvoir décrocher la victoire de The Voice 2023 ! Fanchon est une jeune fille déterminée. Elle n’a qu’un rêve : faire de la musique son métier. EXTRAIT des Auditions à l’aveugle du samedi 18 mars 2023
En savoir plus sur Amel Bent ou Vianney PART

Fanchon sings “Control” by Zoe Wees. This isn’t the first time Fanchon has appeared on The Voice. She had participated in season 6 of The Voice Kids and had reached the stage of battles in Patrick Fiori’s team. Fanchon had participated in the same season as Nour, the winner of The Voice 2022. Thanks to the show, the two girls have formed a very strong friendship. Nour’s journey inspires and motivates her even more to be able to win The Voice 2023! Fanchon is a determined young girl. She has only one dream: to make music her profession. EXTRACT from the Blind Auditions of Saturday, March 18, 2023 Learn more about Amel Bent or Vianney.PART

My TV1

No Time To Die Billie Eilish – Arslane

This audition was a rollercoaster ride, through highs and lows vocally. Nerves hit his vocals in and out of time, and his breathing showed flaws, yet it was strong enough to win three coach chairs. No result is known.

Dans la vie, Arslane est ingénieur. Parallèlement, il exerce le métier d’assistant aux personnes âgées. Il s’occupe d’un monsieur depuis plusieurs années. Arslane est présent tous les jours et lui prépare les repas. À force de partager chaque moment de vie ensemble, ils ont tissé un lien très fort. Arslane a appris la musique seul. Il chante souvent des chansons au monsieur dont il s’occupe. C’est un moyen pour lui de le rendre heureux. Ce soir, il se présente sur la scène de The Voice avec beaucoup de hâte et un peu d’appréhension. Il espère pouvoir faire retourner les coachs sur sa prestation. EXTRAIT des Auditions à l’aveugle du samedi 18 mars 2023
En savoir plus sur Nikos Aliagas ou Vianney

In life, Arslane is an engineer. At the same time, he worked as an assistant to the elderly. He has been caring for a gentleman for several years. Arslane is present every day and prepares meals for him. By dint of sharing every moment of life together, they have forged a very strong bond. Arslane taught music on his own. He often sings songs to the gentleman he takes care of. It’s a way for him to make him happy. Tonight, he comes to the stage of The Voice with a lot of haste and a little apprehension. He hopes to be able to get the coaches back on his performance. EXTRACT from the Blind Auditions of Saturday, March 18, 2023 Learn more about Nikos Aliagas or Vianney


Humble Kendrick Lamar – Nori

Rap hits the metal on stage at this moment in time. No turns. The facial expressions of the coaches are well worth the time.

Ne me jugez pas Camille Lellouche – Esmee

A special presentation featuring Esmee. Merci TV1

Pour ne plus avoir peur Lilian Renaud – Jeremy

A French language vocal audition with no turns. WTF. Let the coaches talk their way out of this decision.

Parce que c’est toi Axelle Red – Silda

The enchanting controlled rendition of this ballad had me watching the whole performance from start to finish. Like the coaches, three turned in the end and that was sufficient credentials for her audition and respect. No result is known.

Silda (contraction of the first name of her mom and dad) already knows the world of music well since she is an author, composer and performer. In her musical career, Silda has already sung on stage for associations or schools. In 2017, she had the chance to sing with Vianney on one of his tour dates. Tonight, she’s afraid Vianney won’t recognize her voice. She goes on stage with a rather original instrument, a Kalimba. For her blind audition, she performed “Because It’s You” by Axelle Red, one of Vianney’s favorite songs.


Pour que tu m’aimes encore Celine Dion – Dame

The opening audition has this performer singing a French ballad, with an unusual range of notes, which he seemed to have handled well. At 1;38 into the audition all chairs turn at the same time. Congratulations to Dame. No result is known.

Dame chante “Pour que tu m’aimes encore” de Céline Dion. À 15 ans, Dame a commencé le métier de boucher. Un métier qui le passionne encore aujourd’hui et qui lui a appris les valeurs de la vie. Il aime se rappeler qu’il est « artisan à mi-temps et artiste à plein temps ». Dame est un autodidacte de la musique. Pour son audition à l’aveugle , il veut miser sur sa sensibilité et son originalité. Deux valeurs acquises grâce à son apprentissage de la musique en autonomie. Lui qui n’a pas eu d’enfance, il estime qu’il est en train de vivre son adolescence aujourd’hui à travers The Voice. Il espère que l’étape de son audition à l’aveugle changera sa vie à tout jamais.. EXTRAIT des Auditions à l’aveugle du samedi 18 mars 2023

Dame sings “Pour que tu m’aimes encore” by Céline Dion. At the age of 15, Dame started the butcher’s trade. A job that still fascinates him today and that taught him the values of life. He likes to remember that he is a “part-time craftsman and a full-time artist.” Dame is an autodidact of music. For his blind audition, he wants to bet on his sensitivity and originality. Two values acquired thanks to his learning of music independently. He who did not have a childhood, he believes that he is living his adolescence today through The Voice. He hopes that the stage of his blind audition will change his life forever. EXTRACT from the Blind Auditions of Saturday, March 18, 2023

Episode 3 featuring

J’étais là – Zazie – Tayane

Watch what happens when you sing a coach’s song well or not that well.

Come back home – Sofia Carson – Nicoline

Elise – I Love You

Episode 2 featuring

Highlights include Max Novik with his moving audition, and Ludmilla, and Micha for their work. A bit of big bad luck to Thay from many of us for missing out on her audition, come back. You decide. Music is a selective subject so do not be too critical. Your opinion is welcome. Merci.

Max Novik Creep

Hauntingly presented a controlled vocal well received by many this week. Amel, Zazie, then the remaining coaches turned…he did get ahead of the pianist. All coaches were on their feet for this memorable audition. Always the best is the last aired. He chose Zazie even though Amel turned early.

Nina Davi Listen Beyonce

No turns this time. Attempting a Bey song is the Everest of all heights. Amel la meilleure coach

BigFlo et Oli-Elio Salope

Rap performance with result included in French!

Thomas Larose Caravane Raphael

Hahaha she really had the determination to do it

Awan Money Money Money ABBA

An unusual audition in the rendition of this classic ABBA song. Both Zazie and Amel were interested and turned to Awan. Watch

Los Malunos Le Temps Tayc

Four males and four guitars were on stage for this lively vocal arrangement. With a surprise result at the end. Look at the coach’s face! Not a big fan of groups on this franchise, as they do not progress too far in general and look one-sided in the battles etc, yet producers do not want to stop groups.

Margaryta 1944 Jamala

This is a Eurovision song presented in this audition and her vocals were not suited to the melody. She had the range but not the depth or tone with this song. No turns.

Andreaa It’s a Mans Mans World James Brown

This audition was powerful and range demanding for her, which she seemed to meet even with some shouting in it. It was enough to turn two chairs Vianney and BigFlo, notice the boys had to agree with a nod this time.

Larose Caravane Raphael

Granier lionel

7 hours ago Excellent, on dirait que il se cherche vocalement, il à la voix tremblante peut-être du au stress jolie talent à travailler.

Zazie and Vianney battle it out to win his decision. The above clip shows the ended minutes using her block post the end of the audition.

Elio Salope BigFlo et Oli

His rap won a place on BigFlo et Oli

Thays Paportai Stromae

No chair turns for this native language audition. Vianney actually pressed his button after the final notes and I think he missed an opportunity to work with her. There were some nerves at the top of the audition yet she held it well together to the end. Definitely, one that deserved a place on the show. I enjoyed this rendition.

Ddove Disco Inferno The Tramps

Two journeys in one, he was energetic and with good stage presence for us. The other side was his vocals ran out of power in some key moments which subtracted from the audition. Some believe it was nerves and that may be the case. No Turns tonight.

Ludmilla Taxi Angele

She has a sweet-toned strong vocal in this well-chosen song to showcase her artistry to all. Almost perfect control right to the end, when Amel turned. Well done.

Bravo à Vianney qui décroche une superbe pépite pour son équipe! cette voix est splendide, elle me donne des frissons et le choix de cette chanson lui va à ravir!

Congratulations to Vianney who wins a superb nugget for his team! This voice is splendid, it gives me chills and the choice of this song suits him to delight!

Micha Stand Up Cynthia Erivo

He has a strong lower register when used in this audition, a powerful easy-to-listen tone, he then went on to his middle and upper, then all the chairs turned for him. He is a definite prospect to win if coached well and listens of course. The second half of the audition was off-tempo a little, not to be too critical. If he can master the control and breath correctly the rest should fall into place. Watch the full clip below. He reportedly joined Amel Bent.

Micha Stand Up 7:47 long clip

Episode 1 Premiere

Patrick Sebastien Le petit bonhomme en mousse

Marine Lean on Me by Bill Withers

A strikingly rich vocal from this auditioner resulted in three coaches turning.

Joy Jador 3Sex Indichine ft. Christine and The Queen

This vocal was sometimes rich and pitchy at times. No turns for her.

Cylia Halo Beyonce

Her vocal had to climb the Everest of songs and reached new heights enough to attract a coach by default.

Robin Avec le temps Leo Ferre

Rich vocals with experience and range ticked many boxes for every four coaches to win for the night. Follow this performer this season. 4 Coaches.

Nochka Lenfer Stomae

Three coaches jumped on this vocal within a few bars with her controlled quirky style. Finally winning all 4 coaches!

Jeck Call On Me Vianney et Ed Sheeran

Vocal balls to present a coach song as an audition carried this rendition well. Yet no turns.

Maris Venus Shocking Blue

Her vocals were not rewarded for this audition.

Maxence Dans le noir Slimane

His vocals were controlled and refined in places to tease the coaches. Three coaches turned in for this good audition. Not perfect but he is young and willing to learn and hopefully shine more.

Benael Envole-moi Jena Jacques Goldman

His vocals were subtle and strong enough to move two coaches before the longer runs. Peaking at the end with two more for a totally awesome 4 coaches! Merci follow him.

Valentin Love Me Please Love Me Michel Polnareff

His vocals started in the upper register, then he moved into his normal voice, and back to the upper for a controlled audition. Four coaches in the end. Unique native language song.

Guila Falcome The Blower’s Daughter Damien Rice

Her vocals were rich and a controlled audition with some nerves maybe. A fragile yet heartwarming audition.

Aurelien Ave Maria Franz Shubert

His operatic vocals were strong for the first part then kicked in the lower register part to draw all four coaches into the rendition. Congratulations Aurelien!

Gary Norman

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