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Season Voice Norway 2023 Highlights watch

Season Voice Norway 2023 Highlights watch

2024 Season link

Here is our coverage of this Season’s Voice Norway 2023 Highlights watch

The season finale has been aired and a winner declared. Who won/ Season Voice Norway 2023 Highlights watch.

This season completed by 26 May 2023.

Winner Kira Elisabeth Dalan-Eriksen Winner

Thomas Tvedt 2nd place

Congratulations to the winner and runner-up, both well-deserved rewards for all the hard work.

The fans have spoken and the result appears to be well received by many. It is our hope that you enjoyed the highlights of this franchise with its unusual mix of music in all its forms. This post will be archived over time.

Follow your favourite artist and support them as they move on from this platform.

Season Voice Norway 2023 Highlights watch

The Voice – Norges beste stemme

Where is Matoma? It appears he has rotated out for this season.

Johannes Friestad

5 hours ago Matoma: “Now that the world has opened up and I started touring again, unfortunately, there isn’t enough time for me to dedicate fully to the program, the contestants, and my team. So I won’t be on the TV screen next season.”

See above named

The new coach is Jarle Bernhoft (pictured left) Born: June 21, 1976, in Norway. The Voice – Norges beste stemme.

Jarle Bernhoft is a composer and actor, known for Ping-Pong (2008), Mormor og de åtte ungene (2013), and Bernhoft: Come Around (2014). See full bio » More at IMDbPro » Contact Info: View agent, publicist, legal on IMDbPro 1 nomination. See more awards » Photos 3 photos » Known For Ping-Pong Composer (2008) Mormor og de åtte ungene Selger (2013)

Jarle Bernhoft – IMDb
Season Voice Norway 2023 Highlights watch.
Season Voice Norway 2023 Highlights watch


It appears the producers do not want to allow the embedding of their product in other websites. Some videos do not work at all. Use the direct link to YT as necessary.

Finale 26 May 2023

Thomas Tvedt Go The Distance – 2nd place

Thomas Tvedt – 2nd place

Kira Elisabeth Dalan-Eriksen Winner


Live 19 May 2023

Through to the final according to sources on YT. Kira, Fredrik, Thomas and Isak. The final is next week. Isak has a popular following on YT if that is any guide for you.

Congratulations to the finalists and all appearing on the franchise this season. Good luck to you all. It is our hope that our audience finds music and language appeal to you regardless of wherever you live.

He advanced to the final!

Opening up and closing down Everything will be fine, but will it be? No one knows exactly how we’re supposed to get there Everything stands still but time passes A few hours became years And I’m wondering when we will see each other again In quiet moments I know it’s easy to feel completely alone But we can be alone together You and me can share the warmth When we see each other again When we see each other again I know it’s hard to carry We have forgotten how to be But we are gonna see each other again We are gonna see each other again Everything that was nice Everything that was not Couldn’t share it with anyone Think that the world stood completely empty while we were here We must never forget what we have Never forget what was But are we ever ready for this here When everything disappears I know it’s easy to feel completely alone.

Clearly a popular choice for the winner this year via YT

More Live Show Clips 12 May 2023


Ole Hendrik didn’t go through, neither did Oda Dahl according to comments left on YT.

I thank those people for their comments and for providing insight into the performances.

If you spot an error then let me know. Two more weeks until the final.

The next round is May 19th – the semi-final, where 4 of 6 will advance to the final on May 26th.

Kira Elisabeth Dalan-Eriksen Tattoo

She has found her niche. Next week she will be singing Sweden’s 2024 Eurovision entry

Nordic Hikes

Isak Ovrevold

Many fans left positive comments about this performance this week.

Fredrik Amadeus

Dag Erik Oksvold

Several mixed comments from not his song genre to something unexpected.

Thomas Tvedt

4 hours ago Who made it to the next round and is the next round already the finale?

ulrike pienkny

32 minutes ago (edited) Everyone except Oda and Ole Henrik went through. Next round is May 19th – the semi final, where 4 of 6 will advance to the final on May 26th..

In my mind

Ole Henrik Risoy Solheim

6 hours ago Shocking that Ole Henrik didnt go through. Come on, he has clearly one of the better voices. 6 of 8 went through to the semi and Ole Henrik didnt. Its kind of a joke. Seems like people vote for the person rather than vote for those who does the best performance that evening.

In my mind

Oda Dahl

1 hour ago dont know why, but i feel like her voice is best suited for english songs? it just sounds a bit weird with norwegian songs. when she sang “believe” by cher, i though that was her best performance yet. so perfect. sad she didnt choose something similar this time and didnt get enough votes. but really sweet that she sang this to her sister<3


Here is a reply

7 minutes agoThere was a reason she chose this song. She wanted to sing a song in Norwegiand and also wanted to dedicate it to her big sister. She told about a memory when they grew up. Her sister were always driving around in old veteran cars and she had 4 cassettes and 3 of them were this band.

In my mind

Kristoffer Sorensen

2 hours ago (edited)I love this it’s so unexpected and something that was very much outside of the box for him!!! Does anyone know what was said after his performance?

starry nights

28 minutes ago (edited)

They don’t get too much feedback these live rounds cause I guess they don’t want to influence the viewers maybe? Host: How was it to hear Kristoffer like this, Ina? Ina: I know Kristoffer quite well now and I don’t think I’ve ever seen him as stressed as you were before you went on stage now. What you do my lovely man is, you come to work every week, you are so prepared, you are constantly improving. Tonight, I think you showed what an artist you are. The span you have, how good you are. I’m so proud of you that I want to cry. Jarle: My good man, you are a gift to everyone in the room and in front of the screen. You are many gifts, because you unwrap new layers every single time, and you manage to do it as you…but also show a new side. Insanely well delivered.

In my mind

According to the source below…”It was 4 girls and 4 guys this Friday and all the guys went through. The ones left now are only 2 girls, Kira and Oda, and 6 guys (Ole Henrik, Dag Erik, Isak, Fredrik, Kristoffer, and Thomas).”

Season Voice Norway 2023 Highlights watch

Thomas Tvedt Jeg har aldri sett elg (No.4)

Last to perform and advanced according to the source.

Marie Meyer Tears (Raye)

Unfortunately, she did not advance watch her performance anyway.

Kristoffer Sorensen Left Outside Alone (Anastacia)

He advanced and well supported by his coach Ina.

Jenny Zithulele Haugen Human Nature cover

She did not advance according to source below. See Anne Fagermi comments. Season Voice Norway 2023 Highlights watch.

Isak Ivervold Cover Half Hearted (We Three)

He is very popular with the fans from the audition to now and a favorite to win. Season Voice Norway 2023

Fredrik Amadeus Kan eg gjorr nage med det?

Plenty of emotion shown by this contestant in this cover. Season Voice Norway 2023 Highlights watch

Anne Fagermi cover Until I Found You

In my mind

5 hours ago (edited) She is out. It was 4 girls and 4 guys this Friday and all the guys went through. The ones left now are only 2 girls, Kira and Oda and 6 guys (Ole Henrik, Dag Erik, Isak, Fredrik, Kristoffer and Thomas).

No, she went out. All the guys were voted through by the viewers. She was the first to perform so I dont know if that was a disadvantage. Seems like TV2 push Thomas to win this. He was the last one to perform. He is great but he always sings same type of songs that touches people without too much of a challenge for his voice, and its called the voice, so in my mind there were others more deserving to go through. The viewers usually vote for those who touches rather than those who impress with a big voice..

starry nights

4 hours ago I’m so surprised that Viktoria didn’t go through that’s insane I thought she would have been in the top 4. You never know who the the people are going to vote for

Viktoria Birkeli Set Fire to the Rain cover

Season Voice Norway 2023

starry nights

3 hours ago (edited)I thought for sure that she would be in the top 4 I’m shocked she’s out of the competition. I love Viktoria I hope that she goes far with her music career.

Knockouts and Live Shows – Earlier presentations and coverage

All the performances this week are in English which is a bonus for us. These are freshly posted and our reviews will be added over time. Enjoy this post and series.

This Weeks Results – Season Voice Norway 2023

Ole Henrik, Kira, Dag Erik, and Oda won

Ole Henrik Solheim

Oda Dahl

Leonard Jr Amorsolo

Not showing this performance look on YouTube.

Kira Elizabeth Dalan-Eriksen

Kamilla Folsvik Ronnekleiv


Iben Brevik


Dag Erik Oksvold

Henriette Schei


Jenny Z Haugen Knockout

Dag Erik Oksvold

Camilla Berget

Caroline Slattum

Kamilla Folsvik

Endre Olsen

Lill Regine Skaug

Leonardo Jr Amorsolo

Ole Henrik Risoy Solheim

Camilla Amundsen

The Battles and Knockouts

Marie Meyer Fly As Me

Season Voice Norway 2023 Highlights watch

Odin Brennhaug Elton John Song

Fredrik Amadeus Josh Grogan song

Jeanett Elise Naley with a Jennifer Hudson classic

Christa Sandreid with Mariah Carey classic

Cornelia Helgor with Ashe song

Oda Dahl with an ABBA hit

Kira Dalan Eriksen Holde Me Closer

Terje Haroy Thunder song

Andreas Dyrdal sang a Hunter Haye’s song

Henriette Scheij and an Elton’s classic

Isak Ovrevold Heather

Thomas Tvedt Endelig heil

He won

1 hour ago is about the bittersweet feeling when you find someone that makes you whole! It was lovely

Julie Hansen

Amanda Winsjansen And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going

She didn’t win the knockout but won the people. Insane performance

Anne Fagermo The Weary Kind

I love Anne she’s got such a special voice it cuts right through to your heart!!!! I hope she goes to the live shows!!!

she won this knockout

Kristoffer Sorensen Tom Traubert’s Blues

He won against Emilie according to sources

Aurora Mathieson Sway

Nomzi Kumalo Landslide

Fans either liked or disliked this song choice. She is out of the competition.

Iben Brevik Old Soul

Effortless performance from this act. She advanced

Viktoria Birkeli Russian Roulette

She was up against Amanda and won

Emilie Fosshaug When I’m Alone

Even with this performance, she was judged to have lost to Kristoffer Sørensen.

Claudi Faura Feeling Good

Another good performance from this contestant Iben won!


Jarle stole Camilla and Endre from tonight’s battles

Aurora vs Bendik Burning Down the House

Aurora won but didn’t like this song.

Andreas Dyrdal vs Stain Alexander Livin On A Prayer

Andreas won. Both gave a good performance and seemed to enjoy the opportunity.

Anne Fagermos vs Endre Olsen Slow Burn

Probably my favorite duel this year Ina suggested they should do a band together


Anne won. Endre got stolen by Jarle.

Camilla Amundsen vs Nomzi Kumalo

Nomzi won the battle.

Henriette Schei vs Martine Gussias Unfaithful

Henriette is something very special, sad Martine didn’t get stolen

Kristian vs Marie Whole New World

Marie advanced and Kristian did not. There were over 27 comments in the YT post claiming the wrong choice was made and Ina had the only steal left. You can read the comments here

Previous Performances

Claudi vs Odin | Stuck In The Middle With You (Stealers Wheel) | Battles | The Voice Norway 2023

300 views 31 minutes ago 2:27 Now playing

Amina Emilie Pedersen Khalil vs Cornelia Helgor|Boom Clap(Charli XCX)|Battles |The Voice Norway 2023

357 views 31 minutes ago

Mina Klokkersveen Thomle vs Oda Dahl | I’ll stay (Amanda Tenfjord) | Battles | The Voice Norway 2023

The Voice Norway

309 views31 minutes ago

Leonardo Jr Amorsolo vs Ronja Bosy | I’m Ready(Sam Smith, Demi Lovato)|Battles|The Voice Norway 2023

435 views 31 minutes ago 2:26 Now playing

Camilla Berget vs Terje Harøy | Before You Go (Lewis Capaldi) | Battles | The Voice Norway 2023

The Voice Norway

513 views 31 minutes ago 2:47 Now playing

Celine Rensel vs Ole Henrik Risøy Solheim|Bli hos meg(Fredrik Domaas)| Battles|The Voice Norway 2023

560 views 32 minutes ago

Isak vs Jeanett Elisa

Jeanett took the opening moment, followed by Isak in this memorable battle that showcased their well-controlled rendition. So good! Can both move on? Isak and Jeanett were stolen by Ina!

Jenny Z Haugen v Viktoria Birkeli

Nice harmonies in this rendition that held my attention for several bars. Vik was leading in the opening portion, while Jenny came back to match and even pass the other. Good battle.

Jenny won, and Yosef stole Viktoria!

Dag Erik Oksvold v Trine Bairas-Kvitstein

Another great well-matched vocal from this pairing. These coaches receive critical antics during the blind auditions but should receive high praise for battles like this one.

Espen said it was very nice and well done, a difficult song to sing, but they worked a lot and got it! Both sing well and play each other well, difficult choice, but he chose Dag Erik and no one stole Trine

Amanda Winsjansen v Emma Einmo

Two equally good vocalists try and move into the next round with this wordy song that intrigues the audience and smiles at the coaches. Result Amanda won no steal.

Emilie vs Mia Charlotte

A classic anthem that was a little less energetic than needed, yet it was adequate to move on to the next round. Result to come. Emilie made it to the next round

Kristoffer and Tage Team Ina

blow the stage up with an incredible vocal battle. This is one to remember just for the shock vocals between these opposite-toned males. Striking harmonies in part.

Kristoffer won.

Emilie vs Iben Brevik Battle Jarle mimed it from his chair

Emilie has the extra vocal uniqueness that separated this otherwise equal performance.

Iben won.

Fredrik b Nora Battlee Male v female

Yosef presented this battle featuring these two younger contestants with this older song. Cute performance from them both.

Fredrik won

Kira v Caroline Battle Team Espen

A fast-paced rendition of the classic “Think” was a lot of fun, the blonde seemed to have a slight edge vocally.

Kira won, and Caroline was stolen by Yosef

Kamilla vs Tommy Battle male v female Team Yosef

A native language ballad from these two who did a good job although in some parts rigid concentrating on the vocals. The second half of the battle was the highlight both working the vocals with full momentum. Also, they tendered to sound the same in their ranges.

Kamilla won.

All 4 Chair Turns On The Voice of Norway 2023 watch

Here are 38 minutes of compelling viewing of these auditions that won all the coach’s attention.

The summary new season premiered with some stunning auditions performances The Voice – Norges beste stemme

Week 8 Blind Auditions

Highlights for me included Henriette Schei and Amanda Winsjansen. Special mention to Claudi Faura for his original song audition. You decide who you follow.

Endre Olsen The Times They Are A-Changin by Bob Dylan

Classic music from an era when the words were clear and simple. His tone was good and somewhat engaging but still flat in some places. Epson pushed his big red button holding back his smile as he had won by default. Ina spoiled his party by turning after the music stopped.

Siri Zhang Kjelstadl Back to Black by Amy Winehouse

This iconic classic song has a range of notes and melodies that is a roller coaster of music. There were good vocals but not enough to find a coach. Maybe another song?

Christoffer Holten Gidske I Can’t Do This by Vince Gill

The country genre strikes again on the show with this audition. No turns.

Claudi Faura Fire by self

A true musician in his ability to combine his guitar and vocals. Jarle was early to turn for this singer-songwriter. A sweet rich growl mixed this audition. None of the other coaches turned.

Amanda Winsjansen I’ll Never Love Again by Lady Gaga

She has a sweet tone and a strong range rich in pace. Three coaches turned in for this magnificent audition. Follow Amanda this season.

Cormelia Helgor The 30th by Billie Eilish

She is a young contestant who attracted a comment from Ina in the first twenty seconds or so. Her angelic voice moved through the Eilish song well. As she hits the crescendo notes right on time turn Ina and Espon. Yosef and Jarle smiled.

Week 7 Blind Auditions

Nine new faces this week audition for advancement in this series. We will try and share the highlights this week.

Amina Emilie Pedersen Khalil | Mirror (Madison Ryann Ward)

At 16 years of age and singing this as an audition was a very moving moment. Yosef seemed quick and on the ball with his choices of this package of singers. Ina and Espen did them now regular off-the-side discussion before turning their chairs. Jarle was not missing out on this audition and turned around to make this a rewarding experience tonight. Well done Amina. Follow her! In the end, she chose Espen to coach her.

Kira Dalan Eriksen | Love On The Brain (Rihanna)

The old double coach turns at 30 seconds greeted this controlled and rich-toned performance tonight. Not to be outdone on the next bunch of runs both Jarles and Epson made it a notable four-chair turn for Kira. She chose Espen as her coach. She could win this whole thing! Congrats Kira!

Week 6 Blind Auditions

Nine performances this week our summary is to come.

  • Isak four chair turn – and a solid ballad audition from this contestant watch him
  • Terje gave a rock master class to the panel and audience. Easy 3 chairs.
  • Jenny’s vocal gymnastics – four chairs all spin at the same time.
  • Camilla another four chairs turn the controlled vocal audition watch her.

Isak Ovrevold Break My Heart Again

a quiet start with soft vocals good control and canned clapping loses his rhythm as three coaches turn by 48 seconds. Not bad. Then Ina holds for two close-ups waiting and she finally awakens from her self-induced coma. Four chairs.

In my mind

3 hours ago He chose Espen. Espen used the « being from the same part of Norway so we understand each other» card

Terje Harøy | Fool for Your Loving (Whitesnake) audition, this guy has total stage presence and ticks nearly all the boxes for this rock audition. Jarles seemed locked in a smiling coma and had forgotten there was a big shiny red button in front of him. Odd to me. He must have had a reason. Team Yosef.

Jenny Z. Haugen | We’ve been loving in silence

…at 1:06 approx. four synchronized button stamps were triggered in nothing seen like it this season or anywhere in 2023. A controlled vocalist with gymnastic range, she needs to open her eyes for the audience to be allowed in. There are other things to work on, great audition, and the new standard in Voice Chair spinning. Team Jarle.

Tommy Bergmann | Runnin’ Home to You

presented an audition to turn Yosef, then he went off the rails in the bigger volume portion of the rendition. Many issues to work on enjoy being on the show.

Julie Tørrissen | Home To You This audition lacked control and rhythm come back again, no turns.

Guro Ukkestad | Hopelessly Hopeless nerves, wrong song, breathing, and pitch were involved. Many other boxes are ticked, so practice and come back. No turns.

Tina Bertz | I Will Survive.

Christa Sandreid | Crazy In Love presented a jazz version for Jarle, who happened to like the arrangement and her vocal.

Week 5 Blind Auditions

Another round of auditions filled this post this week. Two good auditions were featured and some coach antics continue while the contestant tries to gain their attention. Maybe a bit of collusion when two turn at the same time right at the end?

Kristian Reite Grotteland “Flying” by Cody Fry

audition showcased a good tone Epsom, was first, then two bars later, all three turned for a huge FOUR CHAIRS~ Watch this man! He picked newbie coach Jarle!

Trine Barias-Kvitstein “Speechless” by Naomi Scott

She has a strong range, and Espen was the first to turn. However, her tone was rather restricted to the song, or is that her natural tone?

Jeanett Elise Naley “BRKN” by Madison Ryann Ward,

has the tone to appeal to the audience, and song choice was holding her back. I love her tone and richness. Then two coaches jump right in at the end. Espen

Mia Ekeblad Eggenfellner “Many the Miles” by Sarah Bareilles – wow, no turns! I do not believe no coach turned! What did I miss?

Odd-Karstein Solum “Sanne some oss” by Henning Kvitnes auditioned with his native language rendition song. Josef wanted more range from him. No turns.

Emma Einmo “In The Stars” by Benson Boone

auditioned with this low-key ballad, and Josef found his red button for a solo coach win.

Stian Alexander Aanerud “Rock and Roll” Led Zepplin

auditioned with this rock anthem, lots of chat from coaches, and Yosef finally hit the big red button. It was a good rendition but not likely to get him to the finals. Prove me wrong boys!

Ingrid Elisabeth Thomassen “Can’t Buy Me Love” auditioned with this 60’s anthem, her voice fell short for me, breathing, and was under the notes several times. Fun. No turns.

Week 4 Blind Auditions

Here are the latest releases for you to watch.

Best of night and series to date Nomzi!

Benedikte Cecilie Gjertsen |Ain’t Nobody (Rufus, Chaka Khan)

This is a BIG Song! High energy input from her this audition, breathing, and nerves combined to not move us to say yes either. No turns from our four experts either.

Nora Bjørkli Stabell | Particles (Nothing But Thieves)

Many of the coaches leaned into this audition, with Yosef first to turn, Ina battled her own mind, and full vocals from Nora did not sway the others. Weird no other coach turned.

Nomzi Kumalo | The Truth (Nomzi Kumalo)

This audition checked all the boxes, calm good breathing, tight vibrato, old school mature approach to the task. All four coaches were happy to turn for her. She is one to watch this season, originally from South Africa, and moved to Norway when 30, now 47. Team Ina.

Emilie Marlow | Jeg kommer (Jag kommer) (Veronica Maggio) A single-toned audition with a song that did not showcase any range in particular. No turns.

Sebastian Hågensen | Bare du (Sebastian Hågensen) Wow there are auditions when I wish the producers would stop the canned applause or fake applause, this is the perfect example. Nerves, and breathing and he missed too many notes in the audition. Producers overdo the sound.

Iben Brevik | Hard to Love (Hamzaa, Mahogany)

A well-deserved four-chair turn with Yosef looking the most unsure of the group. The other three soon followed. She has very high-energy vocal acrobatics for this song which drew me into this audition. Team Jarles.

Tage Hamre Skar | Cold (Chris Stapleton)

Here is an honest country singing audition that surprises the coaches more than often. Yosef was first to turn with Ina attracting a look of mild annoyance from him. He had a good range and appeared to know the song well. Team Ina.

Bendik Solberg | Somewhere Only We Know (Keane) This audition was a little subdued, and rushed, with one coach more impressed than me.

Week 3 Blind Auditions

Two or three acts appeal to the coaches this week, with missed opportunities expressed by the audience.

Monica Lystad|I Never Loved a Man(The Way I Love You)(A. Franklin)

Anne Fagermo | I’m On Fire (Bruce Springsteen)

Only Espon turned in for her audition. She may be a dark horse this season with this rather effortless rendition.

Fredrik Amadeus Sannerud|At Last(Glenn Miller and his Orchestra)

In my mind

14 minutes ago (edited)When they turned and saw him and how young he was they all regretted for not turning, Ina most of all….when he started to talk and she heard his dialect, she sighed «of course, even more charming» and when he said he was 16, Ina stood up, said «I’m leaving» and hit her head. «Its very few times I turn around and want to pick up my purse and just leave and drive home to the fjord. Because you know sometimes you just dont know what it is when you listen, and then it is…..a star. I seriously can’t take it. Yosef: Well, I can Espen: We slept on our job.

Ola Sandum | Musicology (Prince)

No turns for this person.

Bianca Solem | ok jeg lover (Ramón)

No turns.

Emilie Bjørnstad | Georgia (Emily King)

Team Jarle was rewarded for turning first for this velvet smooth audition.

Ronja Bosy | traitor (Olivia Rodrigo)

Yosef was happy to have turned first for this sublime audition. Where was Matoma for this emotional rendition? However, she chose Team Ina.

Kristoffer Sørensen | The Lost Boy (Greg Holden)

Team Ina by default. No other chair turns for this audition. He is in his own lane, so far, called unique with controlled aggression!


6 hours ago Get him to sing Disturbed’s version of Sound of Silence, he would kill it

Aurora Mathiesen | Lady (Regina Spektor)

In my mind

9 hours ago She said she had a dream about who to choose. Jarle didn’t show up at the audition, Yosef was sick, so it was between Espen and Ina and her gut feeling said Espen.

Week 2 Blind Auditions

Here is the weekly summary for week two. Aside from the coach antics, turning after the song was plus zero seconds, or close there part thereof, it was a mixed bag. The two initial, first listen-to standouts for this writer were Oda Dahl and Viktoria.

Two unclaimed coach results appear at the time of writing this post. Will update.

These comments are always presented as subjective and you may have a different opinion of the results as well. Your comments are welcome.

Thomas Tvedt | Love Of My Life (Queen) | Una had leaned into the chair from the open, and danced in the air for a minute with her fingers to finally lead the I Want You coaches. No one else joined the charge for Thomas. Una’s Team for him.

Season Voice Norway 2023 Highlights watch

Leonardo Jr Amorsolo | Ave Maria (Beyoncé) | In About 90 seconds he convinced Una and Espen to move, after a shaky start, likely nerves, with Yosef clocking in at the end. Team Ina.

Season Voice Norway 2023 Highlights watch The Voice – Norges beste stemme

Selma Lindland | Mother (Florence + The Machine) No turns for this rocky audition.

Dag Erik Oksvold|I’m Not Supposed to Love You Anymore(Bryan White)| Espen turned in 40 seconds…Una and Yosef together for three, a country chorus, and the rookie hit his button to make it four chairs. He chose to join Team Espen.

Charles Breakspeare | Part of Me (Charles Breakspeare Eeles) He performed an original song and did not gain a turn from any coach.

Mina Klokkersveen Thomle | Lilac Wine (Hope Foye) Three coaches turned, zero seconds on the clock…did she finish first, or they were all trying to play the last note, with Jarle not in the hunt. Extraordinary timing on this audition. She appeared finished. I don’t know. Listen and watch for yourself. Team? Viktoria Birkeli | Jealous (Labrinth). The new coach turned at the 1-minute mark first, followed soon by two, and Una held out to the last but she was always in on this audition. Another four-chair turn for this singer. She has a strong and rich tone.

Sofie Almåsvold | Bird Set Free (Sia) – wow no turns for her.

Oda Dahl | It’s My Life (Bon Jovi) – Team Yosef. Three instant turns from the seasoned coaches with the rookie left standing in the audition early. Unique tones easily stood out and coach four turned soon after.

Week 1 Blind Audition Premiere

The following is a snapshot piece about the audition highlights which are subjective by opinion.

Ole Henrik Risøy Solheim with four chairs all pressed within a second or two, his voice and control were memorable. Team Jarle

Caroline Slattum auditioned with Smoke Clouds (by James Arthur) turned three coaches and the rookie missed out. Her vocals were wonderful and included a rap that sent Ina over the top. Team Espen!

Celine Rensel auditioned with It’ll Be Okay (by Shawn Mendes). Haunting vocal in this performance four-chair turn rendition. Team Jale.

Emilie Fosshaug auditioned with Million Years Ago (by Adele). Her powerhouse vocal was controlled and almost effortless. All four coaches turned. She chose Team Ina.

Kamilla Følsvik Rønnekleiv auditioned with Golden (Fay Wildhagen). She has a controlled voice that was rather haunting in her tone. Team Yosef.

Season Voice Norway 2023 Highlights watch

Ståle Baldvinsson | When We Were Young (Adele) | Blind auditions. No turns for him.

Emilie Fosshaug | Million Years Ago (Adele) | Blind auditions Team Ina!

Lea Kulland Solfjeld | Falter (Bernhoft) | Blind auditions. She sang a coach song and he appeared visually to be careful in listening to her and he failed along with the others to press their buttons.

Celine Rensel | It’ll Be Okay (Shawn Mendes) | Blind auditions. No turns.

Caroline Slattum | Smoke Clouds (James Arthur) | Blind audition Team Espen

Celine Rensel | It’ll Be Okay (Shawn Mendes) | Blind auditions Team Jale

Ole Henrik Risøy Solheim | Du som snakke(Kristian Kristensen)|Blind auditions Team Jale.

Kamilla Følsvik Rønnekleiv | /Golden (Fay Wildhagen) | Blind auditions Team Yosef.

#TheVoice #Norway » Abonner på The Voice – Norges beste stemme: » Hør sangene fra The Voice Norge 2023 på Spotify: » Se hele episoder:

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Interests in media and writing content. Enjoys a variety of interests including following reality tv shows. Has a media degree and a passion for people.

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Interests in media and writing content. Enjoys a variety of interests including following reality tv shows. Has a media degree and a passion for people.

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