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Season Voice Norway 2023 Highlights watch

Season Voice Norway 2023 Highlights watch

Here is the first look at the new Season Voice Norway 2023 Highlights watch. The first blind auditions are available with new acts, vocals, and a new coach. The Voice – Norges beste stemme.

Join us each week to follow this series of performance clips from the Norway franchise. Many performances are in English and others are in other languages.

The Voice – Norges beste stemme

Where is Matoma? It appears he has rotated out for this season.

Johannes Friestad

5 hours ago Matoma: “Now that the world has opened up and I started touring again, unfortunately, there isn’t enough time for me to dedicate fully to the program, the contestants, and my team. So I won’t be on the TV screen next season.”

See above named

The new coach is Jarle Bernhoft (pictured left) Born: June 21, 1976, in Norway. The Voice – Norges beste stemme.

Jarle Bernhoft is a composer and actor, known for Ping-Pong (2008), Mormor og de åtte ungene (2013), and Bernhoft: Come Around (2014). See full bio » More at IMDbPro » Contact Info: View agent, publicist, legal on IMDbPro 1 nomination. See more awards » Photos 3 photos » Known For Ping-Pong Composer (2008) Mormor og de åtte ungene Selger (2013)

Jarle Bernhoft – IMDb
Season Voice Norway 2023 Highlights watch.
Season Voice Norway 2023 Highlights watch.


The First Look of Season 2023 features several contestants. Season Voice Norway 2023 Highlights watch

The summary new season premiered with some stunning auditions performances The Voice – Norges beste stemme

Week 3 Blind Auditions

Two or three acts appeal to the coaches this week, with missed opportunities expressed by the audience.

Monica Lystad|I Never Loved a Man(The Way I Love You)(A. Franklin)

Anne Fagermo | I’m On Fire (Bruce Springsteen)

Only Espon turned in for her audition. She may be a dark horse this season with this rather effortless rendition.

Fredrik Amadeus Sannerud|At Last(Glenn Miller and his Orchestra)

In my mind

14 minutes ago (edited)When they turned and saw him and how young he was they all regretted for not turning, Ina most of all….when he started to talk and she heard his dialect, she sighed «of course, even more charming» and when he said he was 16, Ina stood up, said «I’m leaving» and hit her head. «Its very few times I turn around and want to pick up my purse and just leave and drive home to the fjord. Because you know sometimes you just dont know what it is when you listen, and then it is…..a star. I seriously can’t take it. Yosef: Well, I can Espen: We slept on our job.

Ola Sandum | Musicology (Prince)

No turns for this person.

Bianca Solem | ok jeg lover (Ramón)

No turns.

Emilie Bjørnstad | Georgia (Emily King)

Team Jarle was rewarded for turning first for this velvet smooth audition.

Ronja Bosy | traitor (Olivia Rodrigo)

Yosef was happy to have turned first for this sublime audition. Where was Matoma for this emotional rendition? However, she chose Team Ina.

Kristoffer Sørensen | The Lost Boy (Greg Holden)

Team Ina by default. No other chair turns for this audition. He is in his own lane, so far, called unique with controlled aggression!


6 hours ago Get him to sing Disturbed’s version of Sound of Silence, he would kill it

Aurora Mathiesen | Lady (Regina Spektor)

In my mind

9 hours ago She said she had a dream about who to choose. Jarle didn’t show up at the audition, Yosef was sick, so it was between Espen and Ina and her gut feeling said Espen.

Week 2 Blind Auditions

Here is the weekly summary for week two. Aside from the coach antics, turning after the song was plus zero seconds, or close there part thereof, it was a mixed bag. The two initial, first listen-to standouts for this writer were Oda Dahl and Viktoria.

Two unclaimed coach results appear at the time of writing this post. Will update.

These comments are always presented as subjective and you may have a different opinion of the results as well. Your comments are welcome.

Thomas Tvedt | Love Of My Life (Queen) | Una had leaned into the chair from the open, and danced in the air for a minute with her fingers to finally lead the I Want You coaches. No one else joined the charge for Thomas. Una’s Team for him.

Season Voice Norway 2023 Highlights watch

Leonardo Jr Amorsolo | Ave Maria (Beyoncé) | In About 90 seconds he convinced Una and Espen to move, after a shaky start, likely nerves, with Yosef clocking in at the end. Team Ina.

Season Voice Norway 2023 Highlights watch The Voice – Norges beste stemme

Selma Lindland | Mother (Florence + The Machine) No turns for this rocky audition.

Dag Erik Oksvold|I’m Not Supposed to Love You Anymore(Bryan White)| Espen turned in 40 seconds…Una and Yosef together for three, a country chorus, and the rookie hit his button to make it four chairs. He chose to join Team Espen.

Charles Breakspeare | Part of Me (Charles Breakspeare Eeles) He performed an original song and did not gain a turn from any coach.

Mina Klokkersveen Thomle | Lilac Wine (Hope Foye) Three coaches turned, zero seconds on the clock…did she finish first, or they were all trying to play the last note, with Jarle not in the hunt. Extraordinary timing on this audition. She appeared finished. I don’t know. Listen and watch for yourself. Team?

Viktoria Birkeli | Jealous (Labrinth). The new coach turned at the 1-minute mark first, followed soon by two and Una held out to the last but she was always in on this audition. Another four-chair turn for this singer. She has a strong and rich tone.

Sofie Almåsvold | Bird Set Free (Sia) – wow no turns for her.

Oda Dahl | It’s My Life (Bon Jovi) – Team Yosef. Three instant turns from the seasoned coaches with the rookie left standing in the audition early. Unique tones easily stood out and coach four turned soon after.

Week 1 Blind Audition Premiere

The following is a snapshot piece about the audition highlights which are subjective by opinion.

Ole Henrik Risøy Solheim with four chairs all pressed within a second or two, his voice and control was memorable. Team Jarle

Caroline Slattum auditioned with Smoke Clouds (by James Arthur) turned three coaches and the rookie missed out. Her vocals were wonderful and included a rap that sent Ina over the top. Team Espen!

Celine Rensel auditioned with It’ll Be Okay (by Shawn Mendes). Haunting vocal in this performance four-chair turn rendition. Team Jale.

Emilie Fosshaug auditioned with Million Years Ago (by Adele). Her powerhouse vocal was controlled and almost effortless. All four coaches turned. She chose Team Ina.

Kamilla Følsvik Rønnekleiv auditioned with Golden (Fay Wildhagen). She has a controlled voice that was rather haunting in her tone. Team Yosef.

Season Voice Norway 2023 Highlights watch

Ståle Baldvinsson | When We Were Young (Adele) | Blind auditions. No turns for him.

Emilie Fosshaug | Million Years Ago (Adele) | Blind auditions Team Ina!

Lea Kulland Solfjeld | Falter (Bernhoft) | Blind auditions. She sang a coach song and he appeared visually to be careful in listening to her and he failed along with the others to press their buttons.

Celine Rensel | It’ll Be Okay (Shawn Mendes) | Blind auditions. No turns.

Caroline Slattum | Smoke Clouds (James Arthur) | Blind audition Team Espen

Celine Rensel | It’ll Be Okay (Shawn Mendes) | Blind auditions Team Jale

Ole Henrik Risøy Solheim | Du som snakke(Kristian Kristensen)|Blind auditions Team Jale.

Kamilla Følsvik Rønnekleiv | /Golden (Fay Wildhagen) | Blind auditions Team Yosef.

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